[Archived] Self-Bleed Boneshatter Slayer

3.17 Changes

- Strike skills in 3.17 LUL.
- Nerfed massively by nerfing Hydrosphere.
- I will try to redo this build with a different skill.

3.16 Changes

- Changed pathing in the skill tree but it is overall the same thing as before.
- DPS buff thanks to the new masteries.

Build Concept

This build applies bleeding to itself for easy generation of frenzy charges and uses several Slayer's unique ascendancy points for it to function properly.

Endless Hunger gives us immunity to bleeding and Masterful Form allows us to focus on increasing maximum frenzy charges while also increasing maximum endurance charges - meaning that we can scale damage as well as defence at the same time.

Frenzy charges are generated using the unique boots The Red Trail and we use Endurance charges for increasing damage of our weapons Nebuloch.

For defence, we have both - recovery and damage reduction

Life recovery is achieved using Slayer's overleech from Brutal Fervour and doubling it using Vaal Pact - which means that we have no life regeneration. That can be sometimes dangerous, read Defence section for more information.

An absolute insane amount of elemental damage reduction is achieved using Transcendence + Loreweave (or Replica Loreweave as a budget option). This combined with other sources (fortify, 10% from ascendancy, Nebuloch unique effect) allows us to face-tank most boss attacks, but it also makes us more vulnerable to physical damage.

Physical damage reduction mainly comes from stacking endurance changes + the usual (fortify, 10% from ascendancy, pantheon) and a strong guard skill (either Molten Shell or Immortal Call).

All this can be done on relatively small budgets as it uses unique items that very few builds utilitze.


All our defence comes from endurance charges and life leech which means there is a build-up (a few seconds) and until you reach maximum endurance charges and cap your life leech, you are very vulnerable and have to play very carefully until then!

You have to pay special attention when there is a situation where you take damage when you cannot hit anything yourself before that, including:

- Harvest mobs.
- Labyrinth traps.
- Bosses after invulnerability phases.

Because of this, the build is not a good option for hardcore - the standard jugg version would be better - as you can get one-shot killed before the defence build-up.

We also have no regen and if you get hit by anything and you cannot hit anything yourself for life leech, the weapons Nebuloch will apply degen on you and you need to weapon-swap to survive. This is really only a problem during Bosses invulnerability phases, like Sirus.

After your defence build-up, you are basically an immortal tank god though.

Melee Splash/Hydrosphere Tutorial


I have updated PoB with leveling trees and non-cluster version.

https://pastebin.com/MvvusBtL (3.15)

https://pastebin.com/nn04mtCS (early version for 3.16)

This build received a huge buff thanks to the new masteries. I will update with an optimized PoB once it is ready, but overall I expect at least 1M dps increase compared to 3.15.

Keep in mind that 'Crushed' effect is not included in the PoB dps.


Tanking A6 Sirus Die Beams

Clearing T16 Map

Expedition Logbook


Expedition Logbook with Vorana Boss Fight

A8 Sirus Fight | Eating Die Beams for Breakfast

Short Heist

Shaper Guardians





Below is the first video where I use the Melee Splash/Hydrosphere setup.

Melee Splash/Hydrosphere Meme

Maven 10-way



Conquerers of the Atls



You always want to have as close to 100% hit chance as possible. The best way to achieve this is simply using gear with a lot of accuracy. For me it was the helmet and one ring.

However, before you get the good gear, you can change your aura setup to Pride + War Banner + Precision to help with that for no extra cost.

You can also change your passive tree a little bit and allocate Eagle Eye, Acuity or Twin Terrors to get accuracy at no extra cost of gear.


Before you get accuracy on your gear/passive tree, your aura setup should look like this
War Banner

After you get enough accuracy on gear/passive tree, you can change them to:
Dread Banner
Herald of Purity

After you get enlighten level 3, you can swap Herald of Purity with Flesh and Stone:
Dread Banner
Flesh and Stone
Enlighten, level 3

Main 6-link setup

Before you get the Overlord cluster notable on your cluster jewels, your main 6-link gem setup should look like this:
Ensurance Charge on Melee Stun
Melee Splash
Increased Critical Strikes
Increased Critical Damage

With this setup, you will need to cast Hydrosphere when there is only one target and target the Hydrosphere with your boneshatter to increase your single-target dps.

