[3.16] Six Portal Enjoyer Ice Spear Totem Deadeye - 10M DPS On A Budget

What is this build?
Inspired my memes of old and the more traditional Freezing Pulse + Ice Spear Totem Hierophant, this is an Ice Spear Totem Deadeye variant. You can easily reach the fabled gigadeeps as this build is great at scaling all kinds of offensive power. In today's PoE, GGG wants us to engage with boss mechanics... I say; make me! Should you actually play this build? Probably not. But it is softcore endgame viable for those who like to get sent back to their hideout often!

A9 Baran gets nuked!

https://pastebin.com/nC9DFARy -- Lvl 98, snapshotted 11/09/2021
https://pastebin.com/tzVAEdMy -- lvl 100, snapshotted 11/14/2021

Why Deadeye?
- Deadeye chains mean you can clear and do bosses with the same gem setup
- Higher offensive potential
- More zoom-zoom
- Less popular means less $ in trade leagues

Pros and Cons
+ Easy to achieve T16 and beyond DPS
+ Build scales well with investment
+ No gem swapping compared to traditional Hiero
+ If you're bad the game like me, you can avoid boss mechanics by blowing them up. You can only fail the memory game so many times if the Maven fight lasts only 1 minute!
- You're gonna die
- 7L Caster Deadeye means you have to chug Mana pots like it was Diablo II
- You're gonna die some more

Lack of Defenses
The build is not actually as glassy as you might think for a Deadeye with close to no armor or evasion. After several years of playing tanky chars like Guardian, Champion and Gladiator, playing with and sticking with this build in Scourge League has told me a lot about playing PoE "the right way". Despite what redditors might tell you, you can indeed dodge most things in this game. Of course, it helps when everything is frozen and you have a 0.3s flame dash. The eHP is not great (about 4.5k life, 1k ES) but there are numerous layers of defense that exist that aren't so obvious if you're looking at flat PoB stats.

+ everything on screen and off is chilled or frozen
+ shattering corpses prevents on death effects like porcupine quills or detonate dead
+ immunity to all curses... curses make us stronger
+ Deadeye snipers mark bonus is very strong. At 0.2s cast time you have no excuse not to spam this!
+ stone golem with meat shield support
+ totems are taunting via Shrieking Bolts cluster OR totem mastery
+ enemies are blinded on hit or when hitting you via Pandemonius
+ totems absorb 5% of dmg via totem mastery
+ CWDT Steelskin
+ high movespeed, cast speed and long range playstyle keeps you safe
+ as gear improves, you can slot in more avoidance to elemental effects, stun, etc
+ shield provides some block
+ defiance banner provides a teensy boost
+ careful attention to pantheons and flask usage provides valuable defense

Pretty decent list, right? That said, if you flip the Scourge button and blink into a room in Toxic Sewers you are going to get deleted. This build thrives by killing enemies from off screen before you even see them.

Ice Spear Mechanics
Ice Spear has two phases, with the second phase becoming active and gaining large amounts of crit after a short travel distance. Unlike most other totems, place Ice Spear totems away from a boss if possible (but not out of range!) to maximize DPS. Despite what PoB might think, you won't be able to get all projectiles hitting all in the second phase all of the time. Practice makes perfect!

Can it be a League Starter?
Anything is a league starter if you're brave enough! The build uses a handful of uniques (Veridi's Veil, Dying Sun, Pandemonius) that will be expensive at the beginning of a league, but you absolutely can get to red maps without them. Nothing about this build is particularly required to progress. You won't hit any walls without these items and the price falls rapidly around day10 of a league if you don't want to pay the initial high prices. (but they're worth it!)

You have the option of league starting with the 'safe' Hiero variant and then transitioning if you wish, or you can go straight to Deadeye.

There isn't too much to say here. I'm not usually a fan of levelling guides as the levelling process is fairly straightforward and doesn't last for too long. Going in a straight line over to Ancestral Bond and the two totem clusters is ideal. Untwinked levelling for this build is a pain from lvl30-50~ until Ascendancy and key areas of the passive tree kick in. Slog through and you will be rewarded!

