Engine Performance Bug Found

Nice! Thanks!
my download speed for the patch is 5-20 kb/sec, and i dont have any net issues on my end atm...
Nice work :)
For some time I have run ISLC (intelligent standby list cleaner) a program that flushes all standby ram. This program is made by the same person behind DDU (display driver uninstaller) so I suspect it does what it says and that they have expertise when it comes to window systems.

Before texture streaming this program helped tons to eliminate stuttering in poe. Which according to the program description was it's purpose. However the community has recently also said it helps alliviate texture streaming issues. I cannot stop to wonder that the same issue causing stuttering is now causing texture streaming issues.

This is further backed by the recent windows security patch that caused a increase in texture streaming issues for windows. This according to ISLC is a long standing issue with windows and seems to not be fixed since the last update of the program, seems to also disaapropriatly cause issues for fullscreen and windowed fullscreen applications, which was mentioned by microsoft in their fix for the security patch (that also caused stuttering in other games).

Thanks for the teams hard work! <3 Hope you get to the root cause, we all want PoE to be the best it can.
Thanks for mentioning this program.
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Polluxk01 wrote:
I am now getting Random Crashes to the Desktop after applying this patch.

As this is a change to shaders do delete old shaders to let poe recreate them again. I find this helps prevent issues after any update.
I did, but it was still crashing. All good now.
I really appreciate your efforts, keep up the good work. Thank you GGG
Stalling textures you say? Well rule Nr 1 should always be to NOT apply Quin strats to programming I guess. Thanks for the fix.
Don't wish to seem negative, but I've noticed no improvement.

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