Zizaran's Class Gauntlet Event Starts on June 12th!

Wooo :D hyped!
@Zizaran ingame
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Is it SSF? Is it HC? I guess I missed in the post and video where it said.
for the guys asking is SSF HC with all the mods listen above. I guess is not mandatory for random draw prices to join discord, only for rank prices where you need to proof the boss kill.
This looks like a truly amazing event.

Looking forward to seeing crazy RIP clips. Lots of them.

For people who've never played HC before - you can have a lot of fun just giving it a go, but going in with low expectations of getting far (consider beating Act 2 a huge victory). Then once you die and aren't having fun restarting any more, this ruleset makes spectacular viewing either over on Twitch, or on the rare Youtube stream.
Le Toucan Will Return
New week - new streamer ad. Classic.
"Path of Exile successfully deleted from your computer"
Will the streamer priority queue be turned 'on' or 'off' for this one?
thanks for making this an event!
SerChivalry wrote:
I feel bad for the people who get excited about things like this.

dido, based upon recent ggg behavior it is quite likely they are going to give streamers better RNG, a head start, faster queues, who knows what else but i figure this is as rigged (if not more) then any previous league

A shame really.. back in the day race seasons weren't tainted with corruption and an uneven field
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
Waaay too much rippy random garbage in this game to ever bother with a hardcore league. Tell me how I died & I'd consider it, but hard pass til then.

Would've been nice if the HC mode had been mentioned somewhere we didn't have to go three links deep to find out.
>Zizaran sponsored event


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