3.16.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Suggested workaround of creating a character, then logging back on to character worked for me, lost the map but back in at least.
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Deserialized a mod that we don't recognize
Error here .. not sure if is the patch problem, but i cant login
OG_Ceder wrote:
So.. Got it to work if I created a new char and then logged back to the old one.. Try it, might work..

This worked for me too, created a new character, log off in beach and then log into normal character.

Thx for the workaround! :)
Swapped from Vulkan to Dx11 and was able to get back in after crashing repeatedly.
I cannot log in with my level 92 character but I can create a new one and play normally. Is this only happen to me?
Deserialised mod error. Creating a new char didn't fix it. Still can't log in with main character.
bye trash league 2.0
game is patched and still getting huge lag spikes in some maps. feelsbadman
i got the "Deserialized a mod that we don't recognize" message just after corrupting a map with crucible before downloading the patch.
Scourged items are no longer be able to generate downsides that would directly counteract their upside. For example, an item with "Added Physical Damage" will not be able to generate "Deal no Physical Damage" as a downside.

Are you sure that is working right? I just found a shield with "Lose +38 Life when you Block" and "+20 Life gained when you Block".

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