New Microtransactions: Vaal Orb Cremation Effect, Vaal Orb Armour Set and Weekend Skill Effect Sale

Monster Vaal Orb set! Very thematic, i dig it
i love this set but i HATE the helmet and wish you guys had literally anything else that would match or i would buy this.
Give us Vaal Orb weapon effect, portal, footprints pleaaaassse
I guess goofy and gaudy is the new design target? If so that armour nailed it.
Need more MTX?
Pleas GGG Fix harvest.T4 seeds people do not find it in a week, is this already too much?
Some epic cloak or wings next?
Really wished the color palates matched for the armor set & 12 achievement trial-master helmet reward. Great work though!
Last edited by Gomahssoul1 on Apr 30, 2021, 2:45:28 PM

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