3.14.2 Hotfix

found only 1 trialmaster after 1.5 months and it was bugged... ruined... wasted!

pls just change challenge or buff spawn rate trialmaster (even if u nerf his drop/reward/anyth) or do someth else to fix this trash!!!!

its not normal at all what u did with challenge conditions for trialmasters and how rare his is!
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Unfortunately, even after the patch and the hotfix, I'm still getting random crashes that I didn't have before the 3.14.1d.

I haven't crashed when entering a map, like before 3.14.2 but still crashed twice in one map shortly after :
- entering a lab trial
- starting an ultimatum (failing it in the process)

Can't really play the game in that state.
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haven't been able to run POE on my pc since the 3.14.1d patch. I was hoping this patch would fix it but it's still doing the same thing. Every time I open the game the opening animation plays and the 2 small gears show up on the screen and the game freezes. I can still hear the music but it just stays at the gears and never lets me into the game. Please fix this GGG I can't play the game!
Hi GGG, forum.

I have never had any problems with framerate before this patch.
Now my framerate seldom go above 40FPS.
I have it set at 60FPS and as I said, no problem with this before.

Are there any settings I can adjust to fix this?
The game is not playable now :(

Tried lowering resolution, change to DX11, fullscreen.

--- Edit

Should have waited with this post.

A restart of my computer fixed it!

Sorry, back to gaming! :D
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fail conect instance - server são paulo
plz help-me
Hello Grinding Gear Games! You messed up vaal souls totally. In standard i had 15 stacks, after this update we only have 1 soul and this isn't in the notes and is a bug. How could this be fixed?
I am using Vaal Ground Slam.

This Attack can store 4 uses.

Since this hotfix i can only activate an Attack roughly every 2 seconds.

Before the fix the attacks were able to be executed corresponding the attack time / attack speed.

This ruins my playstyle severely, please have a look into it.

--- Edit
I tested further, the effect is triggered by swapping weapons.
When i log out and back in everything is working.
After swapping weapons (in my case to get endurance charges with redblade banner) the general cooldown is applied to the skill.

The only way to get rid of it is logging out and back in

--- Edit #2
After further testing i figured out its the Weapon "Al DHIH" causing the strange delays, not the shiled "Redblade Banner"
Without Al DHIH euipped, it works as before.

--- Edit #3
Solved: I found my failure. I used Chainbreaker and simply didnt have enough rage. I didnt know the skill is not usable if you have insufficient rage. And btw. Rage costs are multiplied by the support gem cost multiplier

:D Stupid me, im sorry.
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Hello, after the update there is a huge problem with the Vaal gems, similar to the above on Vaal Strom Caal I had 15 stacks now only 1 which makes the game very difficult and the build sucks. Please pay attention to it and fix it as it was.

Thank you very much in advance.
Just now I got a trial master. I didn't teleport to his arena and stayed in the map. I couldn't move and just died in one hit.
Since the last few patches I am much more often directly surrounded by one or two packs of mobs when freshly entering a map. Even rare mobs are showing up and immediately start attacking.

Combined with the severe performance issues when loading new content (like casting spells or spawning minions) I think this is a no-go.

Sure, you have spawn protection for a relatively long period of time - but this time ends after your first action. And when the first action is causing massive lags this leads to a probably dangerous situation and sometimes instant death.

Please have the nearest packs stay at least so far away, that they don't get aggro on your party when just freshly entering a new zone.


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