[3.16]✨ Velyna's Hammer CoC ✨ | Spin To Win | Damage + Defence | Easy Playstyle

GravitIce wrote:
Thank you for not even replying to our questions.

I looked at the guy who was asking about gear etc, his character was swapped to something different so I couldn't help. The answer to your question is in the CoC gear section: level 85 at least.
Decided to give this build a try after getting stupid lucky this league and dropping both a Squire and Mageblood. Overall, I'd say this is a pretty fun build, but I feel like it falls behind a bit in the damage and defense department. I'm not sure if I've built it incorrectly, or if I just have unrealistic expectations. To clarify, when I say damage, I'm referring to single target damage like on bosses and such. Clear is good, and gameplay is very fluid.

Linked to my gear and PoB below. If anyone could tell me if anything looks glaringly wrong, let me know!

PoB: https://pastebin.com/32vrDu6H
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Please divine that crown of inward to max :D
Im trying this in 3.17. Did trigger mark on hit rings get removed? I cant find any on trade.

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