Scourge Fan Art Competition

MrMpsV wrote:
Here we go hope you enjoy !!

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Hello everyone !
i'm really excited to share my work with you !
I had some spare time and decided to give it a try.

I usually design T's so i tried one based on Scourge's bosses and the new armor set.

Its a 3 days work and i hope you'll like it !

And if you want to see a little more of my work, i'm new on insta so everyone's welcome ^^

Have a great day , des bisous !

So i really got inspired by this league and its bosses, so i desided to draw my idea what i almost instantly got after seeing those bosses, even it is mediocre at its best.

Idea is that you use what you find, clothes from ones skin, weapon improvised from ones backspikes and tentacle wings from most feared one to indimidate others. And who wouldnt be in flames after killing all of them.

I titled this "Death of Death" inspired by when Beidat (The Archangel of Death) just up and explodes with a surge of lightning when he dies.

It .. blows my mind hehehe

First time officially submitting art to a PoE contest! So exciting.

If you like this, you can find more of my content (and shitty puns) on Instagram @imfuwano.
Where demon boooba art at though? X_X
This is it, my finished entry. I hope someone will enjoy it.
Those are the demons that keep chewing me up from time to time xD
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Here's my go!

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