You can also swap Melee Splash with Ruthless and then you will not have to cast the Hydrosphere but your single-target dps will be lower.

After you get Overlord on your cluster jewels, you can swap Fortify with Melee Physical Damage (ideally awakened) and you should also upgrade to Divergent Melee Splash:
Ensurance Charge on Melee Stun
(Awakened) Melee Physical Damage
Divergent Melee Splash
Increased Critical Strikes
Increased Critical Damage

Early Mapping

Once you reach level 68, you can get most of the core unique items for cheap.

Weapons are simply two times Nebuloch. If they are expensive on league start, simply use high-pdps maces instead. Get them to 20% quality ASAP. Getting 30% quality is not important and you can do it later once you have currency to spare.

Boots are The Red Trail. They should be cheap.

Gloves are Veruso's Battering Rams with the +1 Maximum Frenzy Charge corrupted implicit. They should be cheap even with the corrupted implicit. If the implicit is expensive, simply use them without it until you can afford it.

The last core piece to this build is Militant Faith jewel with Transcendence (that is "converted by high templar Maxarius"). You do not need to get it immediately on level 68 if it is expensive, but until you get it, you will be vulnerable to boss attacks and you will not be able to face-tank them as I do in the videos.

You should also pay attention to the small bonuses for Devotion as we can get up to 140 devotion easily. The best one is reduced elemental ailment duration as this build is quite vulnerable to ignite and chill is annoying. The second one can be either increased effect of non-curse auras as an offensive option, or simply get +% to all elemental resistances per 10 devotion - that will make it easier to buy other pieces of gear.

The random number is not important, just make sure that no passive notables that we allocate are converted.

Once you get the Militant Faith, you can also buy Replica Loreweave. It has a huge downside - that it reduces your maximum resistances. However, we counter this downside for the most part by using Transcendence. The only real weakness is elemental damage over time, but if you have an ignite immunity flask, you will not encounter any problems until you reach some of the endgame boss fights. Then it is a good idea to upgrade to Loreweave for more defenses.

Before you can afford it, either use Tabula Rasa or any rare chest piece with lots of life.

Use a rare helmet with lots of accuracy, life and resistances.

Your rings can fill what you are still missing - that is intelligence and accuracy, then they should also have added physical damage to attacks, life and resistances.

Amulet can have global critical strike multiplier, then it is similar to rings - attributes, added physical damage to attacks, life and resistances.

Use a rare belt with lots of life and fill your missing resistances.

Good flasks to use are Rotgut and Diamond. Life flask should not be necessary but it is nice when you cannot leech anything. I also like to use a mana flask with any immunity that I need (poison/ignite/chill) because it has lots of uses. Sin's Rebirth is a nice damage boost as well as immunity to ignite.

You should also try to get the cluster jewels ASAP. Large cluster jewel with Overlord can be expensive, but it should be affordable with only 2 notables. Medium cluster crit cluster jewels should be pretty cheap - get Basics of Pain + any other good notable, it does not have to be Pressure Points. Small Cluster Jewel with Enduring Composure is also very nice.

The Golden Rule jewel is only needed for boss fights. It is not needed for mapping. You can get either Maim or Corrupted Blood immunity here as a corrupted implicit.

Thread of Hope with Medium ring is very nice for this build.

You can also get either one rare jewel with life + any damage increase or a cheap Watcher's Eye with one good Pride modifier (increased attack damage, chance to impale or intimidate on hit).


Get 30% quality for your Nebulochs.

Try to cap your chaos resistance too. Keep in mind that 8 endurance charges give you 64% chaos resistance so getting the rest of it shouldn't be that hard. You can get some on the small cluster jewel passives too.

You can upgrade your rings and amulet to have the same thing as before as well as one good influence damage modifier or just very good rolls.

I like to have life recovery rate on a belt but it is not required. Simply get a good stygian vise with lots of life and resistances.

Get the expensive cluster jewel with Overlord and Feed the Fury.

Also, get the expensive Watcher's Eye with double pride modifiers.

You can upgrade your flasks setup.

Optionally, you can switch from Replica Loreweave to Loreweave. This is a damage decrease but it will help you survive against elemental damage over time. Loreweave is only good against bosses life Shaper, otherwise Replica Loreweave will be better, definitely for mapping.

