New Microtransactions: Vaal Orb Ice Shot, Void Sphere and Character Effect

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lemonpopplar wrote:
Gescom wrote:
What's the armour on the archer on the ice shot video? O_O

Second this, very simple yet looks so good!

Apologies if someone else has already answered this, but the armour set worn in the Ice Shot and Character effect video thumbnails is the Pitch Black armour set.

It makes regular appearances in new MTX video thumbnails. Very ninja-y. -ish. Whichever. :D

Edited to add: Derp. Meant to say they use Pitch Black in the thumbnails, stills or whatever you call them. Don't know what armour that was in the ice shot video proper. I keep forgetting that they never make a thumbnail that matches the video. :p
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not a single cent any more
Vaal Orb Helmet or no?
love these btw.
Shine Boldly, So That All May Find You When The Night Comes.
When we gona get purifying flame mtx ggg daddys
Gescom wrote:
What's the armour on the archer on the ice shot video? O_O

Looks like Expedition's End.
I really really like the character effect...

I feel my credit card vibrating...
when new minions mtx?
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i love it!
Splendid skins...Well maybe except the character effect, but rest is lit!

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