Ultimatum Supporter Packs Concept Art

Hopefully the textures will be updated in PoE 2. And, the Imperial Sun aura effect is the weirdest thing I've ever seen...
Praanesh wrote:
The Imperial Sun set looks so much better without the yellow glowing carrots hanging at the bottom.

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Honestly, original color tones & textures from concept arts are way better than what we got.
concept is stunning.
with each league, the support sets got worse and worse, you needed 1200 coins, but the packs failed =(( conept arts rly much more better.
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francorocco23 wrote:
can we we have the original concept art imperial sun set? it looks 10 times better

Totally agree! No carrots!
make carrots great again
more mtx = less performance
I'm not a fan of bobbleheads (oversized helmets/heads).
For the Imperial Sun armor, the light behind and underneath (but I assume that's just an aura effect) takes alot of it's appeal.
Comes in "no queue version"? If no, there's no need to buy...

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