[3.17] Havoc209's Low Life Occultist | Essence Drain | Very Beginner Friendly

<WARNING> this build is done being updated - I do not have time anymore to keep this build updated with all the changes

Welcome to my Essence Drain guide!

This is a guide heavily edited from the Shadow - Trickster section found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2785198

We are switching over to Witch - and we will be ascending to the Occultist.
This is still a work in progress, but is updated and continuing to be updated

I have been playing Path of Exile starting in 2013 ever since the first League was released.
There were a few reasons I created this guide. Mainly I just wanted to help others find a great build that can be SUPER easy to follow and can be enjoyed.

I started Essence Drain back in Legion league and I have been playing it every league since then.
I haven't had ANY issues with this build on any bosses and I kill everything that's tried to kill me..

<WARNING> this build is done being updated - I do not have time anymore to keep this build updated with all the changes

League starting Scourge!!
Check out my stream at launch or if you have any questions!
I will not be starting the day of Launch, sadly.. I am moving that weekend. I will be on catching up after the weekend.

Level 100 Expensive Low Life Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/zsVDArxs

Below is a level Pastebin for anyone who wants to scroll past and check out a rough idea of the leveling:

Leveling to 90 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/hfKkygfr - Make sure to look at the "Notes" section.

Table of Contents
~ The Videos
~ What This Build Can Do
~ Path Of Building
~ How To Easily Level With NO Issues
~ Auras & When To Use Them
~ Budget Gearing Before Low Life
~ Passives, Bandits, Ascendancy, The Pantheon
~ Gems
~ Gear & Flasks
~ Mapping & How To Boss

I will be attempting to recreate some of these videos in the Scourge league

Level Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ7nArMY31I

Expensive Low Life Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLAT_iurj2A

Trade Website Guide For New Players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxQ8l19N9Vg

What This Build Can Do
Pros & Cons
+ FANTASTIC League Starter
+ One of the safest builds in the game
+ Can kill enemies through Proximity Shield
+ Cheap, Safe, Effective
+ Top Tier Farmer
+ Capable of killing EVERYTHING in the game. Can also run EVERY map mod with no issues
+ Able to make this build very cheap.. or very expensive
+ New Player Friendly
- Two casts can be hard to get used to
- Enemies with the mod "Allies are unable to die" are harder for us to kill, because our Essence Drain cannot spread around with these annoying monsters
- Needs levels on gems to have good DPS
- Not the best boss-killer
- Cannot face-tank hard-hitting bosses
- SSF League is not recommended as you NEED a few key items

Mechanics & How To Play
- First you cast Contagion which FIRST allows our Essence Drain to spread.. and it will also give us Arcane Surge (More damage & cast speed)
- Cast Essence Drain on the monster pack
- Everything affected by Contagion should die and spread
- Every now and then channel Blight for at least 0.6 to 1 second depending on if you have quality on your Infused Channeling to get "Infusion," which gives us more damage and less damage taken by a few types of moves
- Flame Dash away from enemies moves and make sure to try not to get up close to the monsters faces
- Use Wither Totems on Bosses to stack the Wither debuff so the boss will die very quickly
- Do not forget about the Vaal skills. For Damage, we have: Vaal Righteous Fire & Vaal Blight if there is ever someone who will not die.
- For Survavbility, we have: Vaal Discipline

Path of Building
Before we start, make sure you have Path of Building. If you do not; it will help you out immensely. If you have this already just skip straight to the pastebin below.
There is a new Path of Building that is called PoB Fork, it has been added on 6/19/2020 for Harvest League, and this guide has been updated with the new Path of Builing Fork download

Path of Building Download (Make sure to get the "Fork Community" version)
Open this link (Click here and select "Download Zip")
Run The Application Program (Click link)
How To Import Your Build (Adding someone else's build)
How to Export Your Build (Sharing your own build with others)

This Path of Building is the goal to get to. I have a leveling section included below in the section "Act 1-10 Leveling Section"

Level 100 Expensive Low Life Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/zsVDArxs

Leveling Pastebin: It is the same as the leveling one above: https://pastebin.com/hfKkygfr

