[3.16]✨ Velyna's Hammer CoC ✨ | Spin To Win | Damage + Defence | Easy Playstyle

mid-tier feels super squishy - tons of 1-shots - not feeling very confident the end tier is worth it based on mid
anyone playes this build and can me tell how good its going

in t16 underground sea / sextants + beyond?

like how
- many scourge stacks u reach?
- how rippy is it?

the cinderflask is no longer available as you have it is there another option???

and i will be happy if you can tell me how to get freez imun, i die from it more often.
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@Artegal87 I reached T14 maps with this build and I started with it. If you haven't played CoC before you will enjoy it. I invested all the currency I could find so far in it and it looked promising. However many of the defensive layers don't work so well as already pointed out before. For example the fortify doesn't proc so much and when you need it the most it's down. It's hard to get a comfortable amount of ES in this build. Really squishy build and if you don't like dying, don't play it.

My gear is far from perfect but it's close to the specs the OP gave.

In my eyes the best is probably to go full on ES/Life and try to max out ES on every armour piece possible.

Also I got some spare exalts but I am unsure what to spend them for. Maybe throw one at my shield, but who knows what will come out.
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after getting stuck in the high 80s for days I gave up on this build, even with progress to god-tier setup was constant insta-gibbed. Harvest was a death sentence for example.

Looking on poe.ninja vast majority of upper level mjolner players are using eye of winter and I cobbled together a build based on some people using lowish tier gear (skin of the loyal etc, not using 6 link via new shield) - just to see without dumping yet more currency into this build.

I have to say eow / vortex is much better - the builds I copied went for armor for phy mit + pretrified blood and I feel much tankier (though not tanky) - the insta-gibbs have declined dramatically and finally in the 90s

Clear feels slightly worse but not much, single target feels much better and i haven't finished leveling all the gems yet. My gear is far from optimal comparatively to the builds I based on and is trashed compared to gear I had for this version. My character profile is public if you want to look at ScourgingThor

Edit: at this point gear is way beyond what I had when i switched - still much much happier. Also fortify corrupt is useless for this build in general with fortify changes - barely ever have even 1 stack, sometimes up to 3
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Leveling this build as we speak. At what level would you recommend switching to CoC?
hi man any chance we can use this build but change gem to use eow and hydrosphere?
Velyna! You have the funniest build :) I loved playing with the Storm Brand and now i'm playing with this one.

Thanks for the effort.

I have 2 questions:

1 - Even with nice gear i find myself OOM ofter, what am I doing wrong?
2 - Storm Brand is awesome for boss killing. Is there anyway to get a better result with this build? I feel that single damage is a little bit low.

Changed the final form of the build to life based instead of LowLife. Comes out better defensively with little change to DPS, but it's more expensive now.
Thank you for not even replying to our questions.

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