The Atlantis Mystery Box

Arh… well. Another box theme that I’ve no interest in.
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NoyAvargel wrote:
when you make a salvage system or make some use for duplicated items i shall consider ..

Aside from the widely-panned 'salvage box' there was a practical use for duplicate items, as shown here. Why this functionality is no longer present puzzles me.
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ugly as hell, i will pass
It is really sad that there were so many missed opportunities with this box. I mean they bring in a fucking horse, when you have a serpent RIGHT THERE! [Removed by Support]
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Vixen's Entrapment there is always big trouble
all curse gems to much mana cost
x4 curse gem use in gloves and one spell for triggers x4 = tooo much mana cost

GGG why not fix for Vixen's Entrapment triggers free mana cost.
Very sad!
That frog! 😍 I really like the wooden texture on the siren weapons. Nice work art team, and great music yet again.
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Some really cool items in there.
But how many boxes do I need to buy to get those?
Mini submarines character effect and diving helmet frog are awesome. :)
Phenomenaut1 wrote:
Uhhhhh where can I find that awesome music?

Should be on Kamil's YT page, if not now then tomorrow or in a couple days.

They seemed to have stopped updating the hideout music player with mystery box music for some time now for some reason.
Finally! a Subnautica themed mystery box.

i kid, i kid, but i would totally buy that. the combination set looks incredible

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