Level 90 CI Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/nHwCJNBh

Leveling Essence Drain Efficiently
Before Starting
Be Informed
There are a few websites and things that you should be aware about before starting that will help you out:
~ Path Of Exile Trade
- This website is used to trade with other players and to find items of something you will need to buy.
~ PoE Ninja
- This website will show currency trade ratio's on the left section, and if you click "Builds" on the top right, it will show each individual players build, and show which build is the most popular at the current league. (Note: This does not update when a new league starts until the 2nd day of the league)
~ Neversink's Loot Filter
- Above is a loot filter. There is just a ridiculous amount of loot in the end game. This is sadly needed in my opinion to fully enjoy the game without the clutter. This filter highlights what to pickup with colors and sounds. You can customize the filter colors and sounds at: Neversink's Filterblade Website
~ Awakened Poe Trade Overlay
- This is the PoE Overlay.
Download this one - Scroll down and click this - Download the Installer here
With this overlay, you can do some advanced searches that IMMENSELY help you out.
~ PoeDB
- This website will show Prefixes and Suffixes for certain crafts. Do not worry about this right now. Bookmark this website for further down the road.
~ Vorici Chromatic Calculator
- This is a fantastic website that will save you Chromatic Orbs. It's used for trying to color an item. It's not 100% accurate but it will give you a rough estimate of the best amount of Chromatic Orbs to use.

Act 1-10 Leveling Section
Act 1
~ First leveling gems setup you want to grab are:
Freezing Pulse - Onslaught
Blight - Infused Channeling - Void Manipulation - Arcane Surge (If you can buy a Vaal Blight, this will help)
Smoke Mine - This is the movement skill we use for leveling up... we replace it for Flame Dash after we beat the 10 acts.
Auras you will currently use by level 10 are: Clarity: Level 1. The max level you want to get this is level 2-3 for now

Pickup these gems from Nessa and level in off-hand: 6x Essence Drain Gems (Yes 6, you will level these for later)

If you can afford unique gear to speed the leveling process up.. here are some amazing leveling items that are cheap:
(These links will take you to the Softcore Delirium trade website)
Wanderlust (Boots)
Lifesprig x 2 (Weapons)
Doedre's Damning (Ring)x1 (We only need one until we ascend to Occultist)
Rare Ring(Ring)x1 Get the cheapest one with the highest life and resistances so our fingers are warm
Goldrim (Helmet)
Rare Amulet (Amulet) (We used to use Atziri's Foible, however it has gone up in price immensely)
Doedre's Tenure (Gloves)
Tabula Rasa - Body Armour This is Expensive but it is worth.. do not buy if you are just starting out
Bated Breath (Belt)

Passive Skill Goal
Act 2
~ The gem setup you will continue to level with will be linked as:
Blight - Infused Channeling - Void Manipulation - Controlled Destruction (If you can get your hands on a 6-Link grab Faster Casting & Arcane Surge)
(Optional) Freezing Pulse - Onslaught - Controlled Destruction - Faster Casting
Smoke Mine
Auras you will want to use at level 22 are: Clarity level 1
Essence Drain - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation (If you can afford these links. Essence Drain is very useful on bosses and yellow tanky monsters)

Passive Skill Goal
Act 3
~ This is where it starts to get EXTREMELY FUN. You will be walking through everything!
As SOON as you hit level 24. Replace your main Blight setup. You only need to link Blight with Infused Channeling.
If you have enough links and can afford the 2-link, it is a DPS increase while leveling!

You will need gems linked as:
Bane - Despair - Temporal Chains - Enfeeble - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy

Make sure to have the talent "Whispers of Doom" and the Occultist Ascendancy "Malediction" so Despair, Temporal Chains & Enfeeble are used to their fullest potential

Essence Drain - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation - Efficacy (For bosses / yellows)
Smoke Mine

Vaal Blight - Infused Channeling - Void Manipulation - Controlled Destruction

Auras you will use at level 22 are Clarity level 1 & pick up Malevolence & Flesh & Stone.

