Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Winners

Wow damn, this Chaos Cipher by Inemal is by far my favorite !
Congrats to all the winners! So many deserving pieces in here and the whole competition. So happy right now, I'm crying haha
nice, i like chaos cipher the most
Nice. I like the fact that for once GGG chose physical submissions. We've seen some great art but making a physical object takes a lot of talent and time.
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The RaizQT meme actually making it amongst the winners. FML xD
Path of Casino - because literally everything is gambling/RNG.
Get rid of the fucking lab already. Boring, tedious "content."
Thanks for deleting my honest reply and opinion. Gz winners, but most of the really great entries deserve more than 17-20 places or nothing. [Removed by Support]
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Grats winners!
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Congrats, people! Amazing work! My favourite is the Art of the Karui.
i love Carrion Golemancer art

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