Within the next few days (possibly as early as tomorrow), we're planning to deploy Patch 3.14.1d which includes the video memory utilisation improvements that we discussed last week.

3.14.1d Patch Notes

  • The Path of Exile client now utilises your system's video memory more efficiently, which means that assets will stay loaded for longer. For systems with sufficient video memory, this will result in significantly fewer assets being visibly loaded during gameplay.
  • Added 'Wipe Cache' button in Options. While we clear Path of Exile's cache periodically, this button can be used on demand to attempt to troubleshoot issues that may be due to invalid files, or if the cache grows too large.

We'll be keeping a close eye on players' reports of their experiences after this patch. As we mentioned last week, this patch is not a panacea for every single graphical/performance issue in the game, but we expect it to have a large impact on making things feel a lot better for most users.

We have a few other performance/graphics related things to talk with you about (for example, cases of invisible monsters and their skills), and a couple of small tools on the way that will make diagnosing performance issues more efficient. We don't have a timeline for this just yet as we want to iterate further before announcing anything. In the meantime, we at least wanted to let you know this is on our radar.

We look forward to your feedback about the upcoming patch.
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice. Will this have a positive effect on loading screen times, if assets/textures that are shared between zones aren't aggressively cleared from memory?
Last edited by gnawbert on May 17, 2021, 6:26:13 PM
Good stuff

Now please fix the horrible trialmaster boss spawnrate.
Last edited by Skogspeter on May 17, 2021, 6:31:18 PM
Ok. How about ultimatum improvements? Or it works fine for you?
Excellent to hear, GGG. I hope it helps players enjoy POE more. I've been lucky and been reasonably okay with performance as of late but I know for many it has been unplayable.
Melaviy wrote:
Ok. How about ultimatum improvements? Or it works fine for you?
How about you let them address one thing at a time, hmm? Do you need to come in and ask about Y when the topic is about X? No.
Last edited by Zeragrin on May 17, 2021, 6:30:55 PM

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