[3.15] Lailors Manabond Mjölner CwC Guide 100k+ eHP

Welcome to my guide for the Manabond CwC Mjölner


-added a new video feat Oshabi
-added anoints in "Enchantments & Anoints"
-added Conviction of Power and why you should NOT use it

-added "How to get better single Target" to the faq

-edited the Stun FAQ to be true
-added some information to the Nexus Gloves

-added Nexus Gloves to the gear section
-updated my gear and the defence tab
-added "How to level this build?" to the faq

-added a video of the Feared

-added a belt section
-added a new way to get stun immunity
-added a faq for the manaflask

-added "Why don't you use Cooldown Recovery Speed for Damage increase?"
to the FAQ
-added a 80% Delirium T12 Map Video

-Changed 6-link setup for more single Target
-Rewrote a few things
-Updated Watcher's Eye Modifier List
-Added a new PoB with lvl 70, lvl 90 no cluster and lvl 90 1 Cluster
-Added a "budget" Video without Clusters/Bottled Faith and just a 5l.

After a lot of testing and feedback, I decided to change a few things on the build. The main change is the swap from Manabond to Shocknova in my 6-link to be able to use Indigon. The 5% manacost of Manabond does not work well with Indigon.

This is my CwC Mjölner Manabond/Shocknova Build.
I got a lot of ingame messages asking how the build work or if it is any good.
So I decided to write a "Guide". Please be aware, I'm still working on the build, so changes will happen. This ist my first Guide and there will be mistakes :P I play since closed beta, so at least I have some experience to share.


The new Gem Manabond get 35% of missing unreserved Mana as lightning damage.
CwC now uses mana, Mjölnir doesn't. So I have 9700 unreserved mana, lets say I average on 2k mana in a non chaos bossfight. (9700-2000)*0,35= 2695 flat lightning damage, if I understand the gem correct.
It also get AoE "+6 to length per 25% of Unreserved maximum Mana you have" So thats +18, as we reserve a little mana for Vitality, Precision and Clarity.
So I tried to balance my manapool to slowly drain without a Manaflask and go up with one.
While mapping, Coruscating Elixer is up 100% of the time, so thanks to the new autoflask, chaos damage isn't a problem while mapping.
If you can't kill the boss in 20s (2 charges Elixer) and he does chaos damage, just use the Manaflask to get to a good amound of mana and you should be good, or remove the cwc and just use a no cost Cyclone and kill it with the Manabond in you Mjölner

These Uniques are the Core of the Build.

Pros and Cons

-Can do no reg maps

-Expensive, not a league starter
-Need a lot of Uniques

Conviction of Power and why you should NOT use it

tldr: 3 skillpoints give you almost to the same. Illuminated Devotion is more survivablity.

The Chrismas Tree note of the Hiero (Conviction of Power) is simply not good for a non crit channel build.
You can get a medium cluster with Enduring Focus (3 points) and if your phys mitigation is bad without, use anomalus Enduring Cry to kickstart your charges.
Now let's take a look at Illuminated Devotion.
AoE? We have plenty, but I take it, next.
Spell Damage Leeched as Life? Well if you don't have good clusters now, it helps, next
Non-Damaging Ailments have 50% reduced Effect on you while you have Arcane Surge.
Ok what is the meaning of that line:
The most notable is: you can still move, attack and cast when you are frozen. Only at 50% of you normal speed, but thats plenty. No need for a freeze remove flask, :) a free slot for a additional Unique Flask, a dps one if you like.

The next thing is chill, the same thing here, but with Stampede it's only a little buff.

So the other ones are :
shock: you take more damage (up to 30% maybe more I'm not 100% sure on that number)
scorch: basicly eleweaknes but it's not a curse (up to-30% elemental resistance)
brittle: you take more crits (up to 15% chance to be crited )
sap: you deal less damage (up to 20%)

Even if scorch, brittle and sap are mostly used by delirium mobs, 50% reduced effect of those is still a lot of survivability.

