[3.15] Lailors Manabond Mjölner CwC Guide 100k+ eHP

Eucly wrote:

I'll keep these in mind. Thank you!

What's your opinion about arcane capacitor as anoint?

I think Zealot's Oath is too good to pass it. And there are anoints, that are harder to skill without anointing it. The travel notes are good enough to travel it. If you skip 1 split personality and anoint it, it will free up a lot of passives.

Could be good in some cases, but not a general recommendation I think.
Thank you for the guide. I started with a different MB build and later switched to this variant. My current POB: https://pastebin.com/iT3Q7J68

Few notes:
Shock effect adjusted for more realistic on A8 Sirius. 29% in my case. You can find real value by setting "Aw. Level" and setting Shock to 0, check in Calcs under "Shock Dur. Mod" for "Current" value, set that and repeat until they "Current" and "Sirius A8" are the same value.

Shaper's Touch gloves are a great alternative to Algor Mortis and almost the same DPS for me. They give accuracy from Int, and Mana+ES from Str.
In my case it's ~760 ES, ~560 Mana and 96% hit (from 82%) - which greatly improves MB trigger rate
But you loose Sap and a bit of resists.

BL damage (I set count to 2) in POB adjusted close to my estimations using excel. I estimated self cast DPS and adjusted to actual trigger rate. Not sure if there is a better way to estimate, but I feel that it's close to real value.
Mana spent set to the value Arcane Cloak uses.
Currently Full DPS around 9M according to POB, but feels higher.

Flasks with Use when charges are full are a huge lifesaver. This is my set:

And Arc is excellent for clear. I think Anomalous is the best option for a bit more range.

Still need some levels, Unnatural Instinct, a few more tweaks to the jewelry and I still use Brine King... But I'm pretty happy with the current state of the build both for mapping and for bossing.
Caustic Arrow/Death's Oath Occultist - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2990048
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Will you update this Guide?

Im planning on playing this build in 3.16 :3
Would be interested as well.
I'd be really interested as well. This build is one of my few hopes for my existing toon in Std :P

My biggest concern is the loss of Elemental Overload, which is HUGE for us.

At this point maybe it would be a good idea to switch to a crit setup, though i'm not entirely sure...

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