Phys to cold conversion Magic Find - a Standard Guide [3.18]

Please note - I am no longer actively maintaining this guide. Item wise it needs a big update, though the trees are still useful.

3.17 Changes
We got buffed!
No seriously, we got buffed. The changes to base phys damage on bows, higher phys rolls on flat new quiver flat phys mods and potentially also the new projectile mastery mods all add up to some good looking buffs.

Tree wise - we escape any major changes, some re-pathing possible to include the new Supreme Ego is an option.
The new projectile speed mastery means proj clusters are back on the menu, some testing required however we may be saying goodbye to one of our large clusters in order to run a voices. Sample trees to be updated to follow.

We do however, say goodbye to Nemesis 3/4 farming (RIP) which does kick us in the teeth from an MF perspective a little. Expect Strongbox divine farming to be a solid meta choice early into the patch.

WIP Tracker:
New tree for PF main build - complete
Update other trees from suggested builds - complete
Refresh items - more items to be added
Add new videos - waiting to mirror one item, will add more once I have

3.16 Changes
So 3.16 didn't actually hit this build too hard, some of our support gem options were buffed. Ranger area was sort of buffed and generally masteries add some nice quality of life to the build. Overall we came out very lucky in comparison to some builds.

That being said - the cluster changes hurt a bit. With Vengeful and Precise Commander both being culled, we need to move over to some new options. Quick Getaway is now a solid contender on the crit clusters and you can fall back onto Repeater+Streamlined on the Deadeye setup. Our other gear choices remain the same and tree layouts on Pathfinder are similar (though Deadeye got flipped upside down to pick up the new location for Supreme Ego.

The next biggest bonk we took is the removal of Dodge (RIP Dodge). Given it was a significant amount of our EHP, this one stings a bit. I'd highly recommend looking into the PF Petrified Blood Setup I've now added and worked on, this somewhat offsets the issue (whereas Deadeye currently doesn't).

Pathfinder is the clear winner for me on this patch (or at least, the tree I will show as an example). Now looking even better than before with some buffs to the timeless jewel we use and Petrified Blood currently looking strong.

The majority of items I am going to reference in this guide are mirror tier or very expensive. This guide is specifically aimed at Standard play and specifically Magic Find (MF) in Standard. I would not recommend following this guide for league unless you are very experienced and comfortable building around not having GG items. This build and guide are also tailored to high mirror budgets specifically, though I will work on a cheaper budget set up in the future.

This guide aims to showcase the potential for Tornado Shot Cold Conversion MF, in particular using physical to cold damage conversion alongside Hatred and other scaling options. This guide and build is not designed for being a "copy & paste" build guide, but more so a reference on how to potentially build and gear this style of MF.

This is not "my build" so to speak, it's been pulled together with help from several people (Paull, Plush & Niz in particular) and as such I take no credit for it, I'm just providing a guide as one doesn't (currently) exist. This may also not be the most optimal way of building it, however it's what has worked for me and other people based on feedback.

Quick shoutouts:
Massive thanks to the following people for providing me with the original build idea, POB's, helping me make the build and just helping me out - Paull, Plush, Niz, Jix, Greybeast, Archontis, 2m22, Mai, Mo, Um Num, Kyoubi, Vin5, Guffin and Zodiah (who asked me how the guide was going everyday). Thanks also to anyone within TFT or MF Academy who helped give feedback, shitpost about my build making skills or answer questions I had.

Huge thanks to Guffin (again!) for the banner, updated title headers, ice shot tech (sadly now dead thanks to Hydro changes,) Div Dist writeup and the map juicing section.

What is Magic Find? (In a nutshell)
Magic Find is one of the oldest styles of builds in Path of Exile, having been around for a long time. Magic Find focuses on juicing item quantity and rarity alongside fast clearspeed to increase drop rate, we focus on being able to clear multiple packs in a single attack and abuse Headhunter to turn the clear up to 11.
All of this adds up to mapping fast, getting a lot of drops and generally being a fun way to play POE.
The most common variant of the MF playstyle (in STD) is typically the Lightning Arrow / Tornado Shot version, which focuses on juicing flat lightning damage. Examples of this style of the build can be found here in the: MF Academy spreadsheet. Other variants include builds such as Penance Brand, White Wand cullers (in groups), Aurastacking and even some minion builds.

What is IIQ / IIR?
IIQ stands for increased item quantity and IIR increased item rarity, these two things form the pillar of Magic Find builds. Item quantity increases the amount of drops you get, item rarity As this guide focuses on Standard we will be using legacy gear with the "Increased Item Quantity Found" affix and mixing in "Increased Item Rarity Found" affixes as well.

Why this build?
Pros / Cons
MF Mapping & You - the basics
Ascendancy & Trees
Gear & Gearing choices (including mirror options for each slot & build options)
Gem Links
General FAQ's etc

Why this build?
So the elephant in the room - why would I recommend this style of MF over the usual version?
I believe with appropriate levels of investment (read - a lot of mirrors) this has the potential to match the usual ele build in damage and beat it in tankiness. Whilst it's somewhat difficult to compare clear (as both builds function similarly) the single target numbers on this variant can be pushed to upwards of 90m with the correct setup and investment. (Yes this includes conditional damage in the form of power charges and frenzy charges).
Quite honestly - to quote a friend "Once you get past 30m DPS nowadays it's pointless, you should focus on defence", however being able to kill shaper in under 2 seconds has yet to get old for me - so I'll keep being an idiot with big DPS numbers.

One additional benefit to this build is the abuse of Headhunter mods, typically on non phys conversion builds the "gain physical damage as extra X" from Headhunter is not that noticeable. On this build however - this mod is amazing given the amount of flat physical damage we have in the first place and how common those mods are on rares.

The actual answer - look into both variants. As talked about in the intro, MF has a variety of playstyles and options to suit all budgets. This version is simply presented as an option with potential for insane top end damage and good survivability. The choice to play this or the more usual Lightning Arrow MF can really come down to personal preference.
One good option regarding this build, if you ever decide to drop the MF part and just play a conversion bow build - some gear slots on this build are transferrable and would likely remain BiS (e.g. bow, quiver, belt, jewels / clusters etc).
The particular build I myself play and would recommend you check out (of the variants) is the PF Petrified Blood build. Not only is it tankier and has more IIQ and IIR, it can output some insane damage with high investment levels.

Pros and cons
+Insanely fast clear thanks to Tornado Shot
+Incredible single target with barrage (and even Tornado Shot if scaled correctly)
+Good survivability against elemental hits (and physical if you go Pathfinder)
+Scaling from high budget to extreme budget is noticeable in both damage and HP / EHP
+Mirrorable gear options are plentiful in certain slots
+Able to easily push maximum IIQ and rarity (depending on setup and budget)
+Ailment immunity on all 3 options alongside stun immunity
+Able to push 5-7k life on differing setups without a massive damage loss

-Cost (currently the budget option for this build would be go for the LA version linked in the intro)
-Deadeye variant is much squishier than Pathfinder (more an Ascendancy con but still)
-Reliance on legacy flasks for maximum damage / survivability
-Will still get randomly one shot sometimes
-Lack of "good" gear on market outside of mirrorable items (combined with Harvest and split beast nerfs, this one hurts a bit)
-Ranger tree area is fairly light on life options, pathing is somewhat locked in as well.