Passive Skill Goal
Act 4
This act should be SUPER fast and easy with the above gem-links mentioned. If you are having an issue, make sure you have the correct links and the gear suggested.. act 5 or 6, you will be picking up new gear.

You will also need to start leveling a Empower and a Enlighten as fast as possible (This will be a little expensive but you will need this later on so it's WORTH the investment.. I would recommend throwing Gemcutter's Prisms (GCP) on these gems to level it quicker.

Passive Skill Goal
Act 5
Make sure to pick up the "Spreading Rot" Jewel from the quest. I place it here http://prntscr.com/1xjme9g You are going to most likely need to look for new gear either this act.. or next act. I will describe what to look for here.. and next act section I will post the links.
BEFORE Buying ANY new item.. make sure the "Max Item Requirements" On the item search is level 40.
I would also suggest searching for life on your items
Look for 2 wands with % Spell Damage and Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier %
Look for a Bated Breath Chain Belt. Preferably a corrupted one with the implicit stat "Malevolence has % increased aura effect). This will be our end game belt. It may be costly so if you cannot afford this, just get a non-corrupted Bated Breath Chain Belt.
On the Path of Building I found some cheap wands on the trade website that you would replace for Lifesprig.
If survivability is an issue, look for a shield with at least 50 Energy Shield minimum and Spell Damage % at least 40%.
Look for some new gloves. Look for at least 40 life, 30 Energy Shield minimum & Psuedo % Elemental Resistance to 40% AT LEAST. If it is too expensive for these items then lower the energy shield to 35 and the resistances to 30%.
If it's too cheap try to raise the Energy Shield to 50 and Elemental Resistance to 50%
Look for new body armour is you cannot afford a Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is the absolute best to start off with because it's the cheapest option for a 6-Link. If you aren't using a Tabula, look for a chest with Energy Shield base - Maximum life 50 and Elemental Resistance at least 40%.
Look for some new boots. Look for at LEAST 20% Movement Speed & 40 Energy Shield minimum, Life 30, and Psuedo +40% Elemental Resistance. Lower again if it is too expensive and raise these if it seems too cheap

Passive Skill Goal
Act 7
- You will notice yourself be very squishy.. just make sure you do not run too close to monsters. Make sure to go to the Dread Thicket once you get to the Northern forest and grab the Fireflies for Yeena's quest called "Lighting the Way"

This act, we pickup the talents "Mind Over Matter," and Eldritch Battery. This means our Energy Shield becomes our Mana, and we take a % damage from our mana, so we can change up our auras a little bit.
Remove Clarity and pickup a Discipline gem for more Energy Shield.
We will also be using Malevolence, these are the two auras for now.
We can also drop Arcane Surge

Passive Skill Goal
Act 8
- Get Waypoints from friends if possible - it is VERY Quick with waypoints.
- Also during this act, (Hopefully done in act 7 now it has been updated but I will leave this here for more information) when you get the passives "Mind over Matter" and "Eldritch Battery," there is no need for the skill gems: Arcane Surge as well as the aura Clarity. What Eldritch Battery does, is it converts your energy shield to mana. So what Mind over Matter does.. is damage is taken 30% of your mana before your life. So the Energy Shield is an extra life barrier.
- TL:DR.. Drop Arcane Surge and Clarity for now if you haven't already from the previous act!

Passive Skill Goal
Act 9
- Super Short And Easy.

Passive Skill Goal
Act 10
- After act 10 is complete, we switch over from Bane to Essence Drain + Contagion. If you find yourself not high enough level to do maps at this point farm The Blood Aqueduct until level 66.

Also make sure you type /passives after completing the story.
24 Is the maximum number of skill points you can get from quests.

I recommend going CI at the start of your league, if you find yourself struggling with not being able to buy some of the items required.

What this means is you are going to spend respec points to remove talent points, mostly mind over matter and eldritch battery. Follow the path of building tree to see what is removed

Shavronne's Wrapping's is REQUIRED for the low-life build
Presence of Chayula is REQUIERED for the low-life build as well, you can get around without it with the Vile Bastion ascendancy talent point, but being stunned is not fun.

