[3.16] Fuzzy Duckzy's Lightning Strike Raider - Great League Starter

Fuzzy's Lightning Strike Raider

NEW BUDGET VERSION ******** 3.5 Ex at present T16 viable

I have set up a simple discord if anyone wants to discuss or show me gear, trees, etc for advice https://discord.gg/SFDhQvgZ
I work full time but will try to respond as quickly as I can

I have been creating various updates for a lightning Strike Raider I have been playing since 3.14 and am getting lots of questions on Youtube so thought it was time to get a written guide out for you lovely people :)

There are various video guides and gameplay examples along with levelling guides on my Youtube Channel

Youtube and Twitch Links

3.16 Build Guide Video https://youtu.be/9qsgkDwuoFM


Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/FuzzyDuckzy
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/fuzzyduckzy

I do not stream a huge amount but will be streaming for league start on Friday (22/21/2021) and Saturday (23/10/2021) at league start

**** Please READ ******
At the moment I have not had time to update all the skills and gems in the guide as this is going to likely change once we get stuck into the content. If there is anything you are not sure of feel free to ask or follow this Playlist on Youtube https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeXVETOoSNQueFPCol_yzFlNPrYoEFHgI

Or See if I am streaming on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fuzzyduckzy

Section to be added soon covering how to gear up both in Trade and SSF and what order to do this

Now we have lost dodge the goal is to layer Defences. We lose a fair bit of DPS but should still have enough to farm red maps and awakener.

The current plan is:
- 100% Spell Suppression
- 70%+ Chance to Evade
- 75+ Chance to block Attack Damage
- 25% chance not to take damage from hits (From Nightblade Support + supporting passives/Masteries)
- Fortify
- 22%-35% Physical Damage taken as elemental Damage
- 79% Max all Res (Shield + Annoint Prismatic Skin)
- Tons of life gain on hit and Leech
- CWDT + Immortal Call

Single Target Damage

Intro and Summary

I started playing Lightning Strike in 3.14 when following Nugi on Twitch when he was playing a hardcore variant of the build. I really liked the look of the skill as it provides excellent clear, good defences and very good single target from the Vaal portion of the skill.

I decided to build a more softcore version of the build which ended up clearing all content including The Feared in 3.15. It is the most fun I have had playing this game in a long time and is a great and affordable all round build

3.16 WARNING This build has lost a bit of DPS due to needing to actually take points on the tree to build defence, but when built properly this build should be able to facetank most content

+ FUN!!!!!
+ Great clear speed
+ Amazing burst damage
+ Tanky
+ Very fast movement Speed
+ Good linear progression and can be min-maxed to good levels
+ Quick to maps (5 hours is easily achievable at League Start)
+ SSF Viable

- Melee not to everyone's taste
- Need to level with a different skill
- Takes time to master positioning to maximise damage
- Getting popular so gear can be expensive

Video Guides (Will be updated when 3.16 Tree is out)

How to Play
This build is really simple to play. We clear most the screen with one or two hits and for bosses it is a case of dropping a totem, cursing the boss (with either curse on hit or manual), Hitting Vaal Lightning Strike and bursting down the boss.

The 3.15 Version uses vigilant strike to get fortify and a CWDT setup with Immortal Call to add good defensive layers to the build. I will test this in 3.16 and revise accordingly

With minimal investment this build can clear the entire Atlas and do so very quickly

The key to lightning Strike is positioning. Static Bosses are easiest which is what makes this a good all rounder as all the big bosses are static.