MF Mapping & You - the basics
For those of you that already know how MF works, this section is aimed at giving newer to MF players an idea on the "how I do juice my map?" question that is frequently asked.

Once again Guffin has done an excellent write up which covers an entry-level overview into the basic concepts of MF mapping. I'd highly recommend players of any ability and experience give this a read if you are getting into MF mapping further.

This build will pretty much be always be played as a Ranger. (if you find a way to make it work without, let me know! Would love to give it a shot.)
Both trees could be swapped around and are purely provided as examples as the way I, or others, have played the build. For what it's worth - I would consider the Pathfinder tree version to have the most potential in terms of min maxing. The example Deadeye POBs can easily push higher damage numbers, but the Pathfinder tree can come close (damage wise) whilst being tankier to boot. The pro's / cons will discuss the Ascendancy itself along with some discussion on the options it gives.

Please note! The first Deadeye POB and second Pathfinder POB's are my old and current builds respectively, the first Pathfinder one is a friends (hence the massive difference in jewels.) I've used these as realistic examples of the build rather than "perfect" gear in every slot (though they are pretty close.


POB - Here Damage focused POB
POB - Here Rarity and supression focused Deadeye, this is Niz's current POB and one I highly recommend you to check out if you're interested in more defence. Please note - POB does not calculate Anomalous enlighten, ignore the 96 int requirement.

Ascendancy Specific Pros / Cons

+Highest top end damage thanks to +2 projectiles
+Gale force additional action speed
+Supreme Ego becomes an option thanks to less accuracy requirements
+More flexibility on cluster options (e.g. using actual 3 notable clusters)
+Slightly lower starting investment required as you can be somewhat carried by Ascendancy nodes

-Ailment immunity - you'll need at a minimum, legacy chest craft and points into Crystal Skin sector
-Flask uptime on bosses can feel a bit bad (though generally they'll die in one usage)
-Lower EHP (in comparison to Pathfinder)

Deadeye Notes
As mentioned above, Deadeye has the most damage potential out of all the options (barring some insane Pathfinder flask abuse shenanigans.)
The tree can also be run similarly to the example PF tree, utilising 12 point large clusters. I personally preferred the setup in this example (using 2x 8 point larges) to more easily push damage without the requirements of mirroring cluster jewels. Deadeye does lose out on EHP in comparison to Pathfinder (mainly due to lack of flask effect).
It is much more forgiving to begin building, with the Ascendancy filling in a lot of gaps in gear (+2 arrows, accuracy, +1 chain etc etc.) Far shot can be an annoyance to play around (RIP Hydrosphere tech). A solid option prior to having legacy Vinktars is utilising a cluster jewel - Fuel the Flight + Feed the Fury both help solve the leech concern, providing both mana and health leech with Martial Prowess as 3rd notable, a very solid 3 stat notable for any bow build. The ailment and stun immunity on this build is usually built around the legacy chest mod (Chance to avoid ailments and Chance to avoid stuns at 45-35%) in combination with the thick skin and crystal skin wheels. Whilst this is a large investment (4 points into Crystal skin) the damage provided by Deadeye as an Ascendancy may make this an attractive choice, with stun immunity being flesh out as well through the chest, Heart of Oak node and jewel implicits.
You can also utilise Taste of Hate's 30% avoidance to freeze to just use Crystal Skin + Chest enchant and be freeze immune, but this does require you to pop the flask before being frozen (e.g. opening a strongbox - you can't pop ToH after and remove the freeze) so be careful. We do also get some free projectile speed on Deadeye thanks to our Ascendancy nodes, which is a nice bonus.
3.16 update - as I don't usually recommend Deadeye for this build (I'd heavily suggest looking into the PF Petrified Blood if you have the investment) this is likely the weakest POB. I have included a second POB from Niz - who's built off the ideas on Deadeye and heavily invested into Spell Supression and more defence. I provide my POB (the first linked) as a comparison and ideas for you to build around. The first POB is heavily damaged focused and uses a DD version of Dragon Thunder for absurd damage numbers.


POB (rarity focused) - Here Updated for 3.16

Ascendancy Specific Pros / Cons

+Ailment immunity for free with ascendancy (note this is no longer permanent thanks to the recent changes, so do watch flask usage.)
+Flask abuse allows for insane EHP numbers against elemental damage
+Flask abuse in general in combination with legacy flasks (including quicksilver) make for incredible speed and 100% uptime
+Potential for Legacy Divination Distillate usage

-As expected, the loss of the Deadeye Ascendancy means higher investment cost to hit similar numbers (damage wise)
-Accuracy requirements means a level 21 precision is almost mandatory which locks out Supreme Ego (due to lack of accuracy stats on mirrorable options)
-Less variety with cluster setup. Whilst its possible to run similar clusters to Deadeye, the path on the example would make it incredibly hard to do so.

Pathfinder Notes
Once again - referring to the pros / cons, Pathfinder's tree setup in combination with the amount of flask effect allows for EHP numbers not normally seen on Ranger bow builds. This also allows for even more insane mapping speeds and really unlocks the potential on items like legacy Vinktars. Pathfinder is starting to gain more prominence within
the MF community (as power creep alongside legacy flasks has really pushed gear to the point where it's incredibly competitive damage wise). The 12 cluster passives recommended on this tree also enable the build to gain good health and resists without sacrifing really important suffix slots on items such as boots, gloves and chest. It's entirely possible to swap in to normal clusters, saving some passive points (and enabling other options, such as not using legacy Vinktars to solve leech concerns). Outside of this, generic ele pen, attack speed, movement speed and the all round usefulness of Pathfinders Ascendancy does mean it's a viable pick. Stun immunity on this option is a bit more difficult if you decide to go the 12 point large clusters route (thanks to probably having to mirror synthesised ones). We'd be aiming for stun avoidance using implicits on every other jewel (other than the two larges) which would get you to 100% avoidance.

Petrified Blood Pathfinder

Petrified Blood POB Here

So this is based off Greybeasts and Archontis's work on MF Academy. Utilising a combination of Petrified Blood, Arrogance Support and Blood Rage to enable a 100% uptime divination distillate. This boosts our quant and rarity to absurd levels for solo play. There is some trade off however POB doesn't currently calculate EHP for Petrified Blood so don't trust the numbers here.
This is currently the version of the build I am personally playing (the POB is my current setup). I personally think this is the best version of the build, with the ability to drop a flask (such as wise oak) for a quicksilver for speed mapping. There's some further potential for this with Mageblood as well for absolutely juiced rarity using Div Dist and a gold flask with mageblood (POB on that to come!)

