Ultimatum Twitch Highlights

Everyone complains about the invisible skill effects and mobs .... u ungrateful brats... u get free invisible mtx for ur skills and u cry? And its only fair that mobs get also invisible mtx ... if they dont see ur skill they should be able to hide them selfs
Ultimatum is a great idea to introduce a "customizable" short very challenging fight in the game (and doing so in reasonable often intervals).

Ritual got boring as it became way too trivial in higher levels.

Ultimatum suffers a bit from the tiny arena and the usual issue of "run in circles" being the most viable strategy.

Some heavy lags when mobs spawn in due to texture loading could hopefully be prevented if the game loaded them in slower (not a bazillion enemies right away, start with a handful to load the textures, then ramp up).

For rewards, having smart loot items is great, much better than loot explosions.
For currency, having loot explosions is fine, for lots of white trash items its absolutely not.

Extending the Ultimatum over a much larger area , kinda like a Zana mission might be more interesting, so any map can have the mods, maybe even boss fights like Sirus could have it as an extra optional map mod (Ultimatum).

Having more options for Ultimatum could probably also be extended quite well, mixing in some of the Ritual mechanics (like the spinning lasers), in general, ritual and Ultimatum should simply be combined in its general mechanics.

Instead of having just 1 reward option, maybe a little branch of rewards would be more interesting, like an equipment, a currency and a "unique" reward path, Ritual offers the variety of rewards, while Ultimatum offers the quality of rewards.

Overall enjoyable mechanic, much more engaging compared to Ritual.
For missing textures and invisible stuff.

Try to run the game with the options:

"--noasync -gc 2 --softwareaudio"

In Steam right click the game , "properties" and Launch-Options.

That helped my performance and i didnt get any missing textures from then on.
Shagsbeard wrote:
I really don't give a fig about Twitch and so long as you seem to, I wont be sending you any figs.

17/04/2021 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3082616/page/1
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
lol streamer privilege. Also radio silence on texture issues, bug fix timelines.

inb4 janitors hiding actual issues.
fix the god dam game please
is this another "watch the streamers" while we fix the game? xD
Twitch highlight for me :

the one channel offline for a week now !
ghazzytv so funny :)))) i know dat feeling between died and currency :))))))
Shagsbeard wrote:
I'm actually a fairly reasonable human being. I'll give GGG the chance to explain exactly why I should support them at this point. The ball is really in your court. If the money I would give you is simply being handed in "piles" to streamers, you're really going to need to explain exact why I should give you a dime. I just can't come up with any reason.

Maybe if you found a way to pay IBMCloud directly for their service, I could see myself doing that. I don't mind paying for your game. But tossing the money I send you into the pockets of people I wouldn't let mow my yard isn't going to work for me.

This one pretty mutch sums up a lot.

GGG, I do understand the strategy behind your handling of streamers. Relatively easy way to reach a broad audience, pushing the hype trains etc. and showoff what could be accomplished in this game and thus luring potential new players and hopefully new customers. Just that a new player is (almost) never going to reach the level a streamer is showing off contentwise. Instead they will get hammered by mechanics complexity, overwhelming lightshows (screenclutter) with one literally having no clue dafuq is going on and ... well, tons of really unnecessary technical issues.

Yes, I do understand that you need funding to keep the development going and yes I also understand that you allocated most resources towards the development of PoE 2. Both absolutelly logical things. Yet paying streamers (a third party) to push your promotion while the game has serious technical and gameplay issues is really just repulsive. How about invest those resources into ways of getting those issues sorted out until the product has reached a stable state again? After that, I wouldnt mind it at all if you push your promotion in ways that I may find questionable.

You care about presentability? Why the texture streaming then? It is shown off by so many people that it is obviously not working as intended. It is beyond me that this issue is not being addressed and that there is no official statement regarding the works on it. Revert it to the prior state and bring it back later IF you managed to implement it in a actually progressive way. Or explain the reasoning to why not.

I have been around since the Beta and I really love a lot of what you people have done in the past. Yet I have to say that in recent years I started to question a lot of your decisions (not all were bad mind you). The course the entire project is taking is worrysome.

For quite some time I have stopped supporting you on a monetarian way because of the course of action. I would not mind to take it back up if I could be certain that my support is not used in a rather questionable way.

Yes I know, on all those points there is a lot to argue on and so on. Yet this is just a worried post with the viewpoint of a player who really enjoy(s/ed) your product and I had to drop this off after watching things going awkward for so long now.

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