-Please make sure before you switch over to Low Life or CI you remove the talents leading up to "Mind over Matter" and "Eldritch Battery" as these will SEVERELY hurt you if you still have them

Passive Skill Goal - Level 67


Passive Skill Goal - Budget Level 80 (Mind over Matter, Finishing story, BEFORE Low Life/CI)

Passive Skill Goal - Budget Level 85 CI (Recommended for early league / low currency)

Passive Skill Goal - Finished Level 90 CI (Recommended early / low currency)

Passive Skill Goal - Finished Level 90 Low Life (Recommended early / low currency)

Auras & When To Use Them
Act 1 - Clarity - Keep this gem level 1
Act 3 - Malevolence

Once you get the passive talents "Mind Over Matter" and "Eldritch Battery" at Act 7, around level 54, you can pickup and use Discipline, otherwise mana will be an issue.

Once Act 10 is finished and Kitava has been defeated, I recommend removing "Mind Over Matter" and "Eldritch Battery" and following the "Level 90 CI" setup as you most likely will not have a lot of currency.
However, in order to do this you will need some decent energy shield gear, I recommend at least 3000 Energy Shield for CI to work at all. Check the "Budget Gearing Before Low Life Setup" and the "Budget Gear" section.

If you have currency, feel free to follow the "100 Low-Life" setup. However; in order to be low life successfully, we need to have a Shavronne's Wrapping's, and Presence of Chayula. I also recommend capping Chaos Resistance.

CI Auras: Malevolence - Vaal Discipline - Flesh & Stone - Clarity level 1.
For the CI version you will definitely need the aura mana reduction nodes, (Charisma and Sovereignty, there is also two more that aren't BIG nodes, but they help, they are only 4% mana reduction) to run all of the auras without any issues.

Low Life-Aura's: Vaal Discipline - Flesh & Stone - Enlighten these will be linked with Arrogance level 16 (Due to strength requirement)
Zealotry - Malevolence - Aspect of the Spider (Click the Link) (You will need an open Suffix on a piece of gear and you can buy the beast on the link above.

You will DEFINITELY need ALL the aura reduction passive skills to run every single aura listed on the Low-Life setup. Check the path of building and CTRL F type in "Mana Reservation"

Budget Gearing Before Low Life
First, I will explain what you need to look for on gear. And then if you wanted to jump straight below to the spoilers, I will have links which will take you to the Path of Exile Trade website, and will tell you what to you should buy. There will be a Budget and Expensive gear section with links.
You will need as high of Energy Shield gear as you can get for as cheap as possible.

Make sure to NOT buy "Mirrored" or "Corrupted" gear, as you cannot modify these or craft onto them like we need to.

So first let me explain the trick if you want to buy gear for cheap:
You will first need to understand the basics of how items work.
An item can have 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes, for a total of 6 modifiers.
Sometimes this changes depending on hybrid rolls, it can be tricky.

You are going to look for high-ish Energy Shield base items with only ONE Energy Shield modifier onto it, and an open prefix.
For example:Look at this item.
Notice how it only has ONE Energy Shield Modifier on it? You can craft another Energy Shield Modifier onto it

Also another AMAZING Stat to look up while you are searching for gear is:
"Total Elemental Resistance." (Click on it)
But like I said, make sure a piece of gear does NOT have crafted Elemental Resistance, unless you really need it.
I highly, HIGHLY suggest looking for Chaos Resistance on gear. Capping Chaos Resistance is HUGE now, ever since Delirium league has been released.

For Helmet: Look for a high energy shield base helmet with resistances. At end game, we will need to buy an iLvl 85 Hubris Circlet that is Hunter's influenced, so that we can craft -9 Chaos Resistance, but this is very expensive and only needed for when you have the currency.

For Armor: So our goal is to get a Shavronne's. This may be expensive early and not the best option until we have high enough energy shield.
We need a High Energy Shield Base body armor. Look for one with about 350-400 Energy Shield and MAYBE some Resistances if possible. We will craft Energy Shield onto this.

For Gloves: Look for Spell Damage, with Energy Shield and Elemental Resistances if possible.
Chaos Damage Over Time is a lot of damage but it is expensive and only recommended for very late game when you are rich.