An explanation as to the mechanics around Petrified Blood and Divination Distillate written by Guffin
The question any Distillate user has to solve is simply: "how do I get distillate to continuously be in effect (so: recover life and/or mana)?"
This build makes distillate always stay active by letting it recover life through these means:

Petrified Blood prevents ANY life recovery from affecting your life over 50%, except from life flasks.
Distillate, as a hybrid flask, counts as a life flask.

Leech, life gained on kill, regen and life gained on hit won't recover your life above 50% no matter what, but Distillate can.

The simplest way to achieve this is by having a degen that drains more life per second than distillate recovers.
Blood Rage is a very easy and efficient (because it's a good gem in any case) choice for this.
As long as you lose more life than you gain per second, your Distillate never stops running because there is always life to recover.

Once your life inevitably drains to 50%, all your regen and leech etc. starts kicking in again and keeps you at 50% (but won't recover higher). It's not wasted at all.
But as long as blood rage is still running, distillate will as well.

There are characters where Blood Rage alone isn't enough to counter the Distillate recovery, mostly because they got generic phys mitigation or DoT reduction (e.g. Pantheon), thus reducing the degen.
Or they have too much life recovery from distillate because they have too many life flask nodes (e.g. herbalism) or some life recovery rate buffs.
Or their life pool is too small, making Blood Rages' percentage based degen too small compared to the flat recovery from Distillate.

These things usually don't apply to this build though. But even if it gets a bit close with the BR Degen vs Distillate Recovery, Petrified Blood adds a life cost to all of your skills while you are above 50% life, which makes it easier again.
If even that isn't enough, some people resort to slotting in corrupting fever to drain life even more.

But again, none of this really applies to this build.

Funnily enough, this whole interaction actually lowers the value of legacy instant leech vinktars, at least compared to not having it.
It's still an insanely strong flask and the best option, but not having it doesn't hurt as much because:

Petrified Blood, by default, enables overleech like Slayer has. Which is a very comfortable life recovery method.
Leech only stops when you reach full life.
With petrified blood, your leech won't recover life above 50%.
As long as you have more than 50% unreserved life, your leech can never recover you to full life and keep running in the background.
Hence: overleech.

Petrified Blood Secrets of Suffering Pathfinder

Petrified Blood SoS POB Here - full damage oriented
Here - tanky POB

Also based off Archontis's work on Secrets of Suffering we have my current choice of build. I'm going to add two warnings first:

1. You lose the ability to freeze mobs
2. Your also losing some survivability thanks to a slight tree tweak (loss of a jewel socket).

If neither of those things bother you, the upside is more damage! (Not that we need it). In short, we allow Brittle (which will apply upto 14% with 2 TS shots in the POB linked) to cover our crit requirements and quite simply pump the rest into damage. Crit capping was a contentious issue for this build, either requiring us to use our clusters, bow suffix slot or ring suffixes to hit 100% chance without use of diamond flask or similar. We also enable scorch and sapped through the PF random conversion node on our ascendancy. Definitely a niche choice of build, but one I'm quite happy with so far.
The second POB is a tanky variant (which is also a WIP). It balances more defensive stats to ensure it "should" be able to tank most big hits with no issues.
Crafting Consortium - The Igloo Mirror Shop
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A lot of the gear I am going to link or reference is going to be mirror tier in many cases (or expensive). I'm repeating this in case you managed to miss the disclaimer at the top and to try and stop anyone going "LoL mIrRoR gEaR shit build".

The majority of items I am going to reference are going to either be from TFT or from Mai Cedere, this is simply because I know both the shops well and they are primarily what I used for my own build. There are multiple other MF Shops out there in Standard who may (or may not) cater to this particular build. In no particular order (and to name just a few) - Exosta, Relithh and SodaPop all may offer similar gear which works for this build. Take a look into the forums or just throw in some searches and see what is offered.
I would advise before mirroring any item that you tinker in POB - build in several options and look at what works or doesn't work for your particular circumstances. Just because I have recommended something does not mean you should blindly mirror it without testing it in POB first.
I have added information around what stats we are looking for on a particular item, I will also provide "budget" (ha!) options where I own them (or can find them on trade).
Link to Mais shop - here
Link to TFT shop - here

Gear planning
There's really 3 routes you can go when gearing this build, with the scale being - Maximum Rarity (IIR) --- Middle Ground --- Maximum Damage
Most of my time playing this build so far has been towards the right side of the scale, with very little rarity on gear outside of the 7th link on the chest. I would however advocate for you to test out different styles where possible, switching between the 2 sides of the scale (depending on gear choices) can be difficult.
In most cases it's fairly simple to distinguish between the two sides of the scale when it comes to gear. Whilst all gear provides damage (so to speak) usually on mirrorable MF gear the distinguishing feature would be lack of double rarity rolls and leaning into more of the influenced mods available. Helmets are a great example of this, with maximum damage being something like Rapture Ward (with crit multi, +1 power charge and elevated elemental damage) whereas rarity may be something like Kraken Glance, with 50% rarity as rolls and 45% rarity as a crafted mod.


Gear options for resistances on this build are usually limited to 3 options which you can mix and match: Helmet, boots or body armour (generally a single suffix roll each on helmet / body armour with boots having 2 resistance suffixes as an option).
Implicits on gear (if using legacy prismatic rings / golden mantle).
Cluster jewels - either 12 point 35% effect larges alongside suffix rolls on mediums. Or single suffix on 8 point large 3 notables alongside suffix rolls on mediums.
In the POB examples you can find examples of this, the first Deadeye POB shows resist options using 2 suffixes on boots, one on helmet, implicits on rings and chest and finally being filled out on the mediums. The Pathfinder example shows usage of 12 point clusters alongside implicits on rings + chest. In both examples - if you replaced a ring implicit with a synthesised ring, using the clusters to fill out missing resistances (mediums) is an option.
It is also possible to pick up resists on suffix slots on gloves, rings and amulet. However given the relative power of the suffix slots on these pieces in comparison to the options available as suffixes on the helmet, chest and boots - this is not recommended. (For more detail on this please see the FAQ's.)

Curses - single vs dual curse?

