I should've read comments before respec'ing my mara and buying a good amount of gear. Guess I'll sell the gear and find a different char then.
LordXpider wrote:
is the build working?

this is a pob warrior guide

some other people in thread had replied with some doubts and problems and build creator seemed weirdly replying

the creator has a lvl 66 in scourge with a four link

the pob has shit like 85% shock on sirus (aka doing enough dmg in ONE single hit to apply 85% shock to an 80 million hp target)

all 3 charges are checked, but i dont see a way of generating charges besides endurance charge on crit staff node and bloodrage

has 59% fire res, and a replica abyssus (aka one ele hit will kill you)

has onsalught and unholy might checked, one from flask and one from unholy might on block (lol)

has 25% block chance

runs lvl 21/20 vaal cyclone, lvl 7 divergent blood and sand, lvl 4 enlighten and lvl 3 enhance

runs vengence in a helm link and has that ticked for dps for some reason

has 5.3k hp, 90% reserved life for its auras (unreserved = 4762 hp, 7k armor and -52% chaos res

iin the calcs tab is can take less then a 5k hit of chaos dmg lol

cool concept, but i dont think this build has been tested in any actual PoE league

if it has id love to see a video

This build is a scam, none of the numbers on pob add up to that damage. So much bullshit in one post should be a bannable offense. Id steer clear of this guys current and future build guides. Im guessing he or his friends have the builds items for sale and are trying to make bank off of clueless players.
6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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I dont understand why you post it with these all caps pros list and even say "i have tested this build and done everything" then you post a tiny comment 3 pages back that new players will never see saying "oh this is just a test, noone should play it." This is a prime example of build that needs to be taken down. This game is way to in depth and hard to learn for beginners for stunods like you to be posting stuff like this.
Yomatowho wrote:
vollekanne wrote:
Fire resist not maxed out, no other Elemental defense.
This looks like any Elemental Damage One Shot you, even when u remove Replica Abyssus.

85% Shock to Bosses ?

EDIT: i read the first answers to this build and this confirms the build is fake at all.

onslaught, unholy might, power charge source?

disable this and u not able add a signle shock to bosses.

at all u have only 75% resists and take 40% increase elemental damage from Replica Abyssus and u are shocked.

this means a single elemental hit from a normal monster kills you

I'll made a pob a bit later for berserk cyclone version and inquisitor cyclone version, need some endgame crafts to make it worth, with budget gear in this league its just get oneshotted over and over, u need asenath's or inpulsa for explode and still build won't oneshot enemies, with this ehp(its like 40k huh) its just a paper for scourge league/orbs so i don't even know why would u use this instead of Lightning Strike Fulcrum Version with much more clear and flexability in high end content. And the big prob is accuracy, GGG deleted near every single accuracy node on staffs so u really need this onslaught enchant or flat accuracy gear or spent points on accuracy nodes(like 6-7 more), cause with 86% chance to hit its just shit.

And again, topic starter is liar and fake pob editor.

Still waiting for you PoB to come out ! I'm interrested to see it :)
6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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