So the value of that note is simply better. I hope you won't use it :)


-3 Endurence charges
-8.5k Armour
-Taste of Hate + Vise Oak (optinal)
-1200 ES Regen + 1800 Es Leech
-92 % reduced Curse effect on consecrated Ground. 62% without.
With Flasks

Without Flasks




The damage this helmet provides is just too good. Sadly we can't us Manabond in the CwC setup with it. But Shocknova got you covered :P


Mana, Mana as Extra Energyshield and Damage taken gained as Mana.
Good helmet for the start of the League or if you are on a low budget.

Rare Helmet
High es + mana Or life
Nearby Enemies have -x% to Lightning Resistance and additional Physical Damage Reduction while Focused and/or Int
Just worse in every way and expensive to craft.

Body Armour

The Ivory Tower

Well the reason we can go Lowlife. It provides a higher ES Pool then Shavs but takes some time to get used to.
Shavronne's Wrappings

I'm losing :
~900 Mana, ~1600 ES and ~1200 Armour
So I recommend Ivory Tower :)



It's in the title. So use it :)
Fortify corruption and/or chance to gain Onslaught is nice to have
Onslaught only if you aren't useing Stampede.


Prism Guardian

Low life without it would be a waste. Two 50% and one 35% for the cost of one reduced reservation Jewel (Corruption) is far to valuable.


Atziri's Foible

Mana and mana and mana and ...
A rare Amulet that is better than this doesn't exist, I think.
Since Manabond don't scale well with gemlevel there is no point.


A rare Belt

Something like this on a Stygian Vise base would be better.
I'm still working on a better one myself. Good influence stats are :
Es recovery,
Reduced Cooldown(over 16%) if you have a Gavel with attack speed corrution,
increased Mana Recovery rate (buy a cheap one to test if you can still drain your mana),
% increased maximum Energy Shield,
% increased Attributes (if you need them, still good for int and mana),
% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes

The cheap trick for Stun Immunity

A combo of 2 of thoses Jewels + the belt will but you at 105% Stun avoid without anything else.

The ONE Belt...

Bought it, tried it, had fun for ~10 fully juiced maps.
It feels wrong to do the expeditions, also no Beyond by Zana.
Don't forget to swap out Stampede if you use this belt.


The Stampede

I realy slept on those boots. They are awsome for cyclone. Why? Fixed 150% base Movement even if you are cycloneing and the cooldown recoveryrate for frostblink feels so good.
If you can manage the resistance use them, otherwise Rare Boots (Movementspeed, Life and Res)


Good pair of rare Gloves, I would recommend Nexus Gloves or the lower versions of those.
The perfect gloves would have unnerved on them.
A good place to get some resistance.

If you can get the resistance somewhere else, Algore Mortis are a huge increse in Damage.

Nexus Gloves?

Here is a video of a small test:
Nexus Glove test
They seem to work with Indigon. If you use them, you have a longer ramp up time but a higher top dps. I would calculate with a ~15% Mana increase for damage. If your normal Gloves give you 15% more Mana use them. The Charakter screen don't show the increase hit Damage from Manabond.

The test isn't perfect but fit with my experience.
If you can get your Hands on some, do it :)


Lightning Coil in a bottle

Helps a lot with those nasty physical Hits.
10/10would buy again.
Shavs in a Bottle

With the new Instilling Orb and the mod "Used when Charges reach full" this flask is so much QoL for Chaos Bosses and brainless Mapping.
The Wise Oak

If you get you resistances tripple balanced ( the Numbers in the () in your defence screen have to be the same in Fire/Cold/Lightning res ) use this flask.

Otherwise :
If you are poor:
Atziri Promise

Chaos res and damage. What els to say?

If you are riche :
Bottled Faith

~3-4% more Damge then Wise oak. No defensive. If you have the money, use it.

If you are planning to use a Wise Oak, you have to use a Topaz Flask OR be 50% overcapped on lightning to not break the tripple balance.
Concentrated Eternal Mana Flask

Enduring Mana Flask are for those 1k Mana Builds. We need more : >

Get bleed and poison remove on your 2 normal Flasks.

Rest of the gear

1. With Atziri Foible you need 309 strength for Mjölner.
2. Cap your Resistances
3. Get a Conductivity on Hit Ring
4. Get a ring with Reduced effect of Curses (Optional but I highly recomment it) 42% with Caster Catalysts is hugh :)

My Gear

Jewels and Cluster Jewels

Please be aware, you need one jewel with reduced reservation to run all auras int your shield.