So you have some options when it comes to curses on this build, depending on rings you use and potential corruptions (gloves as one possibility.) In short, it's your choice on which to use with the tradeoff basically being damage vs life.
Single curse - probably the more common version, running Assassin's mark / Sniper's Mark or Elemental Weakness / Frostbite. Assassin's Mark gives us easy access to power charges on single target at the cost of now expending mana when it is triggered. Whilst this isn't a huge issue it does mean you ideally want instant leech legacy vinktars to offset it. Sniper's Mark (thanks to Mark on hit now being a gem) is an insane damage boost. If you can hit crit cap without assassin's mark (and have enough multi) it'll knock it out the water DPS wise. Definitely one to use.
Frostbite / Elemental Weakness are just nice to have damage buffs.
Dual curse - slightly more uncommon (though the first Deadeye POB shows this setup.) I run this currently (and will until I change one ring out), slightly harder to suggest as giving up Constitutionution on the anoint (unless your pathing up there like Supreme Ego) is a difficult choice. On a 6k life setup Constitution is another 400ish HP. I'd only advise doing this on either a Supreme Ego tree or if you really really need the damage and not the HP.

Frenzy Generation

You have two options when it comes to consistent frenzy generation, either using a quiver with the affix "7% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Critical Strike" or using Blood Rage.
The quiver doesn't have many downsides (aside from giving up the increased elemental damage affix and crit chance it replaces). It also allows you to use Damage on Full Life supports on both clear and single target skills, which is probably one of the biggest damage supports we have.
Blood rage is obviously the opposite - locking off DFL as a support option but giving us some additional crit chance and elemental damage quiver affix. Anomalous Blood Rage also allows us to generate frenzies on pure boss encounters with no mobs, so is a solid option.
Try both and see which you prefer, personally I run Blood Rage (as I use a quiver without frenzy gen). The damage from both is somewhat comparable (factoring in Blood Rage APS buff and Hypothermia / Bloodthirst as a support over DFL) but the frenzy on quiver is likely to be more consistent on single target and have slightly more damage with DFL slotted.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are planning on using Divination Distillate (which you probably should be) then you're pretty much locked into using blood rage to counter the degen. Plan ahead whilst planning your POB for this and drop the frenzy quiver for a extra damage suffix.

Gear choices


Powerful slot for the build given the enchant options. Also a slot where you can find a lot of variety in terms of affixes thanks to options around rarity, resistances and good offensive affixes.

Enchant - Tornado Shot fires 2 additional secondary projectiles - no brainer really. In a pinch use "1 additional secondary projectile" but if your mirroring something in this slot, get the 2.

Stats we are looking for:

Quantity of items found
Increased elemental damage (preferably elevated to include elemental pen)

(Optional Stats)
Global Crit Multi
+1 Power Charge
Intelligence (thanks to Awakened Ele Focus we require more than the usual MF setups at 127 int. This, chest or rings are the usual options to find this stat.)
Rarity of items found
Elemental Resistances (usually a singular suffix slot at 45-48%)
Nearby enemies have minus cold resistance (uncommon to find given the power of Warlord on this slot over redeemer)

Example Mirror Items:

Rapture Ward
Solid option if you want to go maximum damage and cover the int requirements

Storm Peak
Designed to be used around updated chests / boots with 48% resistance on (for wise oak balance)

Kraken Glance
Max rarity helmet (and an alt-art!)

Dusk Crest
An interesting pick with accuracy as a suffix and crafted option prefix. Whilst niche this could be a good pick for your build if you need to cover accuracy requirements. (This is not a TFT or Mai helm, owned by Guffin on the MF Academy Discord.)

Budget Example

This was crafted during Ritual league, the lack of +2 TS will hurt a bit however it can easily be enchanted for +1. Solid starting option for the build.

Trade Links:

Mirror tier Helmets: - rarity based - damaged focused

Budget Tier (no TS +2 enchant): - rarity based (likely will pick up a lot of blue bases for crafting also) - damage focused

Body Armour
Usually the cornerstone of an MF build with "supported by level X rarity". Surprising lack of damage options (thanks to being locked in to Shaper influence) but a lot of quality of life for the build in this slot. Golden Mantle base (the legacy race reward base) is preferred thanks to it's lack of stat requirements and +25% all elemental resistances implicit.

Enchant - usually this is going to be int, this is to save us sacrificing any points for int on the tree though life can be a good option if you either change gem links or double up on int on items (which isn't recommended).

Stats we are looking for:

Supported by level X rarity
Base attack crit

(Optional Stats)
% life / % mana
% chance to avoid ailments / stuns (ideally the legacy mod though you can make it work with the current version)
+1 socketed support gems
Minus cost of socketed gems (unconventional pick and not widely seen, but could be used to solve mana issues)
Intelligence (Depending on whether you took it on helmet / rings.)
Recover % energy shield on kill (useful with Headhunter for survivability when mapping)
Non-curse aura effect (niche pick and very uncommon to find on the market. Potentially comparable to base crit in damage for Supreme Ego setups)
Elemental Resistances (usually a singular suffix slot at 45-48%)

Example Mirror Items:

Damnation Suit
Updated with 48% resist for Wise Oak balance. Also comes with Avoid Ailments / Stun legacy mod. Popular choice for Deadeye MF builds.

Honour Suit
Slightly more unconventional pick with the "Recover ES on kill mod".

Spirit Hide
Adding in int as a sufffix slot where we don't need the resists is a solid option. This frees up needing int on any other gear piece and opens up options such as double or triple rarity helmets.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier Body Armour - one search covers most of our options here

Budget Tier: - add / remove life as a modifier for search as you like


Another slot where we look mainly for damage options. Being locked to a single influence (outside of mirror option) does means usually Warlord influence is the choice.

Enchant - Of Spite can be useful, though in all honesty I don't rate glove enchants highly. Take a look through the effects they have (here: and see if one takes your fancy.

Stats we are looking for:

Quantity of items found
Physical damage converted to cold damage (craft)

(Optional Stats)
Attack speed
Culling Strike (great slot to get this in)
Intimidate monsters on hit
Physical damage to attacks (likely a lower budget option)
Projectile attack damage (honourable mention to the stat thats usually found on MF gloves)

Example Mirror Items:

Torment Paw
Not much to say here, I believe these are the only elevated intimidated + elevated cull gloves with the physical conversion craft. If your going to mirror gloves for this build, it's probably going to be these.

Budget Example

Again crafted during Ritual, flat physical damage loses out to intimidate in terms of damage numbers but a solid option nonetheless. Probably uncommon on the trade site, due to the usual way of crafting MF gloves to have x% increased projectile attack damage. If you can't find a pair like this (or craft them) look for a pair with the increased proj damage stat and an open prefix for the converted craft.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier Gloves: - on the off chance another pair other than Torment Paw ever shows up (which is pretty much impossible)

Budget Tier: - the reason the for the "count" part of the search is to pickup gloves you could change the craft on

Interesting slot in terms of affix options for the build. The options on resistance suffixes vs influenced mods is usually determined by how your picking your other slots. I'd advise when POBing the build, either build this slot very early (and build resistances around it) or very late (if using the 12 point cluster resistance route).

Enchants - two main options here, "X% increased attack and cast speed if you have killed recently" is great for clear. "X% damage penetrates elemental damage if you have not killed recently" is great for bossing and single target.

