[3.17 WIP] Babezerker - Dual Strike Brutus' Lead Sprinklers

Hey! Thanks for checking out my guide. I am excited to present this dual strike Brutus' lead sprinkler build. The concept is fairly straightforward; by stacking strength we are able to deliver 10M+ shaper DPS while still efficiently clearing maps without any gem or skill swapping.
I've been able to take down Shaper, Elder, and all their guardians without much trouble.
The only maps which can't be cleared directly are those with reflect elemental damage. However these maps can still be cleared with our totems in a pinch.

This Build has been updated for 3.16 and thanks to the introduction of Masteries we have actually received approximately 25% MORE damage.

The Holy Trinity

The interaction of these three items forms the foundation of the build.

-Brutus' Lead Sprinklers give us 4-7 added fire damage per 10 strength. We dual wield these effectively getting 8-14 added fire damage per 10 strength.

-Dual Strike combines the damage from our weapons into one devastating strike. Phantasmal is the best alternate quality since provides us with 10% more added damage. All of our damage from Brutus' Lead Sprinklers is ADDED fire damage.

-Might and Influence makes it so that Dual Strike's damage is splashed if we are wielding a mace. This jewel counts scepters as maces.
Through strength stacking we are able to deliver a powerful attack which clears packs in a single strike, and deletes bosses in seconds.

PoB Pastebin
3.17 Build:

3.17 Standard Build: https://pastebin.com/TeFqB4zf - Berserker/Assassin with Haste (lvl93)

Hypothetical 3.17 Pastebin using Crown of Eyes and Iron will: https://pastebin.com/YL3j7R11 This build is significantly different build has substantially more damage approx. 22M at lvl 95

For our Primary Ascendancy we take Berserker. This allows us to build rage, ignore stuns, and deal MORE damage
For Our Secondary Ascendancy we can take either Assassin or Inquisitor.
-The Assassin ascendancy is my preferred choice because it increases our base critical strike chance, give us power charges on crit, and provides a defensive buff in the form of Elusive.
-The Inquisitor ascendancy gives us more damage than the Assassin in the form of elemental penetration, and nearby enemies taking increased Elemental damage. However it provides us with no defensive benefits.

Skill Gems
Main 6L




Brutus' Lead Sprinklers are core to this build. With ~1500 strength we are able to get 600-1050 base fire damage per weapon. Dual strike adds these together for a whopping 1200-2100 base damage. Look for ones with max attack speed and critical strike chance. Corruption implicits of power charge on critical strike and endurance charge when you stun an enemy ensure that we are consistently at max.

A Warlord Influenced helmet with the mod "Gain Accuracy Rating Equal to you Strength" is extremely important to this build. This allows us to essentially ignore accuracy rating on any other piece of equipment. For other affixes, focus on life, resists, and strength. If you need additional intelligence or dexterity for your build this is a good place to get it. The benchcraft of hybrid strength/dexterity or strength/intelligence is easy to get though Jun unveils. The Lab Enchantment "15% increased Dual Strike Attack Speed" is excellent to have but not mandatory.

Body Armor
For our body armor we choose The Iron Fortress. This armor pairs extremely well with our high strength and allows us to have max (75%) block against attacks. The downside of unlucky spell block we mitigate by investing into spell dodge.

Our gloves are nothing special. We focus on rare gloves with strength, life, resistance, and attack speed. It is possible to get a synthesis implicit of 5% increased strength but combining this with our affix requirements makes for an expensive craft.

We are looking specifically for the Matatl's prefix on our boots. This singular prefix provides us with 30% movement speed and 6% chance to dodge spell hits. This leaves our suffixes open for resistances and strength.

The belt can be an incredible source of strength and resistance for us. Focus on strength, life, and resistances. A corrupted belt can provide a 4-6% increased strength implicit.
NOTE: A synthesis belt (15% increased strength) imbued with intrinsic catalysts to provide a whopping +69 strength and 18% increased strength.


Xoph's Blood is BiS. It provides us increased strength, increased life, fire resistance, and 10% fire damage penetration. We anoint Panopticon for increased ancestral totem buffs.

For rings we want one, warlord influenced, which provides us with "Curse Enemies with Flammability on Hit." Focus on strength, life, resistance, and increased elemental damage with attack skills.

-Might and Influence is key to the function of the build. Look for one with the following modifier: "With at least 40 Dexterity in Radius, Dual Strike deals Splash Damage to surrounding targets while wielding a Mace" A corruption implicit of "Damage Penetrates 1% fire resistance" is nice but not necessary.

-Lethal Pride is very important for boosting our Strength, Life, and Damage. Look for mods such as 5% increased strength, 20% increased melee damage, +20 Strength, 4% increased maximum life. My lethal pride give me 110 strength, 133 life, and approximately 9% more damage.

-A Watcher's eye which provides Spell dodge when affected by Haste and critical strike multiplier when affected by Precision is a great balance of survivability and damage. If you choose to use Anger instead of Haste, getting critical strike multiplier on both Anger and Precision is a huge, albeit expensive, damage boost.

The general jewel should have life, strength, attack speed, critical strike multiplier, or damage mods.


As hyyyben pointed out, combining crown of eyes with iron significantly increases the build's damage. I need to figure out how to balance out stats and resistances to make this option work

I developed this build as an homage to the special Babezerker in my life. She approves.
I want to give a special thanks to @Carnivorousone @SuperNasty @DominateMTL @ChocolateNoodle @hyyyben for providing build feedback and suggestions.
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Intentionally Reserved
Thoughts on this as a league starter? Any chance of updated PoB?
I'd love to try a 3.16 version of this as well! I don't have enough knowledge of the game to update the tree myself haha.

I am also curious if we can somehow get more regen/survivability in this, this league seems quite rippy.
I will gladly work to update this to 3.16.

I would not recommend this build as a league starter. It relies on the Iron Fortress for block mechanics which is fairly expensive. I think it makes for an awesome secondary character though!

I will probably remake it this league to test it out.
you cant get double bonus from lead sprinklers..
You definitely can. Dual strike adds the damage from both weapons. So you effectively are adding the damage from your strength twice by dual wielding. This isn't just a theorycraft build. I played it on 3.15 extensively.
Looks like a good build.
But there is a synergi I dont understand, that perhaps someone can explain.

How does the strength transform to percentage based melee damage? As far as i understand strength only increases melee physical damage.

Last edited by GunHulk on Dec 17, 2021, 4:47:51 AM
Im super interested in this build but I wonder if it can be improved upon.

Say using Crown of Eyes and Iron Will to allow the physical bonus to apply to all of our elemental damage?

Also, instead of going Scion, possibly going inquisitor outright.

Do you have any gameplay footage of this in action?
GunHulk wrote:
Looks like a good build.
But there is a synergi I dont understand, that perhaps someone can explain.

How does the strength transform to percentage based melee damage? As far as i understand strength only increases melee physical damage.

Hey, this build doesn't use Strength's % based scaling to achieve its damage. The unique weapon Brutus's Lead Sprinkler scales its added fire damage from strength. Because we are using dual strike, we get that added damage from the main hand and the off hand.

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