Expedition PlayStation Launch Update

We were expecting to launch Path of Exile: Expedition on console today. The good news is that the launch is going ahead on Xbox. The bad news is that we've encountered a showstopping database issue and as a result, Path of Exile is currently down on PlayStation until we resolve this.

We are unable to bring the realm up on PlayStation until we're sure that this issue has been resolved. Our team is working as quickly as possible on rectifying this. However, we're unable to provide a current estimate as to when the realm will be up on PlayStation. We hope that it will be available again later today and will update this post when we have a clearer timeline to provide.

Our deepest apologies to the PlayStation community who were waiting for this launch. This is an extremely unfortunate issue and we will work as quickly as we can to resolve it.

EDIT: We're about 30 minutes away from being live. Thank you for your patience.
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deepest apologies, as usuall, almost every league some problems at start
Why?how did you manage to do this? KEKW
With the Game being slowed down, they forgot to not slow down the Database and Updates on the Database, so please be patient, the Issue will be resolved JUST IN TIME. (as Alva would say)
Noooooooooooooooo :((((((((((((((((((
how long it will take? Better go sleep I think...
Mais uma desculpa, sempre com problemas e nunca consegue corrigir, qual será a desculpa da próxima liga?
This should've been addressed to the PlayStation community earlier, not after the League Start Timer was already over...
Same shit different league. Don’t see how there was an issue with ps and not xbox. [Removed by Support]
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Thanks for the post and keeping the minority console community in the loop! I'm looking forward to playing!
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