Stats we are looking for:

Quantity of items found
Movement Speed

(Optional Stats)
Chance to gain Elusive on critical strike (probably one of the most common mods you'll see on quant boots thanks to Deadeye having tailwind)
Chance to gain Tailwind on critical strike (used on for Pathfinder setups mainly)
Elemental Resistances (for Deadeye in particular lack of other "good" suffixes (other than Onslaught) on Redeemer boots means you have two potential mod slots, ideally both 45-48%)
Gain % physical as extra cold (niche pick though does shine in this build, solid damage option)
Chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill (again, uncommon option on Deadeye setups usually due to prevalence of double resists. Really solid pick however as we don't usually run a Cinderswallow flask)

Example Mirror Items:

Phoenix Span
Amazing option for PF setups, triple elevated influenced mods with 35% MS, life and quant.

Storm Stride
Good option for Deadeye setups, with double 48% elemental resistances.

Chimeric Urge
Niche pick with chaos resistance, though potentially interesting when combined with a 12 point Large Deadeye tree.

Bramble Goad
Another solid option for Deadeye setups, single 48% elemental resistance and Onslaught on kill.

Budget Example

Double elemental resists at 45%, movement speed, t1 life and elusive. Solid all around pick for Deadeye and options for this can be found on trade fairly frequently.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier Boots: - double resists - single resist onslaught (including chaos rez) - tailwind, elusive and onslaught

Budget Tier: - generic double resist option


Our main source of damage, the higher PDpS and the more arrows - the better. Enough said really!

Enchants - generally you'd avoid anything that lowers physical damage, best options here would either be "Physical modifiers have 8% increased effect" or Critical Modifiers have 25% reduced Effect / Physical Modifiers have 10% increased Effect". The latter being used if you don't have critical strike chance / critical hit multiplier
on the weapon itself.

Stats we are looking for:

High % physical damage
High flat physical damage
Hybrid % physical damage
Attack Speed

(Optional Stats)
Bow attacks fire X additional arrow(s) (some debate as to whether this is optional. In combination with Tornado Shot enchant, additional arrow on quiver this really enables us to drop using GMP / LMP on our 6 link.)
Critical strike chance (used if you need to hit critical strike chance cap)
Double damage (if your already capped on critical strike chance, solid pick)

Example Mirror Items:

Dragon Thunder
Probably the best bow in the game for this build. Currently two variants (one with double damage, one with crit chance). Throw in 3 additional arrows, % cold damage increase and triple t1 physical damage prefixes and this becomes incredibly hard to beat. Spine bow base lends us some more base crit at the trade off of some attack speed.

Viper Blast
A close second to Dragon Thunder for damage, however misses out due to lack of additional arrow implicit. Still a solid pick and contender for the build.

Budget Tier
The higher the PDpS the better on a budget. Ideally with +2 arrows, attack speed and one of the other two optional stats.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier:

Budget Tier:


Very damage affix focused slot, a good quiver can really help push the damage of this build up.

Stats we are looking for:

Additional Arrow (makes its way into musts on quivers, purely due to power with TS)
Elemental Damage with attack skills
Global Critical Strike Multiplier

(Optional Stats)
Global Critical Strike Chance (both the flat mod or the one available from unveiling)
Damage penetrates X% elemental resistances (legacy modifier so only on older quivers)
Chance to gain frenzy charge on hit (please see the opening section on gearing options for more information on this)
Attack Speed

Example Mirror Items:

Rapture Shot
Gale Stingers new form! Updated with flat phys, an additional arrow in the suffixes thanks to 3.17's changes. The additional arrow is a massive win for our single target and will give us even more clear. Probably our top tier option mirror wise currently for this build.

Gale Stinger - please note, this item has now been recrafted into Rapture Shot (above) so you will need to buy an old copy off market if you want this exact one.
Pretty much every stat on this quiver hits everything we need. Frenzy charge generation is great option if you don't like running blood rage

Eagle Stinger
The counterpart to Gale Stinger. Same stats except with global crit chance thrown in instead of frenzy charges. Great option for hitting crit chance cap or when running blood rage.

Budget Example

This quiver hits pretty much all the options we need but just lacks the power of the synthesised mirror options, still a solid pick but loses out on the lack of implicits.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier: - you can sometimes find slightly older copies of the above mirror items for cheaper, just triple check the affixes before you buy

Budget Tier:


Another slot with a variety of options. Generally rings for MF tend to be focused on rarity and damage with few defensive stats outside of life. Remember we have access to the legacy implicit on rings for easy resistance capping.

Stats we are looking for:

Quantity of items found
Elemental Damage with attack skills

(Optional Stats)
Curses (frostbite, elemental weakness, assassin's mark. Any of these 3, with the option to run two of these for more damage output)
Global crit multiplier
Rarity of items found
Accuracy (again, uncommon pick due to Deadeye and tree pathing usually, but if you're running Supreme Ego with no option for Precision it can be a good choice.)
Flat physical damage
% increased damage (crafted)

Example Mirror Items:

Vengeance Coil
Triple rarity (double affix + implicit) makes this an attractive pick for rarity focused builds, good options with open suffix also.

Corruption Finger
Similar option to Vengeance Coil but with crit multi on the implicit over 5% rarity.

Spirit Whorl
Assassin's mark gives you a good option for crit chance cap without investing to heavily into it in other areas.

Fate Turn
(This is not a TFT or Mai ring, owned by Zodiah). Interesting choice with life, flat phys and accuracy. Would do very well as a ring moving into the PF setup or on a Deadeye version with some tree changes.

Budget Example

This rings was crafted as part of a dual curse setup very early on into my decision to play MF. The accuracy roll is not ideal but it's an okay budget options. I'd advise an open suffix over the accuracy to craft either resistances or global crit chance & crit multi on shatter.

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier: - synthesised options - single curse options (rarity focused) - single curse options (damage focused)

Budget Tier: - single curse options


Once again we're back to double rarity vs more damage in this slot. Few options on the influenced mod side along with potential to mirror legacy crit multi items makes this a very spicy slot.

Example Mirror Items:

Life (though depending on setup, dropping life on this singular item might be fine)
Quantity of items found
Global crit multi
Elemental damage with attack skills

(Optional Stats)
Reduced Hatred reservation (this is probably a must have on both Supreme Ego or 21 Precision setups.)
Gain X physical damage as extra cold damage
Damage penetrates X% cold resistance
Accuracy (the only slot other than rings where this stats is really an option)
=% all elemental resistances (not best place to take it really, given strength of other affix options on amulet)

Example Mirror Items:

Vengeance Choker
Whilst this only has 18% quantity of items found as a roll, the legacy multi (70%) and strength of other mods makes up for it. Probably our best amulet for raw damage

Blight Locket
Raw damage at the cost of the life roll. Adding 12% cold pen to the build at the cost of 89 life may be a good prospect if you need it!

