Baeclast Podcast with Chris Wilson This Week

imagine if he says that his vision will prevail. im a little bit scared, but i still love poe and i have hope that chris will see this as an error and revert the game to an earlier state.
DaimyoAkio wrote:

Please Chris, make this image irrelevant

this is what actually is state of the game and the player base comunity... :D:D
i would love to see build diversity

fast hitting impale skills took a big hit with the nerfs.

If its gets buffed slightly or change how armour works in the game that would be in a good spot and some tankyness for the players less 1 shots that arent really predictable is the main sour spot
xpoohx wrote:
wow tonedef much? The whole cast of Baeclast have gone on record saying they love this new direction... there will be no criticism no open dialoged just a love fest about how this is great. why not you know talk to some people who have actually expressed negative opinions instead of a bunch of GGG apologists.

Simply false. Only one of the members likes everything GGG does and stifles discussion. The rest are middling on the changes and one of the members is middling/negative adjacent. It will be a good podcast.
The amount of people crying on the forums how the game is too hard and they want their buffs back, their flask piano back... you are pathetic. What you don't realize is that Chris Wilson, and GGG are the very very few game developers in the world to pursue their vision of a perfect game that will be played for generations, instead of catering to the casual masses crying how they can't kill a end-game boss in 2 seconds anymore (you still can, and that is assuming they even got to end-game)

That is massive respect. And I think the game is reshaping to become something truly challenging and rewarding. Kudos.
The only news coming is probably more nerfs the game will just die oh well..
POE is now a roaring dumpster fire filled with lithium batteries will take more then a little water to put this out and right the ship
I wouldn't get your hopes up. The game will not be "reverted" (lol) or anything of the sort, but what we will get is a typical mix of word salad, apologies and PR.
1. Trading. Which are respectful for my time and fun.
2. Crafting. Understandable, predictable. Harvest 3.13 was a good example.
3. AOE-looting
4. Flask piano
5. A lot of QOL
6. Revert the all nerfs from 3.15
7. Make a lot of compensations

Probably then GGG has a chance.

But, TBH, I believe the return to good, will take 1 year.
The 3.16 and 3.17 - the "visionary" and "team" still do their visionary things.
Before 3.18 or 3.19 - the owners must change these "visionaries" to another team.
Therefore - only summer or fall 2022 - is the time when I hope to return to POE.
If I still remember what is POE.

Jay Wilson > Chris Wilson
By "open" you mean "not open", right?

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