Scourge Fan Art Competition

“Blood Crucible”

Tried my best with the english part I hope it is not too poorly written.

original size

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I am no artist, but I thought to try.
🔥"Those horrific creatures...I look at them and I wonder..what part of them thinks?." -The Last to Die .🔥

This is my participation.

Hello, I am an illustrator who is still learning
My Page:
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My previous submission without the border and text.
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Sup! this is my entry :^)
Here goes with a speedpaint of a sort.

Krangled a sabo thanks to some unexpected global 1 inspiration...someone going on about the Exile going into maps and killing every monster within, and being the only monster left afterwards. How very fitting with league theme!
Toss in some inspiring armor concept art from POE2 for reference, and a skill gem (seismic trap I bet) that somehow became a Chayula's Breachstone and voilà!

So much time left still, perhaps time enough for another painting inspired by another chat gem?

Can't wait to see all the other great submissions, keep em coming! :)
The Final Scourge Escape

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