3.16.0b (Royale)

Keenan007 wrote:
Please boost currency drops the game feels bad with no currency to trade might as well play SSF thats what the league feels like. NOT FUN

wtf?! maybe you just have to put a bit more efford in your gameplay.
you never supported ggg in any way like we can see but you tell them what to do to improve the game. try to read your post from a ggg developers perspective.

if your post is not sarcasm... dude idk maybe try a different arpg then. oh wait there is none that does a better job than poe... dammit

Is there a way to see how much points someone bought in GGG's shop or are you making your allegation, that he never supported GGG in any way, on the absence of Buttons under his Avatar? Just curious. Because if it is the latter, that would be...cheap. Because, speaking for me, the two buttons under my Avatar don't reflect the money, I've put in the game so far.

edit: My hopes for POE 1 are gone. I like the changes to defensive mechanics. But the game is all about zoom zoom. Drops are balanced around fully "juiced" (man, do I hate that word) content, leaging to sh*** drops during leveling and on "normal" maps, that are not fully pimped. The game only gets fun, once you can play the very hardest content. It just gets harder and harder to reach this content and there are too many possibilities to increase drops. So you need to make use of all of these otherwise you feel like you are missing the best, the fun part of the game. I*ve been playing POE since Closed Beta with smaller and larger breaks in between. But I had leagues with lots of fun. So for me, POE is one of the best games ever made. But recently it moved into the wrong direction, at least for me and most people that I started the game with. What I always liked about POE, that you could have a cheap build which could cear all content, are gone. Its all about more grind. It feels annoying to level the campaign and do low mapping, because all the fun is in the endgame.

Will check out every league, but as I said above, my hopes are gone. Its clear that my understanding, what a fun game ist, differs from Mr. Wilsons vision. Hoping for POE2.
Last edited by Zottelfisch on Oct 28, 2021, 4:59:41 PM
Resources are being spent on trash royale mode instead of on the main game.

Feels really bad.

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