6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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Old flask used(from 3.14 league), u can't get them right now on league.

This fulcrum doesn't exists ever in this league(with 50-50-1), but its not a problem for real.

Also why 10 cyclone stages?
Also what ur timeless jewel mean with 85% shock effect? It was achievable earlier, but not now.

Looks interesting, but in mind i was thinking that its really troll version with some config edits, cause build with 300kk dps within 50ex cost(and not a miner/trapper/totem build).

The only prob that u can use berserk only for bosses, cause 60 rage will be only for this 10s window, otherwise u can't normally sustain it just with Bers Ascendancy.

And the last thing - u don't even have this build, its just theory craft. Will check a bit later on std!
6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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NatesScrewed wrote:
This build is not a troll, I spent WAY too much time thery crafting durring 3.14 and 3.15 for me to be trolling.

I made this build in game as I said, and it works. Ur right about the Taste of hate values, though. (Had no Idea)

Also, I have many items says % shock effect. PoB does not calc shock effect, so I have to do it. Any mistakes I made, I will correct if you give an explanation.

Also, Just spend a divine. It may take an Exalt....or two, but you can get close enough to PoB without a perfect item.

I don't see this char in ur profile, only 94 lvl berserk.

I spend 300 divines on fulcrum(but for another fulcrum build) and the best i hit was 179/26-30-46, and there is only one in league(poe.ninja) that has better rolls than mine.

Also even with 1% lightning damage u still will be shocked sometimes(and u have too, u clicked this on calculation on pob)=> ur char will take increased damage cause of it, and there is 3 options(maybe more in 3.16) to negate this =>
1.crusader helm with reduced effect of shock on u(also with shaper+ele crusader u will get more crit from it, but lose too much damage from replica abyssus
2. Inpulsa, with "unnafected by shock"
3. Replica winterheart with same mode, "unnafected by shock"

The only one way to increase "shock effect" i see is corrupted helm with 30% increased shock, but still i don't know how it calculated and why u think it will be 85(this correct number).

About flask - not only taste of hate, every flask u use from old pob so u have to manually add new flask with correct values. With new flask it will be like 50-60k ehp, not 120(even with berserk active).

Also u can use divines, as u said, to roll "chance to intimidate enemies on hit" on ur timless jewel for more damage(in next league it will be on "awa melee phys", but still).

You have "fortify" enabled, but u don't have any source of it - so its lie too, u need staff cluster with "overlord".

You have "enemies covered in ash" enabled, but again - u don't have any source of it.

About "onslaught", u don't have source of it on bosses - it can be flask/boots/ring/timeless jewel or warcry medium cluster, but rotgut will gave onslaught only if u consume frenzy charges(and u can't generate it on boss without "Anomalous Blood rage")

ALSO, blood and sand lvl 20 DOESN'T EVEN EXIST IN GAME, its lvl 7 max(huh).

You clicked in pob that u have 6 endurance charges - but u can't have that much in ur build, not a single node with "+max endurance charge", so for u 3 is max.

And if u are channeling cyclone - u are not on 500+ movement speed, it reduce ur ms for 30% so it will be like 350.

Also with this timeless(that gives u 10 reduced damage, as u edited it) u will be degening cause u don't have lifeleech, and degen will be applied cause u have this ascendancy that make you lose 0.1% per second per rage means that 6% hp LOSS EVERY SECOND, lvl 21 vitality won't help and u will just die.

Same things with "HH/2IL XXX VERSION", u don't even know that inspired near "risk awareness", "berserking" and "martial experience" doesn't even working cause the last 4 node not in the IL radius.

This little things => fake pob, nothing more.

As i said - i will give it a try, cause i know what to change and it MAY work, but need much more editing.

Idk if we can report for fake pobs on forum, but if u won't change it its just trolling.

I found ur best message on forum => https://imgur.com/a/vkVQ4QX
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6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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1. The Berzerker is the char. I sold the Weapon
2. Fulcrum does not need to be perfect
1. U wasn't lvl 99 as berserker with this build as u said, u don't even tryed it on any high end content.
2. The only true thing, but with not a perfect its not close to 150/300/xxxxxxxxxxx dps as u said.

3. 15% inc phys dmg taken is fine
3. Shock make u take 50% INCREASED DAMAGE FROM ALL SOURSE, not "15 inc phys dmg" huh. Liar

4. Shock effect from Flask and Abyuss and some more.
4. How do u calculate its 85?

5. Flasks are updated to 3.15. All flasks have the same values
(If it was on patch notes for 3.16, correct me, did not read)
5. Bullshit, not a single flask updated to 3.15/3.16 version, they won't give that values, ur flask exists only in STD and its legacy version. Liar.

6. Covered in Ash - Used Herald of Ash in original version fixed it now.
6. Maybe true.

7. Blood Rage grants 25% to gain Frenzy on kill, flask gives onslaught
7. As i said u can't use it on bosses cause no mobs killed = no frenzy charges = no onslaught.

8. Changed Blood and Sand to 7, I Put PoB default gem to 20/20 Missed it.
8. Sounds fun.

9. 6 endurance charges is to calc for the buff in 3.16. I expected no one would play during 3.15.
9. Bullshit about "calculate the buff for 3.16" etc, just wait for pob(it will be in hour) and made new tree, troll.

10. Other passive tree probs have also been fixed Str of Blood & 5 Way Version
-PM me, don't post on build.

10. Still not fixing some things, im not chief to make this build for u.

Applause for fake pob again.
6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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NatesScrewed wrote:
You said flaks were wrong, readded them, still wrong so no flasks.
No shock
No Onslaught
No endurance charges
Take it, this is what you requested

Don't worry, you are trolling over and over again, at main post with 3.16 pob again fake config, items editing, fake pob, enjoy reports and wait for delete.

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