Healthy Mind

Witch start. SO much mana :)
Efficient Training

Good for the strength requirements of Mjölner and "cheap" reduced mana or Corrupting Blood corruption.
Split Personality

Best one is Int and Mana. Es and Mana is also ok.
Not a very high priority but in my case 500 es and 500 mana.
Unnatural Instinct

24%Mana, 30%AoE and 20% SKill Effect duration are the big things here. If you can affort it, use it at the scion start.
Watcher's Eye

The one stat it should have, imo:
Gain 6-10% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity

Stats to look for:

-10-15% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline
-Effects of Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry
Linger for 2 seconds. (If you use a Bottles Faith, buy another one)
-30% increased Maximum total Energy Shield Recovery per second from
Leech while affected by Zealotry
-20-30 Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while
affected by Discipline

-10-15% increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity
-Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry causes enemies
to take 8-10% increased Damage
-Damage Penetrates 10-15% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
-10-15% increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity
-increased Attack Speed while affected by Precision (Check PoB it's
not always a good stat, but in most cases)

Nice to have as a cheap Watcher's Eye or 3rd stat:
-Cannot be Blinded while affected by Precision
-(5-8)% Chance to Block Spell Damage while affected by Disciplin
-Regenerate (1-1.5)% of Life per second while while affected by Vitality

Large Cluster Jewels

2x 8 passive Skills, lightning damage Clusters.
Notables :
Prefix Notables:
"Storm Drinker" and "Scintillating Idea" are the top dps increases.
"Supercharge", "Vengeful Commander" and "Tempt the Storm". Are worse but useable.
Suffix Notables:
Get "Disorienting Display " one time.
Doryani's Lesson and Widespread Destruction are the other options.

Medium Cluster Jewels

1x 4-5 passive Skills, 3% increased Effect of your Curses Clusters.
Notables :
Master of Fear (10% more damge) and Wish for Death (Culling strike so 10% more damage)
Evil Eye is a okisch alternative. "only" 5% more damage

Optional :

1x 4(!) passive Skills, Channelling Skills deal 12% increased Damage Clusters.
I use this only for Endurence Charge generation
Enduring Focus it is.
Hex Breaker and Unwavering Focus are ok, if you want a seconed notable.
This is also a Good choise for a Megalomaniac Medium Cluster Jewel

Small Cluster Jewels

3-4x 2 passive Skills, 15% increased Armour or 6% increased maximum Mana Small Cluster Jewels.
Notables :
Stubborn Student is the notable of my choise. With 3 of those I'm sitting at 8k Armour.
Scintillating Idea and Openness are the other Choises.

Pantheon and Bandits

Kill all Bandits

For normal mapping I use Solaris and Yugul

On bossfights with high ignite potential like the Purifier, I swap to Abberath.

If you don't use Endurence Charges and/or Cluster Jewel with Stubborn Student I would go for Gruthkul and Lunaris for mapping.

If you don't have a other way to deal with stuns, go for the Brine king but try to change that as soon as possible :) The other options are way stronger, if upgraded.

Enchantments & Anoints

Anoint options
-Utmost Intellect : good balance for dps and def
-Lucidicy : if you need 40% stun avoid for sun immunity
-Unpredictable Offence : if you need 30% stun avoid and some damage. helps a lot to get to the aps cap for Mjölner.
-Mind Drinker : the leech is nice (~220 mana/s in my case) + some max mana. The mana on kill is nice for mapping but nothing special.
-Spirit Void : my new best friend for dps. I leech ~ 720 mana/s with this note. So ~ 2900 mana recently ~ 362,5% Increased damage from Indigon. No survivablity but that's a good damage increase ;)
-Heart of thunder : Another dps anoint. In my case it's ~1/4 of the dps increase from Spirit Void. Don't use it.

Helmet enchantment
-Manabond Penetrates 12% Lightning Resistance while on Low Mana
This is the go to enchantment, 12 pen is to good.
-Arcane Cloak Spends an additional 15% of current Mana.
If you are on a 5 link, this could be a way to get you manacosts up.
I wouldn't recomment it, but it's an option.

