We've prepared pieces of concept art from the Ultimatum Supporter Packs to share with you. Check out the concept art below, or purchase your pack here.

Silver Crescent Supporter Pack

Imperial Sun Supporter Pack

The Ultimatum Supporter Packs will be available until the announcement of our 3.16 expansion.
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Grinding Gear Games
can we we have the original concept art imperial sun set? it looks 10 times better
Hmm.. the Silver Crescent concecpt art looks better than its implementation
[Removed by Support]
francorocco23 wrote:
can we we have the original concept art imperial sun set? it looks 10 times better
Its literally the same except concept art doesnt depict the glowing effects.
Yo gimme dat login prio.

Harvest sucks! But look at my decked out gear two weeks in!

Labyrinth salt farm miner.
The Imperial Sun set looks so much better without the yellow glowing carrots hanging at the bottom.
I need to know who came up with the Silver Crescent alternate helmet. That thing looks awesome and scary at the same time.

I am also looking for when the Misery/Suffering stuff will go on sale/discount...
pls remove carrots
The carrot effects on the Imperial Sun pack are so polarizing that you really couldn't lose by adding an alternate version without them.

Some people like the carrots; they won't use the alt version, they'll keep using the original release.

And some don't - they might buy the pack without it.
Le Toucan Will Return
I wish the glowing "carrots" for imperial sun were optional for the back as it is for the helmet attachment. Luckily I have a nice back attachment that covers it, but I want to be able to use it without one and still have it look nice.
Ugh. The imp sun concept is stunning, makes me kinda sore the in game asset can't follow the same aesthetic or detail and colour.

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