You need to position yourself with a small gap between you and your target and this ensures that both the lightning projectiles and melee part of the skill all connect with the target

League Start and Levelling Guide - 3.16 Ready I

These will be updated when 3.16 tree is released

Act 1 we use a two handed sword and then from Merviel until end game we use Claw/Shield (I might try dualwielding early acts as we no longer pick up shield nodes. I think the quality of life of extra attack speed will be very nice

From act 2 onwards just swap your claw every time you find one with better attack speed and ele damage. We take a lot of elemental damage nodes so flat elemental damage is way better than phys damage

Act 1

We are going to use splitting Steel for most the act before switching to Spectral Helix and claw/shield at level 12
Be on the look out for GGG or GGR for our main skill. Passive tree take projectile nodes then head straight to Primal Spirit for INT + STR
- Kill Hillock and then vendor everything other than Pierce
- Buy Splitting Steel from Nessa and a corroded blade from Tarkleigh. If he does not have one any melee weapon will do for now
- Take Onslaught from Medicine Quest and Dash from Tarkleigh. Link onslaught to Splitting Steel
- Before Brutus look for iron rings, Rustic Sash, Two handed sword...anything that will help our DPS
- Look out for or buy a large life flask and large mana flask. Now Act 1 is buffed a lot of enemies can ignite you which a small life flask will not heal through
- After Killing Dweller and reaching prison you should be level 8 and have equipped enough Str to equip both War Banner and Decoy Totem. If you have a 3 link add either Added Cold or Chance to Bleed to our Splitting Steel
- For Brutus use Decoy totem to distract him. If you did not find iron rings or a better sword this can take a while but decoy should keep you safe
- Take Whirling Blades as Brutus Reward
- Progress To Merviel's Caverns and look out for an Awl Claw. These are also sold from the vendor for 1 transmute. Buy Helix from Nessa and equip a claw and a shield. (Feel free to dual wield as the new 3.16 tree we do not path through the shield nodes.
- We now dump splitting steel and want to run Helix, Added Cold & Onslaught. If you have the currency use physical recipe for your claw
(Blacksmith's Whetstone + Magic/Rare Rustic Sash + Your Weapon). It is not needed as perfectly fine with just the white claw
- Equip 2 Sapphire rings. You can buy these from vendors or trade in iron rings + Blue skill gem for a cold ring. 1 Sapphire ring is fine 2 is ideal
- Merviel should be a cakewalk with life on hit, Decoy and cold resistance. Wipe the floor with her and move on to Act 2

Act 2
This act is much more straight forward and should be very quick
- Complete Lab trials in Chamber of sins Level 2 & Crypt
- Take Herald of Ice from reward after killing Feliditus
- If you can buy Blood Rage and Herald of Thunder
- If you feel comfortable use blood rage at all times (Life on hit from claw should help. Herald of Ice and Herald of Lightning give us nice flat damage boosts early on
- Kill Weaver and take Faster Attacks and Link it to Whirling Blades
- Kill all bandits for more aggressive option or Help Alira if you want the resists. We respec to all bandits later so up to you.
- rush to Boss and kill before moving onto Act 3

Act 3

This act can take people a while to get through as there is a lot to do, but if you stick to what you need to do it can be done in 25-30 mins

- Start looking for 4 links. We can use the following links:

GGGG - Spectral Helix - Onslaught - Added Cold - Faster Attacks
GGGR - Spectral Helix - Onslaught - Added Cold - Inspiration (Library)
GGGB - Spectral Helix - Onslaught - Added Cold - Added Lightning (Library)

- First up head out and find the crematorium, complete the lab trial and kill Piety
- Buy Anger and Purity of Elements/Grace from Clarissa and use these instead of the 2 Heralds. It is up to you whether you use grace or purity of elements. Mana should be ok with the reservation nodes we have taken, but feel free to swap Anger for Herald of Ice if Mana is an issue. This should be resolved once we pick up some leach nodes
- Complete Lab Trial in Catacombs
- Pick up waypoint at Battlefront picking up the quest item and heading straight to docks. Try to be level 25 when leaving docks as a minimum. Pick up quest item then go to Solaris temple. When you get the amulet and quest reward go into the side area and pick up cold damage craft (we may need this later)
- Go back through sewers and to Ebony Barracks. Ignore Gravicious we do not need his reward
- Head through Solaris temple, Kill Piety and get skill book from Gregor
- Go to imperial Gardens picking up waypoint and completing last lab trial
- go to Library and Complete Siosa's quest.
- Take Fortify as a reward and buy Added Lightning and Inspiration
- Go through Sceptre of god and kill Dominus. This fight is easy on a 4 link but still perfectly fine on a 3 link

