Ultimatum Twitch Highlights

a collection of d/c, reroll, que line, and oh, streamer privilege.
Here is better highlight: Technical Support forum :)
next patch when?
Is this more of that streamer priority stuff?
Can anyone explain to me why GGG feels that streamers need priority queue? I've been kinda out of the loop and only heard through word of mouth, but it seems like this decision only causes friction between streamers and their audience. In fact, the only thing these clips have taught me is that these streamers can just show of their cosplays during the downtime and don't really need priority queue.
More like Ultimatum priority queue highlights :D
can u please add a horticraft station for sell? is ridiculous need wait 2 hours in a discord to find a prefix fracture and u can get scammed. What the point in make harder to accumulate crafts if u can sell anyways
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100k+ queue should be highlighted. quins rip should be highlighted as an example of great coding. fights with invisible sirus also worth highlighting.
completely tone deaf post

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