You can also get some enchants on your gear. I managed to farm a decent helmet and belt enchant myself.

Lab Farming

This build is not great for lab running but it can be done. If you decide to farm the lab on this build, there are some adjustments that you will need to make. Below is one example of a lab run.

- Get 4 life flasks. If you get hit by traps and you cannot leech anything, you will need them.

- Do not use Nebulochs when there are traps. Buy any mace with decent pdbs and a shield like Lioneye's Remorse. I actually used the rare mace + shield for most of the lab runs and I only weapon-switched to Nebuloch when I was fighting Izaro and I already had 8 endurance charges.

- If you can leech something, you can run through all the traps (this can be seen at 4:10 in the video). The leech lasts around 10 seconds so be careful not to take longer than that. If there is nothing to leech before traps, you need to be very careful. Best strategy is to simply move through them as fast as possible while dodging as many as possible and spamming life flasks.

- Izaro hits hard. The way I did it is that I waited for hid first attack and dodged it. Then I run around him, waiting for my endurance charges and once I have maximum endurance charges, I was able to face-tank anything he threw at me so I just burst him down.

Pros and Cons

+ very tanky
+ pretty good clear speed
+ cheap
+ no visual cluter
+ can do almost all map mods, even multiple damage ones

- defence build-up time
- cannot do some map mobs (reflect and no life leech)
- only OK boss damage
- does not scale well with higher investment

Biggest advantage of this build is that you can tank almost anything while having a decent clear speed and OK boss damage.

It is also very cheap as it uses unpopular unique items. However, that also means that there is not much room for improving our damage output.

The defence build-up time can also mean you can still get randomly one-shot killed if you do not pay attention when needed.


Whenever you are leveling an attack build, it is important to have a weapon with high physical damage. One way to achieve this is to use the following vendor recipe: any weapon + rare/magic Rustic Sash + Blacksmith's Wheatstone. The recipe will guarantee you the same weapon type with an increased physical damage roll.

Remember to pick up all Rustic Sashes and Whetstones that drop!

Use this recipe whenever you feel like your damage starts lacking during leveling. Usually you can notice new item level bases start to drop, or you can buy the base weapon from town vendors.

Use either two-handed or dual-wield axes at the start and switch to maces when you decide to start using Boneshatter.

Act 1

Use your favourite skill up to level 12. It does not really matter which one. You can get all the mentioned gems either as quest rewards or they can be purchased from a town vendor. My recommendation is the following:

Damage skills:
Ground Slam > Chance to Bleed > Ruthless
Ancestral Protector > Maim

Defensive skills:
Enduring Cry

You will need a lot of accuracy during leveling and you will most likely not have it on your gear. That is why it is a good idea to use War Banner and high lvl Precision for levling.
War Banner

At level 12, ideally even before you finish act 1, switch your main skill (Ground Slam from my recommendation) to Shattering Steel. Support gems stay the same.

Shattering Steel is an insanely strong ability for leveling as it gives a good chunk of flat added physical damage. You can use it all the way to level 68 for leveling. You need to use axes for this ability (do not use swords as you cannot use Boneshatter with swords if you decide to switch later).

Shattering Steel > Chance to Bleed > Ruthless

Whenever you equip Shattering steel, you will be given two abilities: Shattering Steel itself and Call of Steel. Simply cast Call of Steel here and there to reset your Steel Shards.

Act 2

You can get new auras. Use Herald of Purity for now and simply level up Flesh and Stone.
Herald of Purity
Flesh and Stone

Also, get Blood Rage. It gives you life leech but also a degen. If you cannot outheal the degen reliably, start using it after you get your first ascendancy.
Blood Rage

As soon as you get your first 4-link you can update your main damage setup:

Shattering Steel > Chance to Bleed > Ruthless > Vicious Projectiles

You can also buy several gems that will be needed later to start leveling them up. Simply socket them on your weapon-swap weapons.
Ancestral Cry
Melee Physical Damage
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Act 3

You get another aura in Act 3 - Pride. Use the following auras and simply level the rest of them without using them. They will be needed later.
War Banner

The best curse for leveling is Vulnerability. Simply cast it on bosses.

Gems that will be needed later:
Warlord's Mark
Dread Banner
Assassin's Mark
Battlemage's Cry
Ancestral Warchief
You do not need to buy them all immediately but once you need them, return to Act 3 and buy them from the town vendor Clarissa.