Low Budget (<5 ex~) -- 5M DPS

5/6L Soul Mantle
Dual Kikazaru Setup
High Spell Damage Wand w/ Crit (any)
Necessary Resists and Life on Ammy/Gloves/Belt/Boots
+1 Totem Shield (any)
Any +1 ice spear proj helm
Any temple chill gloves

Medium Budget (5-15 ex~ -- 10M DPS)

Swap to Viridi's Veil + Magic Ring Setup and Coward's Legacy

6L Soul Mantle

Pandemonius Neck

High Spell Damage Wand w/ Crit and Cast Speed

+1 Totem Shield w/ spell damage and other beneficial mods like life, res, cast speed, mana regen, ES recharge, etc

Better temple chill gloves with better mods

Boots with Totem Placement speed, or Totem Damage and improved mods

Jewels with Totem damage, Spell damage, Life, resists as necessary

High Budget (15-40 ex~) -- 15-20M DPS

Ensure catalysts on gear!
Viridi's Veil with enchant (snipers mark or ice spear projectiles)
Enhance 3 or 4 in Helm

Ensure boot enchant

Improve wand with more spell damage, added cold damage to spells, or gem level for spell or cold. 5/6 decent mods with spell damage, cast speed, crit and crit multi.
Gain more res on boots, gloves, ring to be able to drop any resists passive ponts or jewel mods
Watcher's Eye w/ Cold Pen or Crit for Hatred
Jewels w/ Cold Crit Multi, Cast Speed, Life
Awakened Supports

Chad Budget (>40 ex~) -- 20M+ DPS

Corrupted Soul Mantle

Viridi's Veil with enchant (+1 ice spear projectiles)

Enhance 4 in Helm
Perfectly rolled wand w/ 6/6 relevant mods

Multi Mod Hatred Watcher's Eye
Lvl 5 Awakened Supports, lvl 21 Supports

I like Totemic Zeal as the char can be lacking in Totem Placement Speed. It's also quite cheap. For a pure damage option, Heart of Ice is the best.

Don't forget the Turbulent Catalysts on The Pandemonius as the DPS increase is sizable for close to no cost. Crafting the magic ring is fairly easy as well just with Alterations, so be sure to use Fragile Catalysts on a white Vermillion ring (just need 4!) before crafting.


Instant life flask is extremely helpful of course. Some semblance of Bleed, Shock and Freeze curing on the magic flasks to rectify these ailments.

Extra duration orb on Dying Sun is nice as you can get it lasting up 10 seconds. This should be saved for bosses as its unnecessary during mapping and the charge cost is extremely heavy so you get 1 big use for boss fights, but this should be more than enough to kill or phase any boss.

Alira for Crit Multi, Res and Mana Regen
Eventually +2 skill points may be better if you get into the High Budget section, but even then its a very close toss-up

I like Lunaris for avoid projectiles and Aberrath for ignoring Burning Ground. Being able to retain your 1k~ ES in burning ground maps is very nice. Pantheon is pure preference, just be sure to actually use your Divine Vessels. ;p

<coming soon!>

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I paid for my six portals, I’m damn well gonna use em!
"Bonus points if it is Scion/Witch because they have nice knees. Ranger has ugly knees and other characters are men so playing them would be homoerotic." - CAKE, 10/20/21
Respecing entire ranger tree right now
GL. Lemme know how it goes. It's kind of a funny tree. :D

On my way to 100 right now and managed to pick up even a bit more DPS along the way with some tweaks. Heh.
This looks fun, giving it a try. Honestly, it maps pretty well with eye of winter too.
I respecced a lv100 build I have in Standard to try it out.
It works quite well for bossing :)


Gescom wrote:
GL. Lemme know how it goes. It's kind of a funny tree. :D

On my way to 100 right now and managed to pick up even a bit more DPS along the way with some tweaks. Heh.

Please share the new tree :)
Hi. Leveling through the toxic Rain but with your tree. Would you like to know when should I switch to Ice spear Totems? Any important keystones/masteries/etc?
+ interesting about ascendancy rotation, what i should to pickup at 1/2/3/4 labs?
You should to keep updating this guid, because it's a unique playstyle with this class and for me - it's like a build of the week(league) xd
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SteelJade wrote:
Gescom wrote:
GL. Lemme know how it goes. It's kind of a funny tree. :D

On my way to 100 right now and managed to pick up even a bit more DPS along the way with some tweaks. Heh.

Please share the new tree :)

https://pastebin.com/tzVAEdMy -- lvl 100, snapshotted 11/14/2021

see also; https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/Gescom/CrabGrillledCheese?i=0&search=class%3DDeadeye%26skill%3DIce-Spear%26skillmode%3DTotem

the tweaks I referred to were mostly slight gear adjustments rather than tree

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