[3.17 WIP] Babezerker - Dual Strike Brutus' Lead Sprinklers

eldest-bike4 wrote:
Hello does added fire dmg from dual wield brutus lead sprinklers stack even if other skill is used than dual strike ?

No, there are very few skills that can make use of both weapons simultaneously. I believe it is limited to dual strike and cleave
ShallowInk wrote:
Question, since Brutus lead is Sceptre how does Might and Influence work with it? How is it even possible to get brutus lead sceptre as a mace base?

Ah so that jewel works with sceptres even tho it says no and PoB says it doesn't work. Maybe that's why they have been edited to be a mace so PoB calculates DMG correctly...

Yeah, it does work with sceptres. Just make sure you have the right version of the jewel.
Check out this wili link on the jewel and you'll see ot confirms it works with sceptres.

Hello, how does this build look for 3.21 ? Any chance of a pob update? Thanks

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