Grinding Gear Games is Hiring Japanese Translators

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I'd be surprised if that ideal candidate even exists -- that list is ridiculous in its ambition. But I'm sure you'll get someone close enough. Hopefully several someones for QC.

Hey, so, Aoi Yuuki for my sword's Japanese voice when? Her, Inoue Kikuko, Ohara Sayaka, Hayami Saori, Sawashiro Miyuki...any of those really. I'm not picky. Hahahaha.
17th April, 2021: GGG allowed 'popular' streamers access to PoE but denied it of everyone else. For 'a pile of money'. PoE is a free to play game. So play it for free. Clearly they don't need your money. Boycott GGG.

If I've been probated I can't check messages; contact 'The_Scourge' on reddit.
Me DappouMaguro kinda Vtuber who stream Path of Exile in Twitch demanded Japanese localized PoE for him sister and his friends for real.
In my opinion, localize all contents include wiki, in game dialog and etc. may be too much work.
and I wonder all of those translate work be worth the cost.

I have recommended Path of Exile to many Japanese gamers in the past, but all thing that they said is "I wish If I could understand the effects of skills and equipment and I can't do that" so that's my point.
I don't know the number, but many Japanese players want translations for the skills and equipment that are the basis of this game.
This is the minimum element for players who do not understand the language to play the game, and it is probably the most effective line of work effort.

As one person who loves this game, I sincerely hope that Path of Exile will be played by more players especially my brethren.
Path of Exile Japanese edition must be real, should not be a dream.
I'm keep throwing money for japanese and Zana, kakapo...

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