Boot enchantment
-80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently
This is the easiest way to get close Stun Immunity for mapping.
You are close to stun immun with Phantasmal Cyclone.
Sadly the 2 mechanics are not additive. For 100% you need
1 Jewel with rolled Stun avoid or 2 Harvest Implicit crafts with Stun avoid

-Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
This is the enchant for someone who uses a other way to get Stun avoidence
or for you Cast on Death-Portal Users :P

Glove enchantment
-get what you like. Or not :P

Belt enchantment
-30% reduced Effect of Curses on you while on Consecrated Ground
(I use this)
If you are running a Bottled Faith or the lingering Zealotry Watcher's eye,
you should use this.

-Enemies Hindered by you have 50% reduced Life Regeneration rate
If you have hinder on a jewel, this is good for the league and some bosses.


Main Skill 6-Link :

Just use the non Awakened versions of this gems.
Faster Attacks is there to boost our single Target in the Mjölner.
Drop faster Attacks if you are on a 5-link

Mjölner Links :


Aura Shield:


I'm using less Duration, but for most of you increased or another free link will be better. Just test it for yourself.

Utility + Aura:


How to get better single Target

Let me say this first: This build isn't a single target dps monster. It can get to 8m Sirus dps, and higher if you want to sacrifice survivalilty.
1. APS. Mjölner has a internal cooldown. Go to pob, change the active skill to you Manabond and play with the level of your increased attackspeed gem. Just add level until the dps is at it's peak. That's the attack speed you want to get.

2. Keep your mana low. If you don't drain it, you deal no damage. If you struggle with it, there is another faq for it ;)

3. Check the rolls on you Indigon. 25% increased Spell Damage for each 200 total Mana you have Spent Recently, up to 2000% is the most important stat here and should be 25!

4.I know they are expensive and hard to roll, but the large cluster Jewels and the Curse cluster jewel are so much damage. you can buy a curse one with Wish for death and Evil eye. This should be a lot cheaper but less damage.

5. Watcher's Eye. Can be extreme expensive, but Clarity es + 1 damage mod is obtainable ;)

6. Got a helm enchant?

7. Check your gem links. A lot of people fail at this step. So better be sure ;)

8. There is a option to go dual curse. But since we have so much pen already, and we would have to sacrifice cwdt Wave of Conviction so, it's not a hugh difference, if any. Check you pob, can be different on lower gear stages.

9. Check your uptime of Elemental Overload. If it's not 100% maybe swap controlled destruction for something else like conc effect or awak lightning pen, depents on you setup and gear. Check pob

10. Check your hit chance. 85%+ is easy with Precision ( Skilltree) and Precision 21 (gem) If you can. Accuracy is not a bad stat for this build ;)

I play softcore for a reason

Get a 3 damage stat watcher's eye, a belt with 16% cooldown recoveryrate and balace you aps for the new Value. Get a Mjölner with aps Corrution to get to the new waned aps easier.
Ignore Chaos res on gear and grab yourself a pair of Algor Mortis and put cast on death portal in it :P
Swap small clusters with Stubborn Studen for Scint for Scintillating Idea ones.
Run Bottled Faith, Atziri's Promise and Wise Oak.
Still not enough? Play Generals Cry or something else with dumb single target :P

How to level this build?

I leveled with Freezing Pulse archmage Totems. If you don't want to spend anything to level, I think it's the best option. Small thing to add: go with one of the other options :P It was painful

Hollowed Palm is still very good, if you want to spend a bit :)

Some people are saying Oni-Goroshi is super strong for leveling, but I did not tested it.

Why don't you use Cooldown Recovery Speed for Damage increase?

Sadly Mjölner is a slow Weapon and I will reach the Trigger cap (without Cooldown recovery Speed) at level 98. As long as you don't have Attack Speed from Precizion (Watcher's Eye) and/or a Mjölner with atackspeed corruption, you won't feel much, if any, increase in single Target.
As a sidenote, if you want to go that route, you need 14% increased Cooldown Recoveryspeed to get to the first cap for Mjölner, so the crafted one is not enough + 7.57 APS. The next would be 52% and 10.10 aps, so not gonna happen I think.

