[3.15] Budget Friendly [3M - 7M] A9 Sirus DPS Shield Crush Chieftain Tank [101k - 350k eHP]

Ah, another ridiculously massaged path of building. Never fails.
I don't understand. The budget version is only using a 1.8k colossal which is dirt cheap. The 6link is a +1 Tabula also cheap. Without Ngamahu checked its 1.8M damage but it should be checkedmarked in my opinion since its part of the ascendancy. PoB community needs to average that out instead like what they do with some of the other nodes.

I think going poison though would be as effective and a better clear too using PlagueBearer but I'm not sure about the eHP pool if you go Pathfinder compared to Chieftain.

I added the 2nd pastebin to push the build but its not really high enough for the cost?

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Lvl 100 tree and lvl 4 enlighten with all flasks active. No one reaches level 100 and maybe don't use the word budget and put a 20 ex gem in the build. And how do you keep your flasks permanentely up vs sirus for example since you have the active in pob?

Unrealistic build but it could be changed to be more realistic with little work i suppose.
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the enlightened does nothing for the build i added that since i wanted to hit 3M instead of 2.9M. I'll take it out but... 2.9M isn't 3M? as for 100, thats life nodes and i know lvl95 is max for most but 100 allows you to plan every node.
Any new players looking at this build don't do it. You won't get anywhere near the dps he's showing. It's all just POB checked on things that won't be up nearly half the time. This is a noob trap of a build.
So I made one mistake with the build? Lifetap. I'll fix it later maybe. I need to remove lifetap and enlightened in next update not sure when I'll do that.
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Welcome to Path of Paper :)

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