This weekend, we're having a sale on Skill Effects! What better way to complement them than with pieces from our Supporter Packs? To give you some inspiration, we've brought together a few costume ideas that take advantage of pieces from the Expedition Supporter Packs! Check them out below, or take a look at the Skill Effects sale here!

The above consists of the Soulkeeper Demigod Weapon Skin, Soulkeeper Weapon Effect, Dragon Hunter Armour Set and Footprints, Apocalypse Helmet Attachment and Pandemonium Wings.

The above screenshot contains the Soulkeeper Vizier Armour Set, Sunrise Wings, Sunrise Aura Effect, Rapture Weapon Skin and Brimstone Weapon Effect.

Pictured above are the Aesir Warrior Wings and Aesir Weapon Effect, Overseer Armour Set, Hood and Weapon Skin as well as the Sunprism Shield and White Footprints.

Finally, the above includes the Aesir Warrir Armour Set, Aesir Demigod Weapon Skin, Aesir Weapon Effect, Lightning Eyes, Footprints and Character Effect, Frost Viking Cloak and White Wolf Pet.

We hope these screenshots have inspired you! Don't forget, if you're short on points for the sale our Supporter Packs are a great option!
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flashback? pls?
The first pic looks pretty rad, but can see any of the armour details, is all too dark!
No MTX preview option is the ONLY reason I'm hesitant to buy a supporter and spend the points.

I do not believe MTX previewing will ruin your sales, GGG. Just take a look at Path of Fashion Discord server. People post a huge variety of MTX combos, combos you wouldn't have given a second thought about buying.
Still waiting for MTX preview
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Help me out, guys, any of you got a tip (or even screenshot) for me, i want to add to the Silver Crescent supporter pack.
I'm rather fussy about such stuff, that's why i dig the dark, clean and not so in-your-face Silver Crescent design. Got some points to spend and... let's just say i really do not need any sort of tab anymore.
Not the biggest fan of wings, especially when running (otherwise i'd try Griffon i guess), so i'm thinking character effect or other sort ofback attachment. I'd like a blue'ish glow type of effect, there is one that looks nice, but when moving, you drag this way too long tail with you. So... Madcap character effect maybe? Design-wise, the set is like a total 180 from Silver Crescent, but feels like this could work well still.
A norse themed cat pet mtx would be great to have
No elemental hit sale, much sad.

(come on you can edit the comments im pretty sure, dont just delete the whole thing, this line wasnt derail...)

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