For Boots: Look for Movement Speed, at LEAST 20%. If you are picky look for 30%. You will need to look for 70-80 Energy Shield with an open Prefix and an open Suffix. The reason for the open suffix is you will use these boots for end game with Aspect of the Spider through beast-crafting.

For Weapons: Early I recommend going for Two Wands. Look for Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier, with a Spell Damage Implicit. Look for something with NO Spell damage on the explicit so you can craft your own spell damage. I will have a link below in the description.
A Bow is actually better than Wands, however it is not optimal early as there are not a lot of cheap 6-link bows that are on the market.
Buy a 6-Link Short Bow, or The Porcupine Divination cards.
You will use Orb of Transmutation on this bow, and the you will keep using Orb of Alterations until you hit "+1 Level of Socketed Gems."

For Rings: We need one of our rings to have at LEAST 49 Strength on one of them (We need this for the Empower,) a high amount of Maximum Energy Shield, and a high amount of Resistance.
We do not want any resistance modifiers crafted onto it, and we would like an open Prefix to craft "Faster Energy Shield Recharge Rate"
Look for at LEAST 60 Total Elemental Resistance and see if you can find a ring that fits you. There will be a link will below if you would like an example.

For Amulet: Presence of Chayula is going to be the goal, but this is not optimal only until we are switched over to low life with Shavronne's. Look for a high energy shield amulet, with a high amount of resistances on it for now, and if you can, some spell damage would be nice.

For Belt: Bated Breath, Chain Belt corrupted with Malevolence aura. In my experience it's usually not too expensive. I usually get it for 5-20 Chaos.

Budget Gear

Helmet Search #1 - Craft Energy Shield
Helmet Search #2 - Craft Energy Shield
Body Armor Search #1 - Craft Energy Shield
Body Armor Search #2 - Craft Energy Shield
Gloves Search #1 - Craft Energy Shield
Gloves Search #2 - Craft Energy Shield
Boots Search #1 - If you can look for Chaos Resistance instead of Elemental, if too expensive, remove looking for resistances. You will craft Aspect of the spider on these with the open Suffix.
Boots Search #2 - Craft Energy Shield
Amulet - Craft Flat Energy Shield on this.
Ring (With High Resistance) - Craft Faster Energy Shield Recharge Rate on this.
Ring (With High Strength) - Craft Faster Energy Shield Recharge Rate on this.
Wands - These are for Early League, Cheap, and before getting the 6-Link bow.
6-Link Bow - Craft "+1 Level of Socketed" Gems onto this with Orb of Alterations
6-Link Bow(Already Crafted with +1) - This is if you are unlucky or do not want to craft.
We will get someone to craft 36-40% Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier onto this bow for now until we can afford the main bow in Expensive Gear.
To find someone to craft this:find a Crafting Service located here
Quiver - Use this when you get the bow.

Expensive Gear

Helmet (Craftable) - We will need to spam until we get -9% to nearby enemies chaos resistance, also try to get high Energy Shield on this. Spam Dense and Abberant fossils with Potent Resonator's.
Helmet (Already Crafted) - This will be more expensive but less of a headache. Look for HIGH energy Shield on this and some Elemental Resistances if possible.
Body Armor - Shavronne's Wrappings - You will need to get this armor 6 Socket, 5 Link.
Gloves Search #1
Gloves Search #2 (EXPENSIVE)
Boots - If you can look for Chaos Resistance instead of Elemental, if too expensive, remove looking for resistances. You will craft Aspect of the spider on these with the open Suffix.
Amulet - You will Annoint this with Tranquility.
Ring (With High Resistance) - You will craft Faster Energy Shield Recharge Rate on this
Ring (With High Strength) - You will craft Faster Energy Shield Recharge Rate on this
Belt - Try to look for Resistances, this will be very expensive, and honestly probably not worth it
Quiver - It doesn't help us out too much. The price is very unreasonable but if you can afford it.. might as well

<THIS WAS AN OLD SECTION I KEPT- I BELIEVE IT IS OUTDATED AS OF THE SCOURGE LEAGUE, follow with this crafting at your -own- risk!!>
There will be 3 options for the bow, you can craft it yourself.. or buy it, skip to the "Craftable" bow with the Spoiler tab if you wish to craft yourself

6-Link Bow (Half-Crafted) - You will need to craft this bow and it will cost 4 Exalted Orbs to craft on top of buying this bow.

