There's a lot to talk about at the moment and we want to take the opportunity to have that conversation. Later this week, Lead Developer Chris Wilson will appear on the Baeclast podcast to have an open discussion about the current state of Path of Exile. Tune in on Wednesday 11th at midday (PDT) at (Please note that this is Aug 11, 2021 3:00 PM (EDT) in your local time)

We've asked the Baeclast team to pull no punches when bringing up topics for this discussion. The intent is to have a very candid chat about Path of Exile's past, present and future and to answer any big picture questions about the current state of Path of Exile. We won't be going into fine detail about balance/mechanics but we do intend to speak on a variety of broad topics. It's also highly likely that we'll be disclosing some of our 3.16 plans ahead of our official announcement in a couple of months. Don't miss it!
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lets gooo
Finally some communication! Hope we can change to a better direction :)
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Please Chris, make this image irrelevant
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Zoom zoom returns let's go, rats! BatChest
All I want is to be able to hear more of the Witch's $hit-talking when killing rares. Then the game will be perfect!
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interesting, maybe they will announce the return of 3.13 glory days state of game. Cant wait to tune in !
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Just want to restate that I can't understand a word of what they say on these podcasts and would really like a transcript made. It's not your fault. It's my old ears.
the changes wernt that drastic, im actually surprised by the size of the tantrum thrown by the player base over such a basic attempt to curb a small amount of the power creep thats been added.

monster damage is probably too spikey, but the reductions to player damage were needed and im rly happy with the direction of the game, im glad the balance is going both ways and "add even more insane power" isnt the only thing that happens.

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