New Microtransaction: Oblivion Flame Wall Effect

Pretty. Not sure if I'll use it; the fact that flamewall's cast range is basically "the outer limit of melee" it hard to fit into my playing style even though it's theoretically a nice damage boost (I already have more than my fill of my character taking time out to stupidly prance into the line of fire, after being given the command to use a skill, from the drunk-logic path-finding and "line-of-sight yes/no?" AI - PLEASE give that some attention in POE 2). But it's going on my watch list.

BTW, can we have a non-clockwork stone golem MTX someleague?
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(
I would like to have a preview of the cosmetics.
The problem is sound, I have bought the Stygian and the sound is too high.
I wanted to try this one but I'm afraid that if the sound is really bad I won't use it either.
NoIguanaForZ wrote:
Pretty. Not sure if I'll use it... But it's going on my watch list.

Fair enough. I'd add that an opportunity was missed here, as others have pointed out, in this having not been accompanied by similar effects for other fire skills (i.e. rolling magma; fireball; burning arrow).

BTW, can we have a non-clockwork stone golem MTX someleague?

This is a reasonable request; I would suggest in this vein a family of 'armor miniature' golem effects. For example, imagine a mini 'Huntsman' with accents colored to indicate the golem type...
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Piacevole wrote:
andrew8448 wrote:
STILL waiting on warlord/mistery items to drop in the store :/

You need to wait at least 30 days from the release of the new boxes to old boxes hit the store, than another month to they go on sale .. ect

I've been there, done that

Ximia wrote:
more MTX please with this color

Just go here and type oblivion in search to find out more

Thanks for this. I can rest easy for another month.
looks very cool, needs skills to work with (blue flame burning arrow for example)
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dont buy mtx. streamers must pay

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