6-Link Bow (FULLY Crafted) - (7-10 Exalted Orbs) - This is fully crafted and ready to go.. Expensive but a HUGE and our BIGGEST upgrade.

6-Link Bow (Craftable) - Purchase this one if you are feeling LUCKY or enjoy crafting! Click the Spoiler tab to see how to craft the Expensive Bow (Costs 8-10 Exalted Orbs)
<THIS WAS AN OLD SECTION I KEPT- I BELIEVE IT IS OUTDATED AS OF THE SCOURGE LEAGUE, follow with this crafting at your -own- risk!!>
(DO NOT BUY -IMPERIAL- OR ANY -INFLUENCED- BOW (this will not allow you to roll the stats you need, as you will only have ~149 Dex with no items)

You will need to spam Alteration orbs until you get 31-35% Damage Over Time Multiplier On the Bow.
After you get this, you need to Regal the bow for it to turn yellow.

You need 3 Open Prefixes total
You will need the bow to have 2 Suffixes before crafting
You will craft "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers - so it will be 3 in total, you SHOULD have NO space for ANY more suffixes)

If you do hit a Prefix on the bow with the Regal, you will need to use the beast craft "Farric Lynx Alpha Beast" (This turns the Prefix into a random Suffix)
Link Here For Beast-Craft
You will need the craft called "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers." If you do not have it, you will need to buy the prophecy called The Plaguemaw V

You will craft "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers" onto the bow.
This will cost 1 Exalted Orb.

You will slam 1 Exalted Orb onto the bow (Right Click and Use, yes, you will use this Exalted Orb)
You will get +1 Level Of Socketed Gems (This is one of the Prefixes you NEED)

You can now craft "This Item can Have Up to 3 Crafted Modifiers."
This will cost 2 Exalted Orbs
If you don't have the craft you can purchase the pieces of the set here

I highly recommend you click the link below and find someone to craft you these on here, as you most likely will not have the crafts, as they are from random or deep Syndicate encounters.
You will need +2 to Socketed Support Gems (This costs 2 Exalted Orbs) and 36-40% Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier (This costs 4 Chaos Orbs)
This Link to PoE Forums
This is not recommended as I do not have great luck from experience, but you may like the gamble.

Passives, Bandits, Ascendancy, The Pantheon

Level 80 Life / Mind Over Matter Passives

Level 85 CI Passives

Level 90 Low-Life Passives

Level 100 Passives

Bandits: Kill ALL for the 2 passive skill points



Malediction - (Normal Lab): Gives us an extra curse so leveling with Bane is so much easier, we do not need the unique ring Doedre's Damning with this ascendancy point

Void Beacon - (Cruel Lab): Reduces the enemies Chaos Resistance by 20% which is a LOT, the enemies do not have a lot of chaos resistance to begin with

Withering Presence - (Merciless Lab): Gives us a ton of Chaos Resistance (Which is actually obsolete when we are CI - but the damage and Wither on this talent point are both insane, it is a TON of damage and it also inflicts wither on nearby enemies

Vile Bastion - (Uber Lab): We only get this talent point so that we cannot be stunned so we can play the game! There are a few other options to not allow us to get stunned but you LITERALLY can not be stunned with this ascendancy.
You are going to re-spec this ascendancy talent at the end game when you have Presence of Chayula, and are low life to: "Profane Bloom" so that you can hex enemies you can not normally hex (Hexproof), and the enemies have a 40% chance toexplode


The Pantheon:
These are little buff effects you get to decide what to use after killing the respected boss for their soul. You can upgrade these effects by placing a Divine Vessel along with your map in your map device and killing the boss. A soul item will spawn in the map device after the boss is dead, and you bring it to Sin. He will upgrade your Pantheon powers. (By default the key is Y)

Major God: Soul of Solaris - Damage reduction and chance to take 50% less area damage from hits
Minor God: Soul of Shakari - reduced chaos damage and half poison damage when upgraded.