Sorrow Idol
Double rarity and cold pen. Once again we lose the life roll but it's a good option.

Death Torc
(This is not a TFT or Mai amulet, owned by Zodiah) - life and good damaging stats make this a well rounded choice.

Budget Examples

Amulet I'm still using on my current build, I've seen a few similar ones floating around trade but you might have to camp for a while (or change some stats) to get one. (The main reason I don't mirror an amulet currently is due to my swapping around of gear testing, I need the flexibility to change anoints.)

Possible Anointments:
Whispers of Doom (dual curse)
Constitution (Life)
Heart of Ice (pure damage)

Trade Links:

Mirror Tier: - double rarity + damage - damage focused (no rarity) - legacy crit multi rolls

Budget Tier: - disallowed lightning damage to attacks though you may need to alter the search a little to find exactly what you want

Cluster Jewels

Clusters are basically a must have in any build now days and for this build in particular we use both large and medium clusters. I will not be providing mirror options or trade links for this section, next to each option will be notables or small passive rolls to look for.

Large Clusters:
Option 1: 12 point larges
Note: the small passives listed here are used all together, I would advise not going this option unless you can get exactly this.
Small passives / Notables:
Small Passive Skills have 35% increased effect
Small Passive Skills also grant X to maximum life
Small Passive Skills also grant: X% to elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X% increased attack speed.

Whilst taking up 1/5th of your passive points these clusters are insanely point efficient for what they offer. Each single cluster gives us (asssuming max rolls) 50% elemental resistances, 300ish life, and a a huge increase of APS. Whilst we lose out on the strength of notables, this is a solid option for the Pathfinder variant as a way to easily
cap resistances (in conjunction with ring and chest implicits) whilst also getting other benefits. Also no need to worry about future wise oak juggling with any potential mirror gear cause its all your resistances are straight from all res

Option 2: 8 point cold large -

Small passives / Notables:
Blanketed Snow
Vengeful Commander
Stormrider (in conjunction with Vinktars Flask can give power charges, a good option if you don't get assassin's mark on ring)
Sadist (generic damage option)
Cold to the core (untested, though on POB shows potentially good numbers)
Doryani's Lesson / Widespread Destruction (suffix options)
Small Passive Skills grant X% to elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X to intelligence

Ideally here we would be taking Blanketed Snow + Vengeful Commander + Suffix option. Currently for the Supreme Ego setup this cluster POB's as our best damage output and unless both are nerfed (again) I would expect it to remain so for a while. The additional int can be useful (adding up to 16 at max roll) and similarly up to 8% all elemental res
can help balance out the build.

Option 3: 8 point attack large

Small passives / Notables:
Feed the Fury
Fuel the Flight
Drive the Destruction
Martial Prowess (suffix)
Small Passive Skills grant X% to elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X to intelligence

Solid options to cover both life leech and mana leech. If your not running a legacy Vinktar's (or some other leech option) then most likely, you'll need one of these clusters. Martial Prowess is by far our best suffix on this cluster, adding accuracy, attack speed and attack damage for just one point.

Medium Clusters: (all of these are assumed to be 4 or 5 point clusters, we don't use a 6 under any circumstances currently.)

Option 1: critical chance mediums

Small passives / Notables:
Quick Getaway
Pressure Points
Precise Retaliation
Small Passive Skills also grant: X% to elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X to intelligence
Small Passive Skills also grant: +#% to Critical Strike Multiplier
Small Passive Skills also grant X% to chaos resistance

Choices here mainly depend on how your doing on crit chance cap, generally we'll run at least one of these in our setup up to a maximum of 3. Quick Getaway + Pressure points is a very powerful combo, with pressure points + precise retaliation providing less stats, but a lot more critical strike chance. (As we never block, precise retaliation is a permanent +60% chance to critical strike.) Suffixes on the mediums generally fill out either attributes or resistances, if neither is needed look to crit multi for some extra damage or chaos resistance to take us above -60%.

Option 2: proj mediums

Small passives / Notables:
Eye for an eye
Follow Through (Deadeye only)
Small Passive Skills also grant X% elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X to intelligence
Small Passive Skills also grant X% to chaos resistance

Not much choice on this cluster and it does come in second in comparison to our critical chance mediums. I personally would only run this on a Deadeye setup and limit it to 1-3. If you plan on running this you'll definitely need to check in POB if you can crit cap without the usage of the crit mediums. A solid option, rated by most TS players. Three options for the suffixes so pick up the resistance or int if needed, then fall back on chaos res if you're already capped.

Option 3: Flask duration

Small passives / Notables:
Peak Vigor
Spiked Concoction
Small Passive Skills also grant X% elemental resistances
Small Passive Skills also grant X to intelligence
Small Passive Skills also grant X% to chaos resistance

Another cluster with very little choice and but still a solid option. On Pathfinder this cluster is pretty much always a must take, giving us a permanent 5% attack speed increase alongside Alchemist Genius (flask effect and duration) and 8% life on Peak Vigor. Possible contender to also use in Deadeye setups but make sure to POB it first.
Same options on suffixes as aura effect so follow the principles listed there.

Jewels (Rares, Watcher's Eye & Timeless Jewels)
I will not be providing mirror options or trade links for this section
Rare Jewels

We'll be using quite a few in the build thanks to tree pathing and clusters, anywhere between 3-6 rare jewels.

Stats we are looking for:

% increased maximum life
Attack speed with bows
GLobal critical strike multiplier

(Optional Stats)
Attack speed / Attack & Cast Speed
+% to all elemental resists

I'm discounting synth options here (mainly because of how many there is in terms of implicit), but jewels are generally purely damage affixes. Ideally you take all 3 of the must affixes, then pick one from optional, elemental rez if you need to cap resists otherwise fall back on attack speed. This is also your best bet to get corrupted blood immunity, which is a must have nowadays.

Watcher's Eye

As with any build using auras, a good Watcher's eye can provide a large chunk of damage output. It also rounds out our conversion with the Hatred physical convert modifier.

Mods we are looking for:

Hatred - convert X% damage to physical damage. Between our tree and gloves we have 65% conversion from physical to cold, this mod rounds out our full conversion to cold damage.

(Optional Stats)
X% increased cold damage whilst affected by Hatred
Damage penetrates X% cold resistance whilst affected by Hatred
X.X% to critical strike chance whilst affected by Hatred
X% increased attack damage while affected by Precision
X% increased attack speed while affected by Precision
X% to critical strike multiplier while affect by Precision

So Watcher's is a must have for our build (primarily for conversion). It's probably also going to be one of the more expensive pieces you buy (with good 3 stats starting at 1 mirror and rising from there.) Generally speaking aim for at least a 2 mod watcher's (e.g. conversion + something), if your running Supreme Ego take 2 Hatred mods and on
the non-supreme Ego any mod from the list alongside the conversion mod.

