Path of Exile 3.16 Expansion Dates

Anyone know exactly when is current league ending?
Cheekything wrote:
Anyone know exactly when is current league ending?

Look here:
Thank you for sharing!
Just a question :

- Shall we be excited, or we can not wasting time waiting, and just leave now since there will be pointless profanity nerfs again ?
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Since PoE 3.x absurds render my fun to none - I am here mostly to protect the weak and I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
very hyped, i'm so exciting for this
This is a very exciting time.
Anngrat wrote:
For the lich king?

Please, have some mercy towards casual players, dont balance it for 0.1% again...

Hyped. The last league was kind of boring. Hopefully, this one's better.

Also... Will PlayStation accounts also be able to receive the wings?
Nice! Very hyped!

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