Gem Setup:
Tip: If you level a gem to level 20, sell it to a vendor along with a Gemcutter's Prism; the gem will de-level back to level 1 BUT it will be 20% Quality!

END Game 6-Link:
(Make sure these are socketed in your weapon if it has + ANY levels; example look at my bow)
Essence Drain is the MAIN skill that we use for killing. You do not NEED to buy gems this high level or quality.. Just level them yourself.
The BIGGEST Gem Upgrade is an Essence Drain level 21, do NOT worry about quality

Awakened Gems help.. but not as much as you would think they should.. they need to be completely leveled up.
I would look into a level 21 Essence Drain and see how expensive those are.. If you buy a 21 Essence Drain.. it will boost your damage a TON
Empower 4 is SUPER helpful but expensive, level 3 is fine.

Essence Drain - Act 1 Nessa after quest 'The Siren's Cadence'
Void Manipulation - Act 1 after quest 'The Caged Brute' -
(If you are rich purchase an Awakened Void Manipulation)
Controlled Destruction - Act 2 Yeena after quest 'Root of the Problem'
Efficacy - Act 3 after quest 'A Fixture of Fate'
Swift Affliction - Act 3 after quest 'A Fixture of Fate' -
(If you are rich purchase an Awakened Swift Affliction)
Empower Get a Level 3 - Buy it from the Trade Website. Purchase a level 4 one when you can afford it.. it's VERY expensive (be careful do NOT get scammed by the wrong level.. look TWICE before buying!)

END Game 5-Link
This is our 5-link setup in the Body Armour. Vaal Righteous Fire does NOT need to be linked. We only need 1 6-Link Setup for Essence Drain and 1 5-Link Setup with Contagion. Make sure to NOT level Arcane Surge past 9 or else it will not give you the effect when you cast Contagion. You will need to constantly be moving for "Intensify Support." Constantly moving will give you the most area of effect.. which is the BEST for Contagion so it can spread EASILY to everything in sight. Again you do not NEED Awakened Increased Area of Effect.
Contagion - Act 1 after quest 'Breaking Some Eggs'
Arcane Surge - Act 1 after quest 'Mercy Mission' - Do NOT level past 9
Faster Casting - Act 2 after quest 'Sharp and Cruel'
Intesify - Act 3 after quest 'A Fixture of Fate'
Increased Area of Effect - Act 4 after quest 'The Eternal Nightmare' -
(If you are rich purchase an Awakened Increased Area of Effect)
Vaal Righteous Fire - This does NOT Need to be linked!! We only use this skill for the Vaal skill

END Game 4 Link

Blight - Act 1 after quest 'Enemy at the Gate'- I recommend buying a Vaal Blight from the trade website
Infused Channeling - Act 1 after quest 'Mercy Mission'
Zealotry - Act 3 after quest 'Lost in Love'
Malevolence - Act 3 after quest 'Lost in Love'

END Game 4 Link
Clarity Act 1 - after quest 'The Caged Brute' - Do NOT Level past level 10
Discipline - Act 3 after quest 'Lost in Love.' I recommend buying a Vaal Discipline off of the trade website.
Flesh and Stone - Act 6 (We cannot buy this as a shadow until Act 6 - but you don't need this until you are low life)
Blood Magic Act 6 (We cannot buy this as a shadow until Act 6 - but again it's only needed when you are low life)

End Game 3 Link
Wither - Act 1 after quest 'The Caged Brute'
Spell Totem Act 6 (We cannot buy this until act 6.. but we don't need this until later on)
Multiple Totems Act 6 (We cannot buy this until act 6.. but we don't need this until later on)
Flame Dash - Act 1 after quest 'The Caged Brute' (You do NOT Want this linked)

Gear & Flasks

Mapping & How To Kill Bosses
Before Mapping:

