Enemy Critical Strike Multiplier Reduction

Players have a base critical strike multiplier of 150
Monsters have a base critical strike multiplier of 130, by default. It's theoretically possible that certain types of monsters override this base value, but I doubt any do.
nevermind, found answer to my question.
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When i calculated right the overall dmg reduction of a crit from a monster(130% multiplier) is just 7%? So it works like a mod wich would say "7% less dmg taken from crits from monsters".
Maybe just pvp passives^^
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hey mark, can you confirm this theory of numbers?

like you said, 150 base.

assuming from gear we have 50 from gloves, 60 from amulet and 50 from wand. can i simply restate all these numbers in the following formula to compute the ending result?

150 + (1.6*150)= 150 + 240 = 390 critical multiplier to all skills/spells

where 160(1.6) is the sum of additional critical multiplier from gear
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Hello Mark

Hypothetical for ya:

I have 90% exactly fire rez, I crit a fireball onto a monster that reflects elemental damage, the fireball does 100,000 damage.
I assume I would take 2,000 damage in this case.

Now if I have the enemy critical strike multiplier reduction passives...will I take less than 2,000 damage in the above scenario?

I really hope this is the case...reflect ele damage is most certainly my enemy.

Edit for bad math, forgot it's only 20% reflect.
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it reduces the damage from crits enemies land on you, not the reflected damage of your crits on enemies.

it does:
monster hits for 1000.
monster crits for 1300. (base 130% crit aka +30% damage as seen above by Mark).

you have both crit reduction nodes:

monster crits you for 1000+(300-30%) aka 1210 instead of 1300. aka ~0,93077 = 7% net reduction of damage taken.

just how high are the increases from the monster aura "increased critical strike chance and critical damage" ?

personally im thinking right now these nodes are only worth it in a ("i am cursed with critical weakness"+"my enemy is a pack of increased crit chance/crit damage monsters) situation. But as they are positioned atm they are hard to avoid if you're aiming for stuff left AND right of them


your reflect elemental damage situation does the following:

you deal 10.000 elemental damage on a target.
20% gets reflected, thats 2.000.
these 2000 have to go through your elemental resists. say its fire and you have your 90% fire resists, you will take 10% of 2000 aka 200 damage.

i'd rather watch out for stuff like lightning thorns (flat amount reflected per HIT regardlass of how hard the hit was ...you might as well deal 1 damage and get 1000 in return) and physical reflect since the 20% physical that get reflected have to work against armor instead of something like 90% elemental resists

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^^^ Thanks for the input. I'm sure you are probably correct but I'd still like to hear it from the horse's mouth if you will.

It does say under the passive in the description "You take 15% reduced extra damage from critical strikes"...when my fireball crits gets reflected at me they are most certainly my enemies...probably asking too much for it to work in the fashion.

I want to try a new spec but I just know I will 100-0 myself from molten shells pops all the time. If I switch to a new spec I'm eyeballing I'm more worried about my 100K+ molten shell taking me 100-0 poof on an ele reflect pack with approx 6k ES.
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He is not correct. When you have your crit reflected, you will take a crit from the monster. Thus it will be reduced.
Umbraal wrote:
He is not correct. When you have your crit reflected, you will take a crit from the monster. Thus it will be reduced.


so if i CRIT for 10k instead of HIT for 10k i get a 2600 reflect by crit instead of a 2000 reflect although both dealt 10k damage to the same reflecting enemy? This sounds quite illogical to me, we'd probably need Mark to clear that up for us.

so what your saying is:

a 10k crit FROM YOU, ON THE MOB , gets reflected by the monster. THAT would result in a 2600 reflect instead of 2000 reflect because it was a crit, not a normal hit. unless the monster has increased critical strike/damage aura , which would be then reduced by 2x15% of 600 (the extra damage part) aka 600*0,7 aka 2000+420 damage so 2420 will have to go through his resists, which at 90% results in 242 instead of 200 damage taken.


So far i have understood "reflect damage" (be it physical or elemental) as "20% of net damage input gets reflected , then mitigated by your armor/resists" - it reflects a percentage amount of the damage taken - ok. but even the type of hit dealt to it ? whut?

Mark to the rescue please.

TLDR: For mobs reflecting damage, does the source hit type matter or only the total amount to determine the amount of damage to reflect? Aka if you crit a reflect mob will it just reflect more damage because a crit did more damage than a regular hit would have done, or will the reflected damage be a crit by the mob on you on top of it (effectively increasing the reflected damage by 30% unless other modifiers are in place) which will then go through the players extra crit damage reduction and then through other mitigation?

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Umbraal wrote:
He is not correct. When you have your crit reflected, you will take a crit from the monster. Thus it will be reduced.
This is not true. reflected damage is only about the amount, no reflection is capable of being a crit.

Also, turns out these passives were reducing all extra damage from enemy crits, even if you just have one passive, due to a rounding error (the multiplier was treated as an integer, so any multiplier below 100% rounded to 0). Expect that to be fixed in 0.10.7.
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