Timeless Jewels - Lethal Pride

I'm going to present two options here, both of known seeds and why we might take them. Both of these are presented because I've used both, if there's a comparable seed you know about that gives equivalent power feel free to use that instead. The leaders name does not matter for these (as we're not using them for a keystone change).

16491 - Ranger socket
What do we get - 25% Double Damage and 4% maximum life. (Example shown in the first Deadeye POB.)
Pretty solid option, whilst the one of the back two notables (Weapon Aristry) is just attack speed, Aspect of the Lynx is a pretty solid notable for what it gives. Usable on both setups if you don't want to travel over to Duelist.

12653 - Duelist socket
What do we get - 20% Double Damage and 4% maximum life
Really shines on the large cluster setup (or any tree without going to the Constitution wheel). Pretty straight foward setup, just take any node that has Double Damage on it (example shown in the first Pathfinder POB).


We run 5 flasks in this build, generally you'll be using either 3 uniques and 2 magic flasks or 4 uniques and 1 magic flask.

Unique Flasks:

Taste of Hate (preferably 30% gain physical as extra cold during effect)
Pretty obvious flask choice for this build. Can give you anywhere from 5m-15m DPS depending on build. Also nice to cap chance to avoid freeze if you don't have the jewel space on Deadeye but are running chest enchant + crystal skin.

Dying Sun (preferably legacy with 20% or higher area of effect and -10 to -5% reduced charges)
Another solid choice for bow builds, on Deadeye's its just 2 more projectiles but on Pathfinder it's potentially 4 (with flask effect). Really juices barrage DPS.

Wise Oak (preferably legacy 20% penetration and 10% reduced damage during effect)
As on of the aims for this build is to balance all resists, this flask is a no brainer. 20% elemental penetration and damage reduction is nice on Deadeye, absolutely absurd on the Pathfinder with flask effect.

Vessel of Vinktar (preferably lightning to attacks with instant leech)
Most likely only being used on the 12 point large setups, this flask solves your leech issues and adds shock as well. Solid damage option if a bit expensive (at 4 mirrors of time of writing).

Divination Distillate (preferably legacy with max rez, high quant and rarity).
An interesting option and the one I currently use. We run petrified blood and offset the life regen from the flask with Blood Rage. Whilst we do lose half our HP taking us to 3k, petrified blood is a good chunk of EHP as well.

Cinderswallow (preferably legacy with all recovery rolls and either crit chance, rarity or movementspeed craft.)
Honourable mention to this flask, solid option for completing no-regen maps without vinktar and can be a solid damage option if you need the crit chance but don't want to run a diamond. Throw flat fire damage on an abyssal jewel (or ring prefix) when using for full effect.

Magic Flasks:

Diamond Flask
Another obvious choice if you're not crit capped. You can run "Of Warding" however given the recent changes to flasks I don't rate that particularly highly.

Quicksilver Flask
Ideally run a legacy Alchemist's of the Hare. 30% MS with increased effect and with the ability to quality to 28% means at around 3.7-4 seconds a flask it should be up all the time whilst running around maps clearing. With the updates to flasks recently there's also potentially good options on the prefixes with the 25% effect / 25% increased duration.


Bottom of the pile because the short answer is "just use Headhunter". Our only other options are generally used only for bossing. I will not be providing mirror options or trade links for this section

Just throwing one on is enough for mapping. If you're looking to push damage further, implicit options are:

X% increased attack speed during any flask effect
X% increased critical strike chance during any flask effect
X% increased movement speed during any flask effect
X% increased quantity of items found
X% increased rarity of items found
X% to critical strike multiplier during flask effect
Hatred has X% increased aura effect
+X% to all elemental resistances

Of the implicits listed above, crit multi and hatred effect will likely be your biggest damage boost.

Torrents Reclamation
Solid option for bossing, I throw one on if I'm only running shaper / elder sets for a bit. Increased action speed and attack speed is a nice buff, if you don't have a Headhunter with good damage implicits - chuck this on before you start any long bossing session (or a fight like Sirus / Shaper). You can follow the list in Headhunter for good implicit corruptions here as well.

Some people might be surprised to see this as an option in here but there is one main reason I'm suggesting it. Before we get to those my recommended setup on this would be a 2 magic flask, 3 unique flask setup looking something like this:
Quicksilver - Gold Flask - Vinktars - Divination Distillate - Taste of Hate
The main reason is effectively - "do you need a headhunter?" If you're not running 100% t16 deli the damage from this build should be more than enough to carry you. The permanent uptime on gold flask + quicksilver makes for insane mapping speeds (though admittedly with PF this may lose some value, as we have 100% flask uptime anyway). One to consider if you are solidly married to Deadeye as the ascendancy and want to do some non-juiced mapping.


Main Damage Skills

Tornado Shot (Chest or Bow)

Tornado Shot - Item Quantity Support - Awakened Elemental Damage with attacks - Awakened Chain - Mirage Archer - Awakened Vicious Projectiles

Damage on full life is also an option if you don't run Blood Rage, personally I don't use it.
Tornado Shot itself can be either Divergent or Normal quality, I prefer Divergent when paired with Mirage Archer.
Mirage Archer can Divergent or Normal quality, I prefer normal (mainly because you tend to attack often enough to keep it up) but try both out. Item rarity should be the 7th link from your body armour affix.

Barrage (Chest or Bow)

Barrage - Awakened Elemental Focus - Awakened Vicious Projectiles - Inspiration - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks - Hypothermia / Bloodthirst

Once again, Damage on full life can be swapped in (probably for hypothermia.) The two are comparable damage wise (especially with Blood Rages attack speed buff) so run whichever you prefer. Bloodthirst also enters as a tech option on the Petrified Blood setup, being an insane contender given the amount of flat it can add.
Barrage I personally run as Divergent, Normal is also a solid choice.
Inspiration could be switched out if can hit the crit cap without it. I run Anomalous for the additional crit chance.

Optional single target swap for Deadeye - Ice Shot

Credit to Guffin on the MF Academy Discord for this one. This setup replaces Barrage as your single target 6 link.

Ice shot - Awakened Elemental Focus - Awakened Vicious Projectiles - Inspiration - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks - Barrage Support

Whilst usually with Ice shot the cone cannot damage the mob, by utilising our +1 chain from Deadeye Ascendancy and Hydrosphere we can make both the cone and the arrow hit a single target.
This works by dropping Hydrosphere in front of the boss, allowing Ice Shot to hit the Hydrosphere - this procs the "cone" and then the arrow will chain from the Hydrosphere and hit the boss, effectively doubling our damage output. This is an incredibly strong option currently, usually even beating barrage out in terms of DPS for single target.
If you're considering playing the Deadeye variant and don't mind throwing Hydrosphere around, consider using it.
See here for a video breakdown of this made by Guffin.


