New Microtransactions: Vaal Orb Cremation Effect, Vaal Orb Armour Set and Weekend Skill Effect Sale


Disappointed there's no 4-boob armor set :/
If only cremation wasn't a corps skill then it would feel good to play.
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more mtx
Nope this is trash... fix the game.
The funny thing is, with all of those vaal orbs applied to the armour, you just KNOW it's all bricked rares you are showing off right?
Armor is great but these red faces ugly as f*ck.
Ok this is a pretty dope set!!
Also despite you totally wrecked harvest and the texture streaming. The league is nice. Iam having a good time with it. The game in general i mean. Ultimatum is alright.
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Do really like that theme, very PoE style.
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Legitimately one of the best looking armor sets in a good while. Lean into it BB <3
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