3.16.0 Hotfix

Psaakyrn wrote:
Gurkku wrote:
And please fix elemental overload proccing on totems. Its a dead passive point for totem builds now.
Possibly not a bug if we strictly consider the wording: Elemental overload activates on your skills, totems doesn't cast your skills, they copy them and your stats. Minions likewise wouldn't benefit from elemental overload. And yes, it would thusly be a dead skill for totems.

Bex posted on reddit that it was a bug but had no eta on a fix yesterday.

Fixed a client crash that could occur when entering Vaal Side Areas.

im still chrashing every 2-3 vall side :(((
Okay thanks for headsup!
Screen freezes and crashing, not sure whats happening in this 3.16. Never had this kind of problem.
today i crashed löike 6x in a row, first it was when i fighted in map, after 2seconds -crash- after 4 tries. i just logged in, wrote smth in chat -crash- and the next 2 times i didnt even had to write smth.. i cant play anymore i just get instant crashes

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