The Atlantis Mystery Box

How fitting. They release an ATLANTIS theme box when the game is going UNDERWATER from them killing aura stackers. Neat.
has GGG considered a "sell back" type program (sell mtx for a fraction of cost)?
The siren stuff and the combined stuff looks neat!
To accept a challenge from the Void is merely suicide for the unprepared.
iStep2Step wrote:
So many whales....
It is ashameful.

... did you really just call people who have cosmetics whales? Boy, I like things that SPARKLE and they literally don't effect my skill in the game at all. Lmao whales, what is this, PokemonGO?
NoyAvargel wrote:
when you make a salvage system or make some use for duplicated items i shall consider ..

This !!!!

Last league got 7 helms and 6 hoods … no thanks
Some nice, some great, some awesome, some cute. But quite frankly, I pretty much lost my interest in this game for now.
This game is not what it used to be.
Does combining cosmetics consume them?
Asag wrote:
Finally boxes I'm not interested in at all. Except combined portals theres nothing good looking in them and no way Im gonna hunt two portals. My wallet is saved!

I agree!
First and only time I decide to join in on the lootbox stuff in Poe. It's crazy how even the uncommon stuff is not guaranteed after pulling xx boxes. I understand rare being rare, but it's funny how, despite opening A LOT of boxes, I still lack pretty much all pieces of both deepwater and siren. (I know armor is rare, but rest is not). Not gonna bother in the future.

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