Switch to Boneshatter (optional)

You can keep leveling with Shattering Steel if you wish, but you can also start using Boneshatter. There are several changes that you need to make:

First of all, do not use Boneshatter before your first ascendancy. Complete the Labyrinth and get Brutal Fervour as your first ascendancy.

Make sure that you have Tribal Fury and Call to Arms notables already allocated.

Put Ancestral Cry on your movement keybind so that you cast it off cooldown. Do not use Battlemage's Cry for leveling as your clear and stun chance is not that great and you will need the extra clear from Ancestral Cry.

Throw away the Shattering Steel setup and instead use:

Boneshatter > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage > Ruthless

In order to get the Fortify Support, you need to do the optional quest in Act 3 for Siosa in the Library called A Fixture of Fate.

If you decide to use Boneshatter, you can also try using Warlord's Mark. It gives you rage if you stun the enemy that increases your damage by a lot. However, chance to stun depends on the mob hp and your own damage output so it is possible that you will not have enough damage to stun during leveling. Try it out in game and see for yourself.
Warlord's Mark

The strategy is to cast Warlord's Mark on the low hp mobs and hit them. If you stun them, you will get rage that will be displayed over your mana bar. If you see no rage, you probably do not deal enough damage to stun yet, so do not use this trick.

Optionally, you can also cast Warlord's Mark and Leap Slam on the cursed enemy, which guarantees you a stun against an enemy that is full-life.
Leap Slam > Faster Attacks

After you get max-rage you can stop using Warlord's Mark and use Vulnerability instead.

If you have enough to stun, you can also get Berserk in Act 4 which consumes your rage and increased your damage by a lot.

Act 4

You can change some of your gem setups in this act:
Cast When Damage Taken > Steelskin >Summon Ice Golem
Vengeance > Chance to Bleed > Maim
Ancestral Protector > Ancetral Warchief > Multiple Totems

If you have enough damage to stun enemies cursed by Warlord's Mark, also get Berserk and cast to on bosses/tougher enemies.

Acts 5-10

No change in Act 5.

You will get -30% to all elemental resistances, so make sure to cap your resistances at 75% after Act 5.

Immediately after entering Act 6, do the optional quest for Lilly Roth (Fallen from Grace) that will unlock you the option to buy all possible skill gems from her.

After this quest, you can update your gem setup that will not change all the way up to maps. Your setup should look like this (if you have 6-link like Tabula Rasa, you can get the blue gems in your main setup as well):

Damage Skills
Boneshatter > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage > Ruthless ( > Increased Critical Strikes > Increased Critical Damage)

Ancestral Protector > Ancetral Warchief > Multiple Totems
Vengeance > Chance to Bleed > Maim > Power Charge on Critical
Ancestral Cry

Optionally you can also use the trick with rage:
Warlord's Mark with Berserk
You can drop the Chance to Bleed gem in Vengeance setup if you need the gem slot for this. And you can use Leap Slam to guarantee stuns.

War Banner

Defensive Skills
Cast When Damage Taken > Steelskin >Summon Ice Golem
Dash (or Leap Slam > Faster Attacks )

Once you finish Act 10, start following the 'Early Mapping' setup in PoB. You will need to buy some gear, change some of the gems and some of the passive points.


1. Brutal Fervour
2. Endless Hunger
3. Masterful Form
4. Overwhelm


Major: Soul of Solaris

Soul of Solaris is important mainly because of its second upgrade that gives us basically crit immunity.

Minor: Soul of Gruthul

It helps with physical damage reduction when using Transcendence.


Frenetic for more tentacles :)

PoB - old

This is my planned PoB. I have just recently got to red maps so it is not tested against endgame bosses. I will post updates as I progress.

Note that PoB does not calculate self-chill correctly as it assumes 30 effectiveness while it is only 10. For more realistic dps, uncheck "are you chilled" and check tailwind as it is closer to 10% chill.

And it uses Vaal Pact, so you cannot stop or you die, from the degen.

PoB - old with more damage

I have decided to drop the self-chill completely and instead increase my elemental damage reduction as much as possible. This should be enough to tank most boss attacks. The next upgrade would be to replace Replica Loreweave with Loreweave.