How do you deal with Stuns

There a few ways

Please be Aware, Phantasmal Cyclone is not additive with the normal Stun Avoid. It is good enough for mapping, but For the harder Maven invitations, like Breachlords, or Simulacrums it's simply not good enough.

1.Lucidity or Unpredictable Offence anoint on boots ( you could skill it as well) + Unwavering Focus on a cluster jewel + 2-3 Jewel enchants.

2. If you don't have a way to blind yet, Unwavering Stance is "only" 4 Points.

3. Boot enchantment with 80% avoid if you have killed. + 2 Jewel enchants.
Good enough for mapping. Feels bad at the higher Invitations or Simulacrums.

4. The harvest way. Enchant 10 of you Jewels/Cluster Jewels with avoid being stuned. I hope I will get there someday :P
You could do this for poison too, if you choosed another method.

5.Phanteon Brine King. Try to get another way as soon as possible, but it's there, if you just started.

6.Darkness Enthroned

2 of thoses Jewels and the belt will bring you to 105% Stun Avoid

My Mana is always full

Most of the time, it is enough to cast Arcane Cloak while cycloning. You just need a kickstart for Indigon.

Possibile Fixes:
-Use a lower leveled clarity
-Buy a higher leveled Shocknova
-Put Arcane Cloack on you left click to get the manacost increase from Indoigon up.
-Swap increased Duration to Less Duration on your Arcane Cloak
-Check if you skilled "Forethought" on the Skilltree

Mana Flask?

This Flask has a few use cases.
1. If our Coruscating Elixer is empty, get Mana more quickly to stay alive while chaos damage.
2. To run No Regen Maps, just don't use Arcane Cloak and you are fine
3. The flask give us 400 mana/s so 1600 recently---> 200% increased damage from Indigon

I'm dead but have mana and es

The Expedition shrines have a mod that culls you, if you have under 20% life, what we always do.

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You are missing the annointment on your boots ?
Great job! Keep it up!
Overdarke wrote:
You are missing the annointment on your boots ?

The Anoint and the enchant share the same "slot".
I prefere been stun immun over some damage ^^.
Last edited by Lailor89 on Aug 3, 2021, 8:21:20 PM
thats one of the all time best idea ever for a build, you just adapted 3.15 and you made a really nice totally new concept, i stopped poe but just wanted to tell you, thats a 200 iq build lol
Hi Lailor, great idea for the build and would just like to ask a few things:

- Is it worth taking MoM to be bit tankier? Does it work with Hiero's Sanctuary of thought?

- Many other builds on poe ninja went for arc but you went for shock nova, from what I know shock nova got buffed does it feel good vs Arc?

-Isn't energy leech support really good? Potential 40% more multiplier

Thanks :)
Last edited by goatman0 on Aug 5, 2021, 9:17:41 AM
goatman0 wrote:
Hi Lailor, great idea for the build and would just like to ask a few things:

- Is it worth taking MoM to be bit tankier? Does it work with Hiero's Sanctuary of thought?

- Many other builds on poe ninja went for arc but you went for shock nova, from what I know shock nova got buffed does it feel good vs Arc?

-Isn't energy leech support really good? Potential 40% more multiplier

Thanks :)

- MoM sadly don't work with energy shield, only with life. So it has no use for us =/

-Arc has a higher single target potential then shock nova. But a lot of the damage is coming from Manabond, so the shock effect of Shocknova might be better (will do math on that later, need to be in the mood for that ^^ ). But for clear and look i prefere Shocknova over arc. Arc just feel unsatisfying for me.

-Energy Leech Support only give 25% more (gem leve21) when we are leeching. For my understanding, that means when I'm not at full es. So most of the time it would only be 15% more Damage while on Full Energy Shield. You can use it, if you need the leech, but from a damage point of view its not better then the rest.

Hope it helped
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Pob is missing the small cluster nodes if anyone is wondering. Would level 96-98 be for another split personality at divine judgement jewel node? Or maybe Path of the servant?
Karp_490 wrote:
Pob is missing the small cluster nodes if anyone is wondering. Would level 96-98 be for another split personality at divine judgement jewel node? Or maybe Path of the servant?

Change the link to a new PoB. Tweaked the skilltree a little.

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