[3.15] General Cry Shield Master Berserker | Effortless Boss Killer | 📺 By Jaamon

So I've spent about 20ex getting this build off the ground, only missing some live nodes right now and I'm finding it the build a bit lackluster in terms of clear.

There are many times when I'm around a new pack of mobs in a logbook or map where one or two mirage warriors spawn and they don't manage to fully clear.

I was wondering if there's something I could do to alter this build to not use General Cry, something I'd self cast but still use all the gear I just bought.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
So why is this version of the build using impale but not the clear-ability?

That thing kills the entire screen even in simulacrum wave20 or T16 or higher 100% delirious maps. I'd highly recommend using it.
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Thanks for this build! It got me through all the content in expedition league and it became one of my favorite builds. As a casual player I dont have too much time to play, but with this build I was able to progress pretty fast. Thanks for that!

Since Scourge has been revealed yesterday I was wondering what you think about the upcoming changes and how they will affect this build.
Shield charge and shield crush got nerfed. Do you still think its good enough?
With the change to Shield charge, is this build still viable ?
I am not sure our shield apply to general cry summons and they reduced the base damage from Shield charge by a lot.
This build is viable in Scourge 3.16. My char is here: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Wermine/characters (BerserkenadoScourgenaro)

At first, I followed the non-crit version and after that was somewhat finished, I transitioned into crit with Aegis Aurora and 50/50 block. Mapping setup has Enfeeble on CWDT and HH. Bossing (only big guys like Sirus, UElder, Uber Atziri) has Assassin's Mark (manual cast) and Ryslatha's Coil.

I did all content, including A9 Sirus deathless, Maven, Uber Elder deathless, feared with "all released at the same time".
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