After finishing Act 10.. You will lose resistances again. Make sure to cap these resistances by buying better gear with higher resistances and as much Life / Energy Shield as you can possibly get for cheap. Resist cap is 75% once you complete act 10.
I would strongly recommend having at LEAST 3000 Energy Shield to start with CI (Chaos Inoculation) for maps. Make sure you upgrade all of the leveling gear and you replace each flask with newer ones


Boss fighting:

Before going into the boss room; I channel Blight until I get the Infused Channeling (Infusion) buff.. and then I enter
I start the fight off with these moves for the maximum amount of damage:
Contagion - Essence Drain - Wither - Totems - Run away - Channel Blight for a second "IF" Possible - Contagion - Essence Drain

Map Mods:

This is my FAVORITE thing about this build. We can do EVERY Map mod possible. The most annoying Map Mod that I would say is "Players Cannot Regen Life, Mana or Energy Shield."
It's not impossible to do this map.. we just need to swap our Sulphur Flask for a Mana flask.. or even take off a Zealotry. Make sure to re-cast before next map though!

Q: - Why do you go after Minion Damage.. you don't have any minions?
A: We grab the node "Spiritual Aid" which increases to minion damage affect us. Lord of the Dead has "Minions Deal 15% Increased Damage," instead.. WE Deal 15% increased damage!

Q: - Where does our damage come from?
A: - The majority of comes from Gem Levels & Wither stacks.
6% increased damage per Wither stack, the enemy can have 15 stacks.
These stacks are reached quickly through the use of Multiple Spell Totems..
6% x 15 = 90% MORE damage

+ level of gems gives a ton of damage with Empower, which gives more levels to Essence Drain.

1+ level of socketed gems, and +2 of supports turns Empower 4 into Empower 7, which gives SIX more levels to Essence Drain.
that makes an Essence Drain 21 turn to a level 28.

Level 21 Essence Drain gives 1683.9 base chaos damage per second
Level 28 gives 3672 base chaos damage per second.

From levels we're looking at a 125% more damage

Q: Why low life?
A: It gives us the best output for damage as well as having great dodge from Flesh and Stone from being in Sand Stance.. so we get great defensive's from it

This guide has been HEAVILY updated with Scourge as of 10/19/2021, I will be updating this guide with Scourge league soon after launch, with anything new I discover while playing this build.

There was a few formats that I was looking at.. none stuck out to me as much as Enki's guide.
After asking for permission to make my layout similar to Enki - Here's a quick shout-out.
Thank you Enki!
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First, just incase I need to do any editing for running out of space
Is there a room for bane along with enfeeble and despair since we play malediction?

Nvm, didnt see what flasks gives us, im dumb.

Nice guide, gonna give it a try for sure.
Last edited by Fulcik on Oct 19, 2021, 7:14:54 AM
Just wondering, there is no evasion, no block, no armor - how do you plan to survive?
Could you go over why you think occulist is a better choice over trickster? Really torn between which one to go with.

How handeln we the Life lose from chaos mastery?
Wetia wrote:
How handeln we the Life lose from chaos mastery?

Essence drain Regenerate 0.5% of Debuff Damage as Life.

Edit: I'm dumb.
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Burpees wrote:
Wetia wrote:
How handeln we the Life lose from chaos mastery?

Essence drain Regenerate 0.5% of Debuff Damage as Life.

In this build we use Zealot's Oath.
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Chumber wrote:
Just wondering, there is no evasion, no block, no armor - how do you plan to survive?

Pretty much this and no ailment immunities, spell suppression, guard skills or other defensive layers on top of a rather low cast rate (= standing still more / getting hit more) and paying 10% ES + Life(with life having no recovery) per each cast of a chaos skill.
Also, am I missing something or how to deal with mana? 120 ED + 52 C cost with a low pool / regeneration sounds tough.

On the POB posted 100% of life is reserved, I suppose that's an oversight.
It would be far more realistic to disable Vaal Blight and Vaal RF though since no perma uptime particularly vs bosses.

I'm thinking the league mechanic with baking maps will be extra rippy and require defenses
Like a couple of others mentioned I see almost no defence. I forsee a lot of deaths.

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