Path of Exile 2 Concept Art

These are amazing! I hope there will be no discrepancies in the Maraketh words in PoE 2, though (Faridun/Farudin) :P
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Sweet; looks awesome \o/
Not impressed, but not disappointed either.
Awesome concepts and some great artists. Excited to see the finished products, if I don't waste away to nothing before then.
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I appreciate all this awesome art you guys provide us with! I still have my Path of Exile Official Artbook that came with the Kitava supporter pack at the time...It's all amazing! Would love to have a "lore book" released maybe some time in a supporter pack or even individually? Anyways..Thanks for the beautiful artwork! (congrats to the artists too).

that is all (*)>
Antigegner wrote:
I can't even see what I kill in PoE 1 due to the eye-cancer causing skill-effects and the speed with which the mobs die.

I hope this will change a bit with PoE 2.

Other than that: very nice artwork.

Have you tried playing a different class? Or skill. Perhaps a new video game can fix your eye cancer wahhhhh
Very, very cool.
Ah the yeen's are so cute >w<!

It makes me wonder if we will get some MTX customizations for shapeshifting.
Kinda feel bad for the people that have some of those images in their head. Guess it's good they got them out.

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