Path of Exile 2 Concept Art

I am so fucking hyped, can't wait!
That is really impressive! Looking forward to PoE2 quite a lot now.
this is amazing by all means !
Magnificent !!
some nice new wallpapers in there :) especially the stuff of roman
i would put any one of these in a frame on my wall,the game hired some unique artists.
please take your time on finishing poe 2 and do not feel pressured by the community.
this is art... period
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Amazing!!! Thank you for posting it!!! :D
This is beautiful, props all the concept artists for positively stunning work.

One of the major things I am looking forward to in PoE2 is a cohesive aesthetic experience, which I think PoE1 lacks. More than art, I also mean storyline, lore, voice acting, the whole package.

I understand why; Path of Exile was being released in bits and spurts over a period of years and that left a highly uneven amount of time and resources to devote to each act. On top of that, ideas and plans progress and evolve over time, and can render existing content obsolescent as new content and concepts develop, but you don't want to cut what people are enjoying already. This is not to say PoE1 is bad, we wouldn't have gotten to this point if it was.

With PoE2 we get the chance for GGG to really put together the whole act structure and everything in it in one big cohesive chunk. I have no idea where they will be taking this franchise, but I know the ride will be fantastic.

Here is an example of the unevenness I'm talking about, take PoE1 act4. We had the introduction of the Maraketh, with very little prior context. At A4 release they felt confusing as a faction, a vague blend of what felt like Asian stereotypes with a cherry of Matriarchy on top for distinction. Compare that to the PoE2 Maraketh which have had the time and resources to be really fleshed out. We've seen very little so far, but already they feel like a unique and compelling civilization with their own deep history and lore.

This is only one example of a slew of aesthetic opportunities that PoE2 has to really surpass PoE1 by leaps and bounds.

I know this reply is pages deep and will probably not be seen by many people, but I want to thank the GGG staff, past present and future for their amazing work.

Props guys!
Also this one that was not above:
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I love these soooo much, they look really awesome and I am hyped for it. Thank you for sharing them :)

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