[3.14] Wild Strike Replica Last Resort Juggernaut - 10M+ DPS, T1 Clearspeed, Facetank Endgame


Video Guide

Path of Building


Build Highlights

- 10m+ DPS
- 7.5k eHP
- 3.5k+ Life Recovery/Second (1k+ Life Regen/Second)
- Triple Charge Generation
- Go to 0:35 in the video if you wanna see me facetank the Maven 4way Shaper while forgetting to proc Fortify...

How it Works

Replica Last Resort gives 50% increased attack speed, 100% increased accuracy rating, and 200% increased attack damage when on low life. These are global modifiers, so naturally we look to scale external sources of flat added damage. HOWEVER, when you are not on low life you deal no damage. Thus we are always forced to be on low life.

The Petrified Blood skill gem enables us to do this safely, and we then use Arrogance support linked with Vitality, Precision, and War Banner to reserve some percentage of our life. We then start every map by using Blood Rage to degen below 50%, where we will remain for the rest of the map.

From here we stack a ton of flat accuracy and do a fairly generic accuracy scaling juggernaut, with some interesting rare item choices.

Core Items

These boots (or Cloudwhisper/Stormrider bases) give us flat added lightning damage for accuracy.

Oskarm gives crit chance for accuracy.

Thus, in the build we have 3 core ways in which accuracy scales when we factor in Juggernaut's undeniable node, giving us attack speed for accuracy.

Gear Summary

Already explained above. Look for Attack Speed or Crit corruption

Frenzy + Attack Crit Chest. A generally flexible slot. Life and Resists are also good here. Inpulsa's is also a good option and what I ran with for the first 93 levels.

Another flex slot. My helmet is crafted with an Awakener orb with Warlord and Crusder influences, priotizing the Strength added as Accuracy and nearby Lightning Resistance reduction of enemies mods. Replica Abyssus/Abyssus (insane damage) or Obscurantis (medium damage) are your budget options. Both Abyssus options make you quite squishy and I wouldn't recommend it.

Oskarm, and nothing else comes close. Look for +1 Frenzy/Ele Weak on Hit/Attack Crit corruptions. Should be cheap.

As stated, the implicit is the most important. Other than that, Tailwind on crit would be an ideal rare mod. Resists + Life otherwise. Movement speed is unimportant because our Whirling Blades attack speed is so insanely fast.

Rare Stygian, flexible slot. Darkness enthroned with Abyssal Jewels is also a good idea. Prioritize Accuracy, Life, and Flat Added Lightning Damage on these jewels.

Marylene's is non-negotiable. The DPS boost is way too significant. Panopticon as an annointment is insanely strong for bossing and also super cheap. +1 Curse is purely a greedy corruption. +1 max res would be ideal. The base intelligence from the amulet when uncorrupted is underrated.

Flexible slots. Priotize Accuracy, Life, Resists. Other options include a Curse-on-Hit ring, Global Crit Multi through essence crafting, Mark of the Elder combination, or The Taming. Flat Accuracy here is really just the best option though


After you get the two necessary Combat Focus Jewels (cannot choose fire, cannot choose cold), the other jewel slots are totally flexible. These are good examples of budget rare jewels. I use split personality jewels in the sockets around the top right side of the tree, but these are barely a gain. A good Watcher's Eye would have LGoH with Vitality. This is an incredibly useful mod because of our half-sized life pool (despite our doubly-sized EHP). Other good mods include Vitality Life Recovery, Precision Crit Multi and Precision Flask Charges. Even the cluster jewel setup is highly flexible. The Large Cluster jewel node Wind-Up IS INVALUABLE though. Free power charges all day.


The ultimate greedy setup. But it doesn't hinder your play in any way. These are a huge DPS boost and you should look to get all of these flasks ASAP. Bottled faith can wait until after you have completed all of your <1 EX upgrades.

Ascendancy and Bandits

Undeniable -> Unstoppable -> Unflinching/Unbreakable
Kill all or Alira




Phantasmal Wild Strike - Lightning Pen - EDWA - Multistrike - Elemental Focus/Awakened Added Lightning - Ancestral Call/Ruthless

Whirling Blades - Fortify - Lifetap - Fortify

Blood Rage - Ancestral Protector - Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Precision - War Banner - Vitality - Arrogance Support

Summon Skitterbots - Enlighten Support - Petrified Blood

Hydrosphere (lvl1) - Cast When Damage Taken (lvl1) / Summon Ice Golem - Dash

If you don't have Aspect of the Spider, you can additionally take a Herald of your choice or Arctic Armor.


If this is a reroll character, just do Hollow Palm levelling until you finish campaign.

Otherwise, if you REALLY want to start using Replica Last Resort as early as possible, wait until level 31 to get Arrogance Support linked with Herald of Thunder or Ice, and make sure to also use Petrified Blood. Build as a generic elemental attack build (e.g. Buzzsaw, Storm Cloud, etc.). Recommended links would be Wild Strike - Ancestral Call - Added Lightning - Multistrike - Added Cold - Ruthless. Some helpful items if you choose this route include Prismweave and Replica Tasalio's Sign.

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Gonna give this build a try
Hi! i realy like the build idea. But i'm searching from items, and didn't see any amulet whit "aditional curse" this mod is possible ?
could you please share your results against ultimatums in high tiers?

how do this build performance against them?? are u able to "face tank" them?
Hi. I just died as a Raider with Lightning Strike.
I am now looking for a new build.
My question now is this build HC viable ?
Thanks for sharing your amazing guide.
soilwork666 wrote:
Hi! i realy like the build idea. But i'm searching from items, and didn't see any amulet whit "aditional curse" this mod is possible ?

Yeah. I wouldn't worry about the +1 curse though. makes the whole build way more expensive
yeah. t16 ultimatums don't do as much damage as minotaur slams :o.

but more importantly, wild strike is really good in ultimatums because the chain distance with the phantasmal and + helmet enchant is enough to 1 shot every wave.
Psychoser wrote:
Hi. I just died as a Raider with Lightning Strike.
I am now looking for a new build.
My question now is this build HC viable ?
Thanks for sharing your amazing guide.

In principle, yeah, but not with this exact setup. You'd want to spec into a couple more more life nodes, throw fortify on main skill gem setup. You'd also want to drop a damage flask for a Basalt Flask of Heat and the Unstoppable node and get the Unrelenting node.

That'll probably get you to be something like 1.5x as tanky. Then you'd want to get a Life gain on hit vitality watcher's eye to emulate instant leech and I think it'd be a good hc spec.

But tbh, I'm not a HC player outside of some races, and even there I suck. Never made top 10, never mind won a HC race so take what I suggest for HC with a grain of salt.
Alright. Will try it out an let you know how it went. Thanks for the suggestions.

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