Our Path of Exile-themed Fan Art Competition is well underway and we have already received so many wonderful and diverse submissions that we wanted to share some with you today! Check them out below!

Jun Profile by Hoonium

Kitava, the Insatiable by Myrkvr

The Allflame by Akira159

Path of Exile Themed Cards by Lin7in

Exile Surfing by Sithkae

Chaos Depression by Sithkae

let's change the instance will ya? by lolozori

Malachai by himreru

There is still plenty of time left to enter so if you've been inspired to submit a piece, be sure to post in the thread by clicking here.
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Nice Shorts of Defiance RaizQT got there.
That Raiz art is KILLER. That is REALLY good.

but rly when buff chance spawn trialmaster? uh?
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That RaizQT art is priceless, more so if you have context for everything on the picture.

Edit: I want those beach defiance shorts so bad now... they look amazing.
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Meinen Respekt, da sind ja richtige Kunstwerke entstanden.

Supi !
All of them look very nice, but that beach one is amazing.
Excellent work all!
haha! the surfer fits so right

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