[3.15] Fire Burst Elementalist - Use (almost) any skill (or none) in the game.

Quick ultimatum while leveling up.

Wanted to try the autobomber playstyle this league as a 2nd character and ended up putting together a insanely fun, quite tanky build for easy ultimatums.

Fireburst has a high damage effectiveness (340%) for added damage, stack flat damage to spells and use Elementalist to turn it all into ignite. You can apply Fireburst with any skill that hits. I suggest Herald of Thunder for the autobomber playstyle. Leap slam is fun also.

Or none at all, just walk around with Abberath's Hooves and spread ignites across the screen without touching a single button. The Abberath's fury skill hits and will proc fireburst.

Patch 3.15

Use at your own risk. PoB went from 4.7M to 1.3M DPS. Cooldown is 50% slower as well. Will still function fine, just be slower/weaker. Relative to the rest of the game we will have to wait and see how it performs.

PoB - Use community fork version



Pros -

- No 6L required until min-maxing endgame with dual curse.
- 4M+ ignite DPS easily reachable, 10M DPS gg gear (If we get real harvest back.)
- Can run all map mods if Bastion of Elements is selected.
- No chase items needed.
- 75/35 no glancing blows block.
- MASSIVE regen from CWDT setup, plus ~650 normal regen.
- 200% life from tree.
- Cheap to start, lots of currency sinks endgame to min/max
- Great for Ultimatums. Passive DPS as you walk, high block, tons of sustain

Cons -

- Main damage skill has a cooldown. 1s standard, .79 if spec'd for CDR
- Can't run 90% aliment immunity map mods. (can, but sucks)
- Not a one shot boss build - its a DoT, big bosses take awhile but are safe fights. Just run laps, same as Ultimatums.
- Need Dex from gear/tree/jewels or run lower level gems. 126 with swift affliction, 79 otherwise. Level blood rage along with dex.

Gear -

Weapon -

Hysteria essence crafted rare staff, required for Fireburst. 6S, does NOT need to be linked.

Affixes that are good:
DoT multi
Fire DoT multi
Burning Damage
Fire Damage
Exposure on hit
Flat damage to spells

My current staff

Note - Spell damage will not increase burning damage.

Helm -

Rare w/ life and resists

Hrimnor's Resolve - good mid game cheap helm. Fire damage, life, res, and freeze immune. Decent armor as well. Use this until Devouring Diadem.

Devouring Diadem - Perfect endgame helm, required for completed build. Allows us to reserve all mana for auras, extra sustain layer, mana reservation for auras.

Enchant with an aura mana reserved. Required to fit all auras. Drop Anger until you get it

Chest -

Rare w/ life and resist. Cheap and easy to obtain, buy a corrupted 6l with the right colors.

6l w/ better stats or one of extra curse/nearby enemies are blind/phys taken as ele


Rare w/ life/res/dex

Rare w/ better life/res/dex


Rare w/ life/res/movespeed.

Abberath Hooves - The ignite chain will help with clear big time, fire damage boost as well - slow move speed. I prefer this option over CDR boots.

Rare with life/res/movespeed/CDR - helps fireburst trigger more often but slower clear than the Hooves imo, also does nothing for bossing as our ignite duration is longer than fireburst CD anyway.

80% stun immunity if killed recently is the best enchant imo.


Rare w/ life/res/fire damage

The Anvil - More block, more Sustain. Hurts in the DEX department so wait until you have some good dex jewels.

Anoint with Burning Brutality. Teal-Indigo-Violet.


Malachi's Artifice - triggers EE. Socket with Herald of Thunder. Make sure you get a 95%+ lightning res one, none of the other stats matter.

Ngamahu's Sign - Make sure to get a 30 life on ignite roll. Gives us our sustain with CWDT setup.

The Taming - Swap in place of Ngamahu's sign for big bosses.


Rare w/ life/res - Try for a stygian vise, added flat damage to spells does well. Couple with a fire/burning/life/dex jewel.

