Path of Exile 2 Concept Art

WOW! Gruesome :) in a Awesome way
Is that first image from Crimson Peak? lol
That first picture is fucking exquisite.
Super nice art! GGG has some good people in house.
Coffee & Cigarettes
very very very nice! Congratulation to you artists
If any of these are in PoE 2's finished product then we might have a more dark, gruesome and horrifying game then that of even Diablo 2 which I'm totally down for.

I personally want lots of gore in PoE 2, want to feel a bit (or a lot) terrified. Scarier the better... I want to feel goosebumps and my hair rising when I see monsters & bosses for my first playthrough, not just because the encounter looks terrifying but also because they're a threat that is hard to deal with.
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so the artists were told to go create the goop-iest dnd characters they could think of and give them traumatic backstories, got it
Oh boy! Just release it already :D
Its gonna be so exciting!
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