New Microtransactions: Vaal Orb Ice Shot, Void Sphere and Character Effect

Exalted Orb slam mtx for slam skills when?

Seriously, when?

Could have like, +2 life regen as the hitspark.
Last edited by Rein_Masamune on Apr 27, 2021, 9:26:05 AM
THAT VOID SPHERE!!! It's a blast!

But why Vaal Orb Void Sphere? I can't find any Vaal theme in it, it's red and that's all. Same goes for Vaal Orb Ice Shot.
ice shot deserved better :(
Gescom wrote:
What's the armour on the archer on the ice shot video? O_O

could be arctic crystal without the hood
That Void Sphere looks damn good.
void sphere one looks cool using that skill for support for the first time this league!
Oooo looks like I need that void sphere
really like the ice shot one, but honestly? I'm not really impressed with the voidsphere one for some reason. I mean, it looks alright, I guess
looks cool
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