Content Update 3.16.0 -- Path of Exile: Scourge

and ALL of these changes are supposed to have been tested???

as if the atlas didn't already have issues every league start. and, some of use struggled to get the atlas progress we currently have. sad...

i honestly see the way this game is going is basically to drive new players away and also make it so only a handful of builds are capable of reaching the endgame but only with a serious currency investment.

looks nice GGG... NOT!!!!!
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
I have never been this excited to play poe since pre herald stacker nerf. Everything looks exciting, especially the skill tree. No doubt that this is the best league ever. Big up to ggg, and thank you for such an amazing league.
"Pressing Ctrl + Click on Zana, Master Cartographer in your Hideout now brings up the Purchase Items interface, instead of the Atlas."

Best change, no question.
...Chief Arkhon of the Oriath Academy....
You removed all the fun maps. I thought the changes were good, but this may ruin the league for me.

"The following Maps have been removed from the Atlas: Beach, Burial Chambers, Castle Ruins, City Square, Coral Ruins, Coves, Desert Spring, Graveyard, Iceberg, Infested Valley, Jungle Valley, Marshes, Mesa, Pier, Ramparts, Villa."

This one change could kill the league.
RIP all good maps. [Removed by Support]

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This looks a hell of a lot better that the 3.15 patch notes. I for one am excited to try out this league, especially the new passive tree.

On a sadder note, my favorite ascendancy (Raider) has now been nerfed into obscurity. The dodge and the big evasion buff was the whole selling point of the ascendancy, especially with the previous nerfs in 3.15. And I have to say I expected Elementalist to receive some buffs. It was really overnerfed in 3.15.

But mostly, the changes are good. I hope this will be a fun league with lots of players returning.
Incredible patch keep up the good work !
To vanquish without perils is to triumph without glory.

So i suppose skill gem balance will come later like next week?
"Lucky block chance" kek, ggg is so predictable :))
Нас нерфят, а мы крепчаем! ^ ^

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