Supreme Ego Setup

Hatred - Enlighten 4 (2 linked)
Herald of Ice - Item Rarity Support - Item Quantity Support - Enlighten 4

My go to setup when running Supreme Ego. Herald of Ice with quantity + rarity support is just an additional boost to clear. A note - if you plan to run this setup, you must do one of the following:
Have "hatred has X% reduced reservation" on your amulet
Anoint charisma or champion of the cause
Path to Charisma
I'd suggest the first option in all circumstances but the flexibility is there if needed.

Pathfinder Setup (or non-Supreme Ego)

Option 1
Hatred - Herald of Purity - Enlighten 4 - Precision (level 21)

Option 2
Hatred - Precision (level 21) - Enlighten 4
Herald of Ice - Item Rarity Support - Item Quantity Support - Enlighten 4

Option 3
Hatred - Enlighten 4 - Herald of Purity - Petrified Blood
Arrogance - Precision (level 21)

Personally I prefer option 1. Dropping Herald of Ice doesn't make a massive difference to clear (assuming you have enough invested) and Herald of Purity is actually more damage for us in the long run. My main issue with option 2 is the lack of gem sockets if you run this, you'll have to drop Vaal Haste / Hydrosphere / Portal (2 of them) from the setup.
Option 3 is where it gets interesting, we use this to effectively allow us to build around Divination Distillate, super juicing our IIQ and IIR on Pathfinder.

Other Slots

Cast when damage take - Steelskin / Immortal Call

Generic survivability setup. Look for Anomalous CWDT and a quality 23 steelskin / immortal call.

Vaal Haste / Blood Rage / Frostbomb

Optional gems, you'll usually run 2-3 of these.
Drop Blood Rage if your running Damage on full life or a frenzy generation affix on quiver. Anomalous Blood Rage is a nice plus for pure bossing.
Vaal haste is just a run faster button in maps and occasional boss damage steroid.
Frostbomb's a nice to have in case of uber juiced things like Metamorphs etc. I personally don't run this often (usually everything's dead before it goes off timing wise.)

Second Wind - Dash / Blink Arrow / Flamedash

Anomalous or Normal quality Second Wind. Anomalous or normal quality Dash / Flamedash (I've personally not used Blink Arrow much.) The usual zoom around the map / dodge button.

Portal Gem / Vaal Breach

Does what it says on the tin. Probably only useable on main gear on the Pathfinder gem setup with option one for auras.

Mark on Hit - Snipers Mark OR Assassins Mark

This little addition to the latest patch opened up some good possibilities for the build, with the addition of mark on hit we can drop the need for it on a ring (usually assassin's mark). By dropping Vaal Haste and moving our Steelskin off CWDT, we can slot this in. A lot of damage from this (and it helps with clear, not that it's needed.)


What are you calling "budget" based on the above?

Good question! Honestly, 3-6 mirrors to get started is probably alright. I appreciate that's beyond most peoples budgets but I'd probably recommend the standard MF build or Greybeast's variant over this on cheaper budgets. Cold conversion in general is an expensive build (especially when it hits the current meta such as it does currently.) It also isn't helped by a lack of "cheap" gear on market thanks to a lack of people crafting for this particular build when Harvest was at its most powerful.

Can I play this in league?

You probably can build a cold conversion MF build in league, though its going to be a lot more difficult than just playing LA MF with Windripper in low tier maps. Avoid this unless you're seriously bored and want to min max the crap out of it (and have an aurabot).

Does this work with aurabots?

Yes! We actually do really well with aurabots given we are physical conversion, though you might need to make some changes to it if you plan on only ever playing duo. Dropping in 2x Purposeful Harbinger Clusters instead of the existing medium clusters, probably sticking with Deadeye over Pathfinder (as your defences are somewhat covered). Swapping in 3x Heralds instead of the usual auras.
I don't personally ever run duo in STD so I'm not 100% sure of what changes might be best. If you have suggestions, let me know - happy to add it to the guide.

More to be added if they crop up in comments.

Crafting Consortium - The Igloo Mirror Shop
Last edited by GrandpaPenguin on Mar 13, 2022, 6:48:10 AM

A little glossary of terms for stuff I've referred to via acronyms of just isn't obvious.

MF = Magic Find (seriously though if you didn't know this one I'd ask you to read the guide.)
IIQ = Increased Item Quantity - generally refers to the support gem, character IIQ and the legacy affix on gear.
IIR = Increased Item Rarity. Ditto the above
Crit chance / crit multi = Critical strike chance / critical strike multiplier respectively. Basically - how often will you crit with attacks (your chance) and how much more damage will it do (your multiplier.)
CWDT = Cast when Damage taken (the support gem). Quite a few gems are referred to by acronyms, DFL = Damage on Full Life, CoC = cast on crit, COD+P = Cast on Death + portal (also known as the glass cannon special.)
Juiced / juice / juicing = this usually means something is strong. "juicing maps" is a common way to refer to running maps at t16, with delirium, scarabs, sextants etc etc. A "juiced character" or "jucier character" is normally a strong or well-geared character. Similarly for items with "juiced mods" being good mods that are well rolled.


Feb 2022
Added PB SoS POB, ujpdated some text. Dropped Hydrosphere tech, tidied a few bits up.
Cleaned up some wording, removed more old hydro tech.
Added second POB to new PB PF SoS (tank POB)

Jan 2022
Added 3.17 changes section and WIP tracker

Dec 2021
Updated POB's for Deadeye, added Niz's POB
Added belt option - Mageblood
Tinkered with some wording

Nov 2021
Added more new videos on boss kills
Added Guffins explanation to Petrified Blood
Updated POB's to 3.16
Changed information on clusters
Added 3.16 thoughts
Added delve boss kill video
Updated gem links to include Petrified Blood

Oct 2021
Added banner and updated formatting

Oct 2021
Added Petrified Blood setup POB
Added items from Guffin and Zodiah

Crafting Consortium - The Igloo Mirror Shop
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Crafting Consortium - The Igloo Mirror Shop
A really nice guide covering aspects that are generally niche(compared to poe ninja and league builds) but extremely strong and putting them together.
I would actually start my mf journey with phys to cold conversion if i had the chance again so i can wholeheartedly recommend the guide and mr penguin directions.
If you have some mirrors in standard this is defo one of the best projects to spend them on and i am sure you will find enjoyment in playing a min maxed mf ranger,especially utilising this version of it.

Thank you mr penguin for the guide we expect ascii penguins in forum soon.
This guide is so in depth! Must be written by one ancient magic finder.
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‎‎MF Mirror Shop: /view-thread/3228672
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Last edited by Jix_91 on Sep 11, 2021, 3:05:58 PM
Very well written guide. FeelsPenguinMan
Very cool guide when can we expect one for rf
Well explained guide. Is nice to see finally a conversion mf guide!

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