Rare w/ life/res/cooldown


Quicksilver for go fast - roll with curse/bleed immune

Instant life for scary moments - roll with freeze immune (unless using hrimnor's, bleed in that case)

Cinderswallow for good map life/mana sustain and we can benefit from the ignite part, life regen the best mod I think.

Atziri's promise - nice boost in damage, decent leech

Rumi's - Helps cap block.

Jewels -

Cluster jewels -
1 Large w/ Burning Bright and any 1/2 others. (no cremator)
2 Medium with Blowback, and any other. (no cremator)
2 Small with Fettle or whichever life notable you can afford, Towering Threat is nice for the AoE on fireburst.
If you feel your life pool is good enough, 1 Rote Reinforcement small cluster is nice for block cap when flask are up and endurance charge generation.

Normal/Abyss Jewels
Dex, life, fire % or flat damage (try to get phase on kill on one.)
Best corruptions are cannot be hindered and immune to corrupted blood)

Watcher's Eye
Get a life gained on hit w/ vitality if you can afford it. Doubles our already ridiculous sustain.

Gems -

Fireburst - Staff
(Awakened) Unbound Ailments - (Awakened) Swift Affliction, (Awakened) Burning damage, Ignite proliferation, (Awakened) Deadly Ailments, (Awakened) Added Chaos Damage.
*note - Elementalist turns all damage into ignite. Added chaos has the highest average and fireburst really scales flat damage well.

If struggling with Dex, drop swift affliction for Combustion.

** Alternate setup - Drop ignite proliferation once you get Abberath's hooves for Combustion. Both setups have pros and cons, see which one feels better for you. I found that as my DPS gets higher the non prolif version feels better. Small narrow maps non prolif really takes off, while large open maps prolif helps as mobs come in from all directions.

Auras - Helm
Malevolence - Anger - Enlighten , Vitality (level along with Mana, should be able to get 18-20)

Herald of Thunder - Socketed in Malachi's Artifice

For big bosses swap in Storm Brand for big bosses i.e guardians/shaper/sirus. And turn off Anger. Coupled with The Taming ring, our dps will be similar to having anger on.

This helps clear by hitting mobs away from us and adds a lot of flat damage.

Movement - Gloves
Flame Dash - Second Wind - Blood Rage - Phase Run

Sustain - Boots
Ball Lightning - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Slower Projectiles - Cast When Damage Taken
Level 1 on everything except slower proj, level it up with dex.

WoC/Curse - Chest
Wave of Conviction - Combustion - Hextouch - Flamability - Smite - Culling Strike

Smite generates an aura that adds flat lightning damage, which gets boosted by fireburst damage effectiveness then turned into burning damage by Shaper of Flames. Use when nothing else to do on bosses, once every 4 sec.

If you get a +1 curse chest or Awakened Hextouch, drop smite, add despair.


Elementalist - 1. Shaper of Flames 2. Shaper of Storms 3. Mastermind of Discord 4. Heart of Destruction

Major Pantheon - Soul of Arakaali - With at least the Queen unlocked, huge regen buff when it procs. If struggling with stuns, use bring king.

Protip* when in ultimatums you can force degen dmg with the green cloud, step in and out and proc Arakaali to boost our passive regen.

Minor Pantheon - whichever you like, I roll with Ralakesh a lot of the time.

Bandits - Kill all


I leveled as a flame slinger, Following Dejuvenate's guide. But using this tree. (very similar) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3009295

Mechanics Explained

Fireburst -
3.14 buffed fireburst to remove the chance to occur, and buff both the base damage and added damage effectiveness.

Any skill that "hits" in the game will apply the effect. We use Herald of Thunder, and our Abberath's Fury for mapping. Wave of Conviction for bossing.

With a 340% added damage, any added flat damage to spells is boosted and applied to Fireburst. By taking Shaper of Flames we turn any source of damage into ignite.