Replacing Expansive Might cluste notable with Overlord and then replacing Fortify support in the main 6-link setup would be a big damage increase too.

PoB - updated for more defence

Made some upgrades. I got the Overlord on the cluster jewel and switched fortify in the main 6-link setup. I also changed the crit clusters, invested in accuracy/crit nodes and changed auras.

I have been also experimenting with Melee Splash + Hydrosphere + Strike additional target as you can, in theory, double your dps using this combo. So far, it has been very clunky and because of constant recaasting of hydrosphere also with a very bad uptime. As for now, I would not recommend using it.

PoB - new upgrades

PoB - huge damage increase!

PoB - changed auras and gem setups

I have finally switched from Replica Loreweave to Loreweave. It is a bid defensive boost, especially against elemental damage over time. However, I lost some single target dps in the process, so I have started using the Hydrosphere memes to basically double my dps.

Ruthless was replaced by Divergent Melee Splash. That improved clear by a lot because you have both splash and shockwaves from stuns for clear. For single target, you have to have The Tribal Fury allocated, summon Hydrosphere close to the boss and target the Hydrosphere with your boneshatter. That will cause melee splash around Hydrosphere and you will also strike nearby enemy thanks to the Tribal Fury. That effectively doubles the single target dps.

If you want to focus on mapping, then you do not need Loreweave and you can keep using Replica Loreweave for quite a damage boost. However, if you want to do some of the endgame boss fights, then Loreweave is definitely a good idea.

PoB - Melee Splash Memes
*PoB is still scuffed and it will be updated as I progress
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look good !
Are you sure that Blood and Sand works for Boneshatter ? Tool Tip DPS is unimpressed by me turning on Blood and Sand (and yes i checked it in Blood and in Sand Stance ... no Diffrence)
AtrejuDakah wrote:
Are you sure that Blood and Sand works for Boneshatter ? Tool Tip DPS is unimpressed by me turning on Blood and Sand (and yes i checked it in Blood and in Sand Stance ... no Diffrence)

You are right. I was originally using it because PoB showed it working but I also tried it in-game and saw no difference.

The newest PoB is updated with the newest setup where I use Pride + Dread Banner + Herald of Purity and low lvl Precision. Investing a little bit in impale increased dps by quite a lot! I might change this in the future if I manage to get a good helmet enchant and enlighten.
Hello, i'm thinking of trying this build as the final for this league.
Just curious how does it perform in Maven fight?
Abraxas1991 wrote:
Hello, i'm thinking of trying this build as the final for this league.
Just curious how does it perform in Maven fight?

Hello, I'm still slowly progressing with the build myself so I have done Maven only once. It can definitely be done and you can face-tank most of her attacks, you can over-leech the puddles and so on. It is also definitely a good idea to have an ignite flask for her fireball as well.

However, do you know the beams in the last phase that rotate around? Well, they disable all regen, even life leech. So, you REALLY cannot touch those because if you do, you will die because of the Nebuloch degen. You can survive it if you weapon swap and dodge everything for the duration of the debuff but eh. The beams are definitely a weakness for this build.
Tnx for the answer.

Yeah her last phase is nasty and the beams are death trap for most of the builds anyways just wanted to know about if it is doable.

Well will try this build once i get the clusters and 6 link Lore at least cz it looks like a lot of fun. Tnx for the build :)
Guess +1 Trauma on helm and attack speed on boots would be best lab enchants?
Leveling this build slowly, was rocky a bit but got cruel lab on level 49 easy.
Abraxas1991 wrote:
Guess +1 Trauma on helm and attack speed on boots would be best lab enchants?
Leveling this build slowly, was rocky a bit but got cruel lab on level 49 easy.

Hey, I updated the guide with some leveling tips to ease the way through the acts. I will update PoB with leveling trees later today.

I see that you got through them already, so the main tips for you would be using this aura setup: Pride + Precision + War Banner before you get enough accuracy from your gear and you can use Warlord's Mark for easy rage generation and Berserk for quite a damage boost during maps. Also, I would use Ancestral Cry instead of Battlemage Cry and self-cast the curses/marks as it helps with clear early on quite a lot.

I haven't thought about enchants that much as getting life, accuracy and resistances was already costly, but yeah, the +1 trauma and attack speed for boots are probably the best ones.

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