Act 4

Complete Lab when you get to Crystal Veins
- Get Banner from Dried Lake and head through the mines.
- Free Desheret's Spirit in Level 2 for the skill point
- When you get to Crystal Veins complete lab and take Rapid Assault
- Change Onslaught Gem as no longer needed. Faster Attacks is a good substitute
- You can now consider added Trinity into your 4 link depending on your links but make sure it procs all 3 elements. This can be hard to balance early on so I do not normally bother

- Belly of the beast is probably the toughest part in levelling for this build as we lack life and survivability.
- We do not need any gems from this Act but take a golem if you like as life regen for them is meant to be improved in 3.16

If you do not like running Helix for clear you can run a second 4 link of:
Frost Blades - Ancestral Call - Fortify - Added Cold Damage

You can buy all the missing gems from Act 1 Vendor

Act 5 Onwards plus Mini Respec

Levelling is straight forward from here. There is a mini respec we do in act 5/6 at around level 45 to get rid of the projectile damage nodes and path out of shorter nodes instead. T

Early Mapping

When you get to maps stick with Helix until you get a 5 link. Start Levelling up some lightning strikes in off hand and Vaal these every time you find a Vaal Orb.

When you have a Vaal Lightning Strike and a 5 link run:

Lightning Strike - Ancestral Call - Added Cold - Trinity - Inspiration/Nightblade Support

This 5 link is pretty flexible so can work with most base types. The key gems are: Lightning Strike - Ancestral Call - Added Cold - Trinity

With these 4 you should be procing trinity.
You can then add either a blue gem:
Critical Strike Chance or Added Lightning

Red Gem:

or a Green Gem:
Nightblade Support

In my league start practice this set up was more than enough for all yellow tier maps even with pretty bad gear. Just make sure you have Vaal LS up for bosses.

You will also need to take piercing shots on the tree as without pierce Lightning Strike feels awful. This is until you get an enchanted helm and can them dump these nodes

POBs -3.16 Available

3.16 POB: https://pastebin.com/GUHyqfAH
3.16 DPS Pob from Stott https://pastebin.com/GmHQeVFu
POB for 3.15 Toon: https://pastebin.com/b2mcqK9j


- Rapid Assault - Quartz Infusion - Way of the Poacher - Avatar of the Veil

* When we have easy ways of maintaining onslaught later on we will respec Rapid Assault and take Avatar of the Slaughter. Rapid Assault is great for levelling and early mapping, but becomes a waste of points when you can get onslaught on gear

This is the defensive order. If you want to make sure you do enough damage go:
-Rapid Assault - Way of the Poacher - Avatar of the Slaughter
For Uber lab take quartz infusion and then drop rapid assault and take avatar of the veil


Kill all or Alira. End Game is 2 skill points but feel free to take Alira if it makes levelling easier


I will be running Soul of Lunaris as Major
Minor there are a few good options:
Yugul - 50% reflect damage reduction & 30% less effect of Curses
Ralekesh - Take no extra Damage from bleeding whilst moving

Dealing with Curses

We do not have good access to any of the curse nodes to get any less effect from the tree. The best we can do without too much hassle is Yugul Pantheon (30%) + 25% crafted on a ring

55% should be enough to be able to run curse maps. You can also run a curse removal flask to deal with curses applied to you directly

Shaper rings can roll curse reduction on so you could try your luck with harvest craftin with caster more likely to try and get both assassins mark on hit and curse reduction

How to gear when you get to maps ***IMPORTANT***

Before moving over to Vaal Lightning Strike you need to:
- Allocate pierce nodes on the tree (Piercing Shots). You can respec these later when you get pierce on gear
- 5 Link minimum with ancestral call in the links. This can be replaced with a damage gem when you get +Strike gloves
Vaal Lightning Strike - Ancestral Call - Added Cold - Trinity - Nightblade Support (Make sure trinity procs when you switch)
- Imperial Claw with:
Attack Speed (20%)
Added Lightning Damage. Max number should be at least 150
Empty Prefix to craft either cold damage of fire damage
(Nice to have) Critical Strike Chance
- Totem Set up

This should be enough to farm early yellow maps. Your first upgrade is obviously a 6 link. Search for a corrupted one with the gem colours you are after if you need a cheap 6 link

Next upgrades are to get pierce on gear and strike gloves. Pierce is available as a craft from syndicate (+1 pierce) on boots and gloves and costs a divine. This is a good interim option if pierce boots are too expensive

Single Target Rotation

This can take some getting used to if you have not played builds with multi totems and Vaal skills:

You want you vaal warchief and vaal lightning strike available for bosses.

Rotation for Optimal DPS:
- Drop Protector Totem
- Drop Vaal Totem
- Activate 2 x Vaal Lightning Strike
- Attack Boss with Lightning Strike

For maps with a conqueror fight I like to leave some mobs alive near the boss area. I then use all my Vaal skills on the boss then go and kill more mobs to get my charges back before taking on conquerors

Totem set up explained


We get a good buff from using totems. You want both the vaal warchief and protector up for bosses always. If vaal skill is on cooldown you can use normal warchief + protector thanks to use using the multi totem gem

This buff gets increased even more when we pick u pthe panopticom totem node from our thread of hope in the end game setup

Gem Links * Vigilant Strike has been dropped as did not perform
Still looking at a way to easily get fortify into the build but is performing fine without it so far


6 Link with Hunter Additional Strike Gloves

Vaal Lightning Strike - Added Cold Damage - Nightblade Support - Inspiration Support - Trinity - Increased Critical Support

6 Link without Hunter Additional Strike Gloves

Vaal Lightning Strike - Added Cold Damage - Nightblade Support- Ancestral Call - Increased Critical Support - Trinity

Multi Totem

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multi Totem Support - Culling Strike

You can drop culling strike when you get it on the tree or glove


Grace - Precision - Anger ["#ff0000"]- Herald of Ice [/span]
You can only run Herald of Ice once you have mana reservation from:
- Reservation wheel
- -25% Grace reservation mastery
- -100% Precision reservation mastery
- Anger reservation reduction from enchanted helmet

Movement Skill

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Flame Dash

Flame Dash is just used to clear gaps and as a safe movement skill in boss fights

Cast When Damage Taken Setup

CWDT (Level 2) - Immortal Call (Level 4) - Increased Duration - Withering Step (Level 20)
Bind Withering step to move LMB and make sure it is a higher level than what the CWDT taken can activate so you can use the skill

Spare 4 link

This is TBC as we work out the best use of the extra slots after dropping vigilant strike. You could add a curse + brand setup if you like but the build already has a lot of buttons

I personally will save this for a cast on death portal for when I farm harder content later in the league

Loot Filter


(Follow filter called A1claw for levelling filter or Mappingclaw for strict filter that shows imperial claws for when you get to maps)

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This gear is more expensive that you need to clear most content so will be updating soon



You want an Imperial Claw with:
- Attack Speed (At least 22%)
- Crit Chance
- Elemental Damage (Any type is fine and the more the better)
- Craft Ele penetration if you have a spare prefix

Ideally on here you want a base that gives movement speed:
- Life
- Block/Spell Suppression (This apparently has much higher rolls in 3.16 up to 16%)
- Max Resistances
- Resists

* Example from 3.15:

Body Armour

You have lots of options here. You can go Farruls Fur for instant Power and Frenzy Charges.

I ran a chest which has crit chance Lots of life and Phys taken as fire. However in 3.16

My recommendation is a Redeemer Chest with Life, 15% Phys Taken as Cold, Resistances and crafted block

In 3.16 there are lots of other options such as:
- Warlord Socketed Gems -15 Mana Cost
- Power Charge on Hit
- Extra Curse


Hunter Gloves item level 80 with Strikes Target 1 Additional Enemy
- Life
- Resistances
- Attack Speed
- Accuracy (Optional)

For end game awakener orb together (Warlord Culling strike + Hunter Additional Strike]

BiS will be a Blizzard Helm with Anger Mana reservation (This is needed to get all the auras in):
- Life
- Res
- Crafted Phys Taken as Fire (Korrell Syndicate Unlock)

Second would be a DEX redeemer helmet il 83+ with 10% Phys damage taken as cold

Cheaper option would be any helmet with life, res and then craft using Life Fossils


Rare Boots with:

Hunter il 80 boots with:
- Life- Projectiles pierce 2 additional targets (Means we dont need lightning strike enchange
- Life
- resists

Craft movement speed + Onslaught (Syndicate Unlock)


Mark of The Elder + Shaper il 80+ with Assassins Mark on Hit


Rare Amulet which will need STR and INT:
- Life
- Attributes
- Crit Multi
- Ele Damage with Attacks or Flat Ele Damage
* Annoint Prismatic Skin (End Game) or Divine Judgement (Cheap and Strong)

This is where we need a ton of resists and probably some strength as this will make it cheaper to gear the influenced items as we will not need as much resistances on them. I am running this Heavy Belt

Cluster Jewels

8 passive lightning or cold jewel with:

- Stormrider (Needed)
- Sadist
- Prismatic Heart (We do not allocate this it just saves points)

You do not need to allocate Prismatic Heart this is just to save points.

Stormrider gives us power charges which is a huge DPS boost.



Lethal Pride Legion Jewel

We put a Lethal Pride Jewel here. You will need to use Divine Orbs on it to get stats the help us. This jewel randomly allocates extra stats to any notables you have specced on your tree.

You are looking for:

- Intimidate on hit
- Chance to deal double damage
- Life %
- Physical Damage taken as fire damage

If you can both intimidate and double damage that is a huge DPS increase

Other Jewels

For other Jewels you want:
- Life
- Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
- Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
- Attack Speed (With Shield/Claw or one handed Weapon

Any Mix will be good. We are missing 10% ailment avoidance if we do not pick any up on gear, so we can get this as a harvest craft or corrupted implicit on a jewel.


I do not run Quicksilver flasks as feel with whirling blades we do not really need more movement speed. I run:
- Jade Flasks for extra Evasion - Try and get increased Evasion as a Suffix
- Silver Flask for Onslaught - Suffix up to you but I recommend Poison
- Atziri's Promise/Sulphur Flask
- Bleeding Life Flask
- Diamond Flask
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Great guide dude, also your youtube videos are great! Looking forward to trying this on the new league.
Can't wait for the 3.16 version, this looks so good.
What about going gladiator?

Violent Retaliation: Now has Ignore Enemy Monster Physical Damage Reduction if you've blocked in the past 20 seconds, and Attack Damage is Lucky if you've Blocked in the past 20 seconds
Hey there!

Found your YouTube guides a couple days ago, and I am excited to play this build for Scourge.

Thank you very much!
ryukenden wrote:
What about going gladiator?

Violent Retaliation: Now has Ignore Enemy Monster Physical Damage Reduction if you've blocked in the past 20 seconds, and Attack Damage is Lucky if you've Blocked in the past 20 seconds

Wouldn’t really work for this build since we do nearly 100% ele damage. I am sure lightning strike would work for lots of classes but gonna stick with Raider for now 😁
Steelhart1 wrote:
Hey there!

Found your YouTube guides a couple days ago, and I am excited to play this build for Scourge.

Thank you very much!

Thanks. Should be a full 3.16 guide up over the next few days on YouTube
Thank you for making this text guide, I found your videos last league and fell in love with Lightning Strike. I am curious, why do you suggest not leveling with LS? Is Helix just simply better? Thanks :)
BoogieSmalls wrote:
Thank you for making this text guide, I found your videos last league and fell in love with Lightning Strike. I am curious, why do you suggest not leveling with LS? Is Helix just simply better? Thanks :)

Lightning strike feels very bad without really high arrack speed, pierce and Vaal. I levelled with it in 3.15…wasn’t fun

Helix just has way better single target.

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