Our CWDT setup is our main sustain generator. By wearing Ngamahu's Sign we gain 30 life per enemy we ignite. The way ignite works in PoE as you can infinitely ignite the same mob, however only the strongest ignite will apply damage.

While 30 life doesn't sound like much, we are applying it rapidly and from many different sources, those include:

Ball lightning- every tendril from the lighting ignites every mob it touches, couple that with GMP and Slower proj, and drop it us in the middle of a dense ultimatum we are hitting 100's of times a second.

Abberath's Fury - This skill is passive from our boots. It creates a small AoE around us that hits and ignites every enemy near us.

Abberath's Hooves - The line "When you Kill an Ignited Enemy, inflict an equivalent Ignite on each nearby Enemy" is the key. With this, every mob that dies inflicts a new ignite to every mob around it. This not only allows our ignite to chain across the screen, but in a dense ultimatum it stacks ignites back and forth across the packs every time a mob dies.

Add all of that together then throw it on top of our 600/s standard regen and you have some massive sustain. In a dense area, if you aren't one shot, you can barely die.

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Looks interesting. I might run a variant on this later.

Just one thing, are you really sure that EE from Herald of Thunder works? Because Ngmahu's Sign should be adding fire damage to it, thus adding the resistance against fire.
ExiledSarin wrote:
Looks interesting. I might run a variant on this later.

Just one thing, are you really sure that EE from Herald of Thunder works? Because Ngmahu's Sign should be adding fire damage to it, thus adding the resistance against fire.

Yeah it works, Herald's do not get added damage to spells. You can mouse over in game and the mob shows vulnerable to fire and cold.
Didn't know that little piece of info. Thanks.
this looks like my cup of tea!

just one question: how is the boss damage?
Rhareg wrote:
this looks like my cup of tea!

just one question: how is the boss damage?

I'll be adding a boss vid tonight or tomorrow. Its a dot, so similar to vortex/ed/toxic rain/blood skills etc. Constant couple mil DPS while you run around staying alive.
I will certainly do this build. Looks very interesting. Just to confirm that I can have 5 passives medium clusters and it won't matter. (even them are very expensive because of the bas).
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xikorita wrote:
I will certainly do this build. Looks very interesting. Just to confirm that I can have 5 passives medium clusters and it won't matter. (even them are very expensive because of the bas).

yeah 4 or 5 are the same. I even bought a 6 one just to get rolling, it only cost you a 4% life node and saves a few ex for now.

Unfortunately we overlap some gear/jewels with burning arrow which is pretty popular at the moment. Without that stuff would be quite a bit cheaper.
Making my own version of this at the moment.

Differences in gear:

Amulet and jewels - primordial chain, Anima stone and two eminences give 36-ish flat phys damage reduction with a level 22 chaos golem and clusters which is huge. Expensive right now but it's similar or better damage than a rare Amulet and flat damage jewels with huge defensive (Regen and phys res) upside.

I also run an enduring composure small with +2 endurance Max clusters for a total of 56% flat phys resist before flasks or armor. Also allows cwdt immortal call.

Clusters - larges are 8passive primordial bond for good damage boost and defense boost.

Divine flesh with Xibaqua jewel with 3x born of chaos for 89-90% max chaos res depending on your Xibaqua seed.

Chest - incandescent heart is amazing. All damage ignites so the 20% elemental to chaos is a huge dps boost. 25% elemental hits taken as chaos also means your effective ele resists with divine flesh is over 85%.

Helm - blizzard crown rare is by far BiS here for the huge flat cold damage at no downside since damage is ignite.

Malachai's is great. Second ring is emberwake - huge dps boost, as you get two ignites easily from prolif and abberaths.

Storm brand to apply fire burst to bosses and keep mobile.

All in all, should have 56% flat phys reduction before flask/armor, 85-90% after, ~85% ele resist to hits and ~82 to dot, 89% chaos res, 1.2k life regen and cwdt immortal call

Otherwise fairly similar.
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I would suggest to get phasing somehow, probably on jewels